Mues Tec Smart Mirror Touchscreen

Start your day on the smart foot with the Mues Tec Smart Mirror Touchscreen. Coming in three sizes, this mirror is like something out of a movie. In the center of the Smart Mirror is a 10-point capacitive touch screen. Easy to use, this allows the mirror and its functionality to integrate seamlessly into your routine. In addition, the built-in camera is hidden from sight yet highly accessible. With this and other advanced technology, the Smart Mirror is also a… Continue Reading Read More

Killspencer Utility Black Leather Weekender

Pack more than just the basics on your next getaway with the Killspencer Utility Black Leather Weekender. Totally spacious, this duffle bag has room for everything. The entire carry-all features beautiful black bullhide leather. More than just a status symbol, this material is super soft and is designed to last. The more you use the bag, the more it takes on your personal and unique markings. At the top is a full-length zipper to expose all of the contents inside…. Continue Reading Read More

Gimmestone Real Stone MacBook Covers

Take your laptop to the next level with the Gimmestone Real Stone MacBook Covers. Forget about simple stickers and silicone covers. Instead, you get genuine stone. Incredibly, even with this natural material, the Gimmestone Covers measure just 0.8mm thick. With this, the cover helps you retain the original design while offering total protection. In addition, the Gimmestone Covers weigh only 2 ounces and is simple to install. Because they use real stone, you get all the protection benefits of this… Continue Reading Read More

babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion

An unsettled baby can be tough on your household. Settle and soothe your baby with the Babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion. In addition to a multitude of benefits, this system gently, and securely, calms your baby. The babocush can prevent colic and acid reflux, relieves wind, and allow your baby’s airways to relax. Finally, it reduces the startle reflex as well as flat head syndrome. The babocush works because it places your baby in a natural position on their stomach. Additionally,… Continue Reading Read More

Apple iPhone 8

The Apple iPhone 8 comes with a stunning all-glass design. Additionally, this smartphone also comes with a color-matched, aerospace-grade aluminum band. It is available in space gray, silver and gold. The device is also precision engineered to be dust and water resistant. The glass back makes the device compatible for wireless charging. Meanwhile, the Retina HD display offers True Tone, a wide color gamut, and 3D touch. The advanced True Tone technology automatically adjusts white balance to match the light… Continue Reading Read More

More Than Just Shop Aprons: THW’s Benchside Saddlebags, Half-Aprons and Leather Mugs

In one of his Hand Tool School posts, Core77 contributor Shannon Rogers raved about the shop aprons made by Texas Heritage Woodworks. I finally headed over to their website to check ’em out, and found that in addition to their apron mainstays, they make some other nifty stuff:Half Apron (Nail Apron)Made from waxed canvas, leather, copper rivets and brass hardware, these are for when you don’t want to commit to the full apron but still want an on-body place to hold ancillary tools. The two large pockets in the middle are meant to hold fasteners; the one on the right will fit a block plane or utility knife; the pocket on the left tucked behind the leather triple pocket is sized to hold a 3.5″ … Read More

Spotify’s head of video and podcasts departs amid strategy shift

Tom Calderone, Spotify’s head of video and podcasts, is departing the company amid a shift in content strategy.  The news was first identified by Bloomberg.  The digital streaming business, known for its music playlists, had expanded into other categories like original video, but the company has confirmed that it’s changing its approach. Said a spokesperson, going forward… Read More Read More

Dell Visor Wearable VR Headset

Take one step closer to the future with the Dell Visor Wearable VR Headset. Fully functional on its own, this device also works with separately purchased hand controllers. The Dell Visor is priced for the average consumer to give anyone and everyone a path to VR experiences. In addition, the stunning 1440 x 1400 liquid crystal display will wow you with every use. Despite being a headset, the Dell Visor actually gives you a full 360-degree panorama experience. The system… Continue Reading Read More


Masquespacio is an award-winning creative consultancy that focuses on graphic and interior design. Their skill for integrating the two art forms is especially evident in their collaboration with the furniture company Missana. To celebrate Missana’s 20th anniversary, the studio revamped the brand with contemporary colors, materials, and textures. These elements were incorporated into the website, catalog, and a new line of furniture called The Novelties Collection. To display the new assortment of products, they designed vibrant exhibition spaces like the one seen above. Finally, Masquespacio crafted The Toadstool Collection, their own line of furniture that features mushroom-like seats, a table, and a sofa bench. The pieces were highly inspired by the Memphis movement of the 1980s and the architecture of Michael Graves. Other projects: ——————–… Read More

Alibaba, Tencent, Didi and other tech firms pour $12B into mobile operator China Unicom

China is about to take net neutrality to the next level after a group of influential tech companies that includes Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Didi Chuxing and agreed to invest nearly $12 billion into state-run mobile operator China Unicom. China Unicom is the country’s second largest operator with 269 million mobile customers, which makes it one of the largest in the world. The… Read More Read More

Squarespace Releases Summer Template Collection (+ How They Do It)

The following post is brought to you by Squarespace. Our partners are handpicked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. Literature is rife with adages about the importance of first impressions. If you have a business or personal brand, a website is just that. And just like we aim for a wardrobe seasonal refresh, your website needs that same attention to detail. Which means, that job of creating a website is never really done. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be daunting. The Squarespace template format makes it easy to make incremental improvements or even opt for a full refresh (without having to re-enter all that content!). Because whether the website is your main focus or your side hustle, it … Read More

Best WordPress Themes for Startups and Small Businesses

Living in a highly competitive world is not that easy. Especially, when it comes to the competition online. Hence, a high-quality website has become an indispensable tool in today’s world. In fact, a good website is essential for the search for new clients and for the retention of the existing ones. If you are promoting a product or an idea, a well-optimized website is crucial for your success. The same applies for the launch of a startup or a proper operation of a business. Acquiring such a website isn’t as difficult as it may seem either. A ready-made theme may be all it takes to get you started or to give you the inspiration you need. Today’s list is presented with small businesses … Read More

Icons In Web Design and Their Importance

Many websites rely almost completely on visual communication. Such enables users to navigate the website easily without unnecessary complications and delays. Attracting and maintaining attention may be challenging, but it is not impossible. In fact, employing icons can be an excellent mean to achieve that-they look interesting and have a purpose at the same time. Why using icons in web design? It is because communication is the essential feature of design. Failing to communicate a message and to attract attention could mean that all of the quality information you offer would be in vain. As we know, users don’t read content in details-they scan the site and look for something that is worth of their attention. It is very likely they’ll skip writings and headings, … Read More

Crunch Report | Facebook Helps You Find Wi-Fi

Today’s Stories Facebook is rolling out its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature worldwide Delivery Hero’s valuation surpasses $5B following successful IPO Chat app Kakao raises $437M for its Korean ride-hailing service Cabin secures $3.3M for its ‘moving hotel’ Credits Written and Hosted by: Anthony Ha Filmed by: Matthew Mauro Edited by: Chris Gates Notes: Tito… Read More Read More