Wild, wondrous, wooden wallets!

I’ve seen flexible wallets made from leather, canvas, denim, plastic, tyvek, and even the odd paper wallet. Today we add wood to that list of materials. Wood isn’t known to be as flexible as leather or regular fabrics, but John Webber’s fascination for the material didn’t stop him from making a bi-fold made out of wood. In order to make it flexible, he fragmented it by laser cutting it into tiny individual pieces that were then fused to a flexible tyvek base. The result is a wallet that is made out of wood, but bends just like any fabric you’ve seen.Available in a choice of Ebony (Pine), Walnut, Cherry, and Maple, the Arbor Wallets look absolutely unique, giving the impression … Read More

The wallet that’s bigger on the inside

Ah, the humble bi-fold wallet. We love them. They store all your belongings in a double layered schematic; and if made well, they still manage to stay slim. They’re even the first image you think of when you say the word ‘wallet’.The Wally Agent by Distil Union takes the traditional idea of a bi-fold and tweaks it just a little bit, so it looks and feels like a bi-fold wallet, but is in fact a combination of good design and great craftsmanship. Made from hand-rolled full grain leather, the wallet manages to stay eye-defyingly slim while holding up to 30 bills along with 12 cards that can be easily accessed via the Wally’s Pull-Tab pockets that will have you … Read More

Volterman Lightweight Smart Wallet

Price: $135Do more than just carry your cash. Protect your important items with the Volterman Lightweight Smart Wallet. Despite looking classically beautiful, it really goes the extra mile. Hidden under the leather exterior is a built-in power bank that offers wireless charging. In addition, it uses its connection to the app on your smartphone to know when to activate the built-in distance alarm. If you leave your wallet behind, you get an instant alert. Likewise, the wallet can also alert you if you leave your phone behind. The Volterman Wallet features worldwide GPS tracking so you can truly never lose it. In the event that someone does steal it, the built-in thief-detection camera will snap a photo of the offender. While you … Read More

Dango Tactical Wallet

We’ve seen plenty of Kickstarter wallets made with a combination of aluminum, leather and silicone bands, but none of them was as well thought out as this creation from Dango. Dango’s tactical wallet packs a removable multi-tool with more than ten functions, along with the ability to carry up to 12 cards and cash, in […] Read More

Trayvax Axis Stainless Steel Wallet

If you want a wallet that makes a statement, look no further than the Trayvax Axis stainless steel wallet. There have been other two part metal wallets before, but Trayvax skips the more common rubber style band mechanism in favor of mil-spec hardware and completely unique operation. The patent-pending design works similarly to a standard […] Read More

Balanst Minimalist Privacy Wallet

Combining minimalism, security, discreetness and quick access into a comfortable to carry wallet can be difficult… unless you have the Balanst Minimalist Privacy Wallet. Built out of a fully concealed aluminum exterior, the Balanst Premium wallet was designed in the Netherlands to perfectly combine everything you’re looking for in a wallet. The slim form factor […] Read More

The Bison Cash Fold

Let’s be honest, a money clip is awkward to use, painful in when placed in your pocket, and makes you look snobby. For a better way to carry a few bucks, consider the Cash Fold. Each is designed to hold a good amount of cash (up to 30 bills) while staying slim and comfortable in […] Read More

Teranishi Indigo Wallet

Most slim wallets sport the minimalism badge, being simple to the max and as such minimizing the need for space in your pocket, but with minimalism few sacrifice style. The most recent addition to Teranishi’s indigo collection is a minimal slim billfold that cuts all compromises. Being repeatedly dip-dyed in ocean blue indigo dye give each billfold a unique gradient pattern subtly hinting a Californian sunset. Quality is what counts and as such this wallet is stitched by hand and burnished with beeswax to protect the bold color. BUY$145 Read More