The Power of Rhythm

Studying rhythm is beneficial to us in a variety of ways which we don’t even notice. It creates more neuron connections, improves our moods, and trains our brains unknowingly. The R/M AI System is a different type of wearable tech that aims to train your body and mind to stay in rhythm for a variety of applications.The design consist of a headband and wristband equipped with highly sensitive movement sensors that work in tandem with your smartphone app. They work in tandem to send tactile, audio, and light feedback to the wearer in order to stay in rhythm. Let’s say you’ve been traveling and are experiencing jet lag. The system can help you get back into routine by keeping light on your … Read More

Video Provides First Look Inside the Airbus Modular Plane Concept

Here’s a first look at the modular plane concept by A3, Airbus’ Silicon Valley-based innovation subsidiary. Simply put, this future passenger aircraft boasts interchangeable modular interiors, which means its configuration could be quickly and dramatically transformed. Rather than design a whole new plane, the project uses existing Airbus cargo planes, in which components such as pallets and containers are already offloaded and loaded in under an hour. Continue reading for another video and more information. Read More

The Depict Frame Adds a Twist to Digital Art Canvas

The Depict Frame is another in a growing segment of large format 4K resolution displays designed to transform the wall into a customizable digital art gallery. Joining the likes of Samsung’s The Frame, KLIO, and the Memento Smart Frame, the Depict distinguishes itself from the 4K art competition with a literal twist that solves the problem of viewing orientation. Depict makes its mark with its innovative ability to switch orientations from portrait to landscape with just a turn using its own special swiveling wall mount, a novel solution that solves a common problem while perusing and picking digital artwork for these type of digital frames. Depict hopes to wrangle owners into a subscription tier priced at $20/month for access to premium content. Even without it… Read More

The Thirst is Real!

What do you know about water? How much should you consume? What does a lack of it cause? Considering that it makes up about 60% of our body, we should all know a lot more. More importantly, about 75% of us should be drinking more because proper hydration is necessary for our bodies to perform correctly.Designed with this in mind, the Sixty Hydration Monitor offers several tiers of hydration level feedback. The device can be worn constantly, responding to fluctuating hydration levels in real-time and informing the user of incorrect behavior.Of course, nobody wants to wear anything all the time, so Sixty can also be helpful when it’s not being worn. The device is attached to the strap via embedded magnets and can … Read More

friendred’s latest performance explores shamanic practices with vaporwave aesthetics

staged in an intangible dimension and with a focus on the practice of exorcism, ‘baptism’ represents three different stages of the shaman’s journey: ecstasy/trance, travelling and healing. The post friendred’s latest performance explores shamanic practices with vaporwave aesthetics appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. Read More

Design Experience That Matters: Cultivating Design Mind

SummaryIn designing Firefly newborn phototherapy, Design that Matters used human-centered design to transform Vietnamese manufacturing partner, Medical Technology Transfer and Services (MTTS), expanding their impact on newborn health within Southeast Asia and Africa, and positioning their designs to go global. Through multiple meetings with our manufacturing partner in the U.S. and Vietnam, collaborative field research, joint brainstorms, industrial design exercises, and design reviews, Design that Matters planted the seed. The result is an organization that now approaches each new device through a human-centered design lens as evidenced in their new product in progress to prevent newborn hypothermia. The word “design” can evoke images of fashion models and expensive bags. Design is gaining mass appeal as popularized by companies like Apple and IDEO, embodied by … Read More

BMW i Vision Dynamics Does 0-62 in Under 4-Seconds, Aims to be Tesla Model 3 Rival

The BMW i Vision Dynamics is an electric concept with a 373-mile range, and it aims to take on the Tesla Model 3. Official power numbers aren’t known at the time, but the company claims a 0-62 in under 4-seconds, and a 120 MPH top speed. The vehicle is wrapped in flowing sheet metal with sharp, defined edges, complete with an illuminated twin-kidney grille. Small rear-facing cameras replace traditional wing mirrors, and aerodynamic wheels maximize range. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including an iPhone X parody. Read More

Durable, Hi-Def Speakers From Roamproof You Can Roam the Wild With

Roamproof is launching two new, portable Bluetooth speaker designs that are not only durable enough to roam in the wild with you, they supposedly can take a bullet. While we have no proof of the latter, it certainly makes the designs more intriguing so we’re taking a closer look. There’s the Gigaboom and Macro.II, both of which are said to be so non-destructible that they can be dropped from 100 feet and take up to 4,000 lbs. without being crushed – plus, they’re water, mud, sand, and dust proof – making them a logical choice for outdoor activities. They also come in aluminum carrying cases for added protection for storage or until you arrive at your location. The Gigaboom, which comes in raw or… Read More

Futuristic Renault SYMBIOZ Concept is World’s First Integrated House and Electric Car

The Renault Symbioz Concept is touted as “an integrated house and car,” and basically, this means the vehicle is capable of fully interacting with connected homes, cities and road infrastructures. However, it’s no slouch under the hood either, as it sports all-electric motors located on the rear axle that generate a combined 671 hp and 486 lb-ft of torque. All this power means it can go from 0-62 mph from a standstill in under 6-seconds, while traveling more than 310 miles on a full charge. Plus, its 72 kWh batteries can be charged to 80% of their capacity in just 20-minutes with an inductive charging system. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including… Read More

YD Talks: Industrial Design & the iPhone X

No product has captured the heart of an industrial designer quite like the iPhone. Arguably one of the most talked about products of our lifetimes, the phone completed 10 years today and the anniversary edition (named the iPhone X) may not just set a standard for the future of technology, but pretty much determines the future of industrial design too.The iPhone X’s physical design is more and more adopting Dieter Rams’ good design principle of Less is More, giving larger emphasis to virtual than physical. The evolution of the phone increasingly shows a stagnation or rather a standardization of its physical design as the Industrial Design team led by Jonathan Ive get left with little to nothing to do on the phone’s design front, while … Read More

When a Sculptor, Engineer, and Pastry Chef Decide to Make Dessert

The otherworldly confectionaries of Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko already wowed us earlier this year, each geometric expression of flavor and form made conceivable by the emergence of 3D-printing technology. Kasko has returned with a quartet of topological desserts inspired by art, or as she refers to them, “geometrical kinetic tarts“. These four stunning geometrical kinetic tarts were designed specifically for SoGood Magazine, a collaborative effort with Miami artist José Margulis, whose portfolio of volumetric sculptures provided direct inspiration for Kasko’s edible interpretations. With the aid of 3D software and a workshop of 3D cutting/printing tools, Kasko converted sculptural forms normally realized by Margulis using sheets of plastic, aluminum and acrylic into an assemblage of edible layers comprised of sponge cake, streusel, almond… Read More

Artificial reef at Sydney Opera House to shelter local marine life

Sydney Harbour features more man-made seawall than natural shoreline, put in place to protect surrounding infrastructure. But it wasn’t always that way. Looking to replace some of the natural habitat lost to development in the area, scientists are set to install an artificial reef outside the iconic Sydney Opera House as a way of preserving local marine biodiversity… Continue Reading Artificial reef at Sydney Opera House to shelter local marine life Category: Environment Tags: Conservation Fish Sydney University of Technology Sydney Related Articles: Largest land donation in history to help connect “Route of Parks” through pristine Patagonia Drones aid ailing chimpanzee populations Scientists create first-ever lab-grown reptile skin The bigger the marine animal, the greater the risk of extinction, says study Clever chimps craft… Read More