Runway Report: Jonathan Simkhai SS18

After making the permanent move to LA, SS18 was a stripped down, less complicated version of the Jonathan Simkhai pieces we’ve seen in the past. It was lighter, simpler, and felt like it had an ease and air to them as they walked down the runway. Having been inspired by the works of photographer Ward Roberts’ court series he created a collection that was ethereal yet energetic extending throughout the pieces from beginning to end. There was a precise juxtaposition presented for SS18. A mix of American activewear aesthetic but utilizing uber feminine fabrics and fabrications as seen in eyelet plisse buttondown wrap dresses, silk chiffon lace appliqué tops, crochet jumpsuits and macrame belted jackets. This mix provided the right balance of wearability and sensuality, Thanks … Read More

PodCase Brings Your iPhone and AirPods Together

A new Kickstarter project is looking to bring the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and AirPods together under one roof. The aptly named PodCase is a battery case for both the handset and wireless earbuds. The 2,500mAH case is charged with a single USB-C cable. Your AirPods are accessible in an area near the top right of the case. Currently, with 29 days left to go in the project, almost $8,000 has been raised on a goal of $300,015. Right now, for an early bird pledge of $79, you can reserve a PodCase for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and AirPods. All of the rewards are estimated to ship in February 2018. You can select from either an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus case. The company is planning to introduce … Read More

Intro to Button Design

You’ve worked for months to get your prototype functioning. It’s time to take that ugly (but functional!) works-like prototype and create a real consumer product. Right now, you may be focused on the general shape, smoothing out the curves and accommodating the awkward PCB shape (darn those electrical engineers!), but soon you’ll feel the need for control—controls, that is, and buttons that look better than the DigiKey panel mount you’ve been using.Intro to Button Design(For toggle design, you’ll want to go down the hall to Mrs. Wilkes’ sewing class.)As always, first things first: How will this be used? Where is it on the machine? Will the user be pressing the button with their thumb or finger?And what about the indicated use: … Read More

How to Hand Drill Holes in Stone and Concrete

A star drill is a specialized chisel used to make holes in stone, concrete, and masonry. Drilling holes with this tool involves hitting it with a hand-held sledge, slightly rotating it, and then hitting it again. Do this enough times, and you will eventually create a hole.How to use a star drill. It’s hard to find a photo of one of these things, much less a video.You can still buy star drills but few people today would consider using one, not when electric rotary hammers are available for drilling concrete and masonry. A rotary hammer uses a motor and gears to replicate the hit/turn/hit/turn action of a star drill. Only it does it faster and with less reliance on muscle. The … Read More

Beauty: Summer Highlights

There’s no denying that highlighting has had a huge surge of popularity over the last year. Every instagram and youtube makeup tutorial always ends with a shimmering palette being delicately brushed onto cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose (at minimum) to define the bones in the face by capturing and reflecting light at precisely the right place. With this rise in the need to make our faces glisten, we’ve found that makeup brands are taking a serious look into their highlighter formulas and providing not only the highest quality but the most amount of variations to shop than ever before. Read More


Jumpsuit: Alexis (shirt version, dress version) | Slides: Aquazzura | Handbag: Zara |  Sunglasses: Celine Ah, I thought I lost this memory card from our vacation, but happy to report that it was found! This jumpsuit was definitely an investment piece, but I’ve already worn it a bunch of times, both dressed up and down.  Those are simply the best pieces to splurge on! PS: A lot of you have been asking to if there’s a way to get notified when there’s a new post up, so sign up for my newsletter on the right for that feature + more! I’m currently in the process of compiling emails before we start rolling everything out. Lots of good stuff to come! xo photos by… Read More

Snapped: Sequins at Elie Saab

One thing we can’t say enough is how important balance is when creating an ensemble. It’s easy for things to become “too much” or even stray to being too simple (depending on the event) so making sure things are interesting without going too far takes just the right touch. Not surprisingly, Olivia shows off her pro styling ability during couture at Elie Saab last week in Paris. Here she pairs their multi-colored sequined cropped jacket with black feather details with simple denim and a black ribbed cotton tank, allowing the jacket to take center stage and come off as the statement piece it is rather than getting lost in a busy mess. As not to go too simple, Olivia completes the look with … Read More

Perfecting Your (Sensitive) Complexion

It’s officially Summer and the last thing we want to have to worry about is a breakout, redness or irritation on our face, disrupting our vacations, and causing stress when all we want to do is relax. And since it’s harder to find the right products when you have combination skin as oppose to any other kind, we felt compelled to put together a quick list of our favorite products that provide a quick fix and help to maintain a beautiful complexion no matter how sensitive, complex or acne-prone your skin tends to be. Cle de Peau Gentle Cleansing Milk – A pro at melting away makeup and build-up from the day, this milky cleanser is massaged directly onto dry skin with dry … Read More

Which Squarespace Template is Right for You?

The following post is brought to you by Squarespace. Our partners are handpicked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. Since its inception in 2004, Squarespace designers have developed more than 60 templates to fit nearly every website use case. That number is even more impressive when you realize that each template is fully responsive (meaning there is a mobile/tablet-optimized version that is automatically generated for site visitors.) So this wealth of choice begs the question: which is the right template for you? To help answer this question, we went straight to the source: McLane Teitel has spent the last two years as a Squarespace designer and knows his way around the template store. Foundry template According to McLane, the first … Read More

Fight as Your Favorite DC Heroes and Villains in Injustice 2

Injustice 2 (Free) by Warner Bros. is the mobile version of the upcoming sequel to the original Injustice: Gods Among Us that came out in 2013. If you enjoy fighting games and love the DC Universe, then Injustice 2 is a must, especially if you’re waiting for the console version for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. With all of the comic book and superhero movies that have been hitting theaters each summer for the past several years now, the hype and love for comics seems to be a love or hate thing with most people these days. Honestly, I have always loved superhero themed things since I was a kid, though I don’t read comics too much because there’s so many storylines and universes nowadays for me to follow, and I’ve … Read More

Collection Spotlight: David Koma AW17

A seemingly combative aesthetic occupied David Koma’s Fall 2017 collection. Of Georgian descent, Koma debuted inherited references of his ethnicity. With a semblance of culture, the starting point was depicted from a male war dress called the chokha, accompanied by a beautiful dance called the Kartuli– a dramatic depiction of gender confliction. Koma informed reporters backstage that such garments were fashioned in his home country. Having never referenced such influence in previous collections, it seems more fitting than ever to do so in a time where a sense of ethnic awareness has reached an elevated pride. Koma’s original inspiration was further translated into a volley of body-con visions. Mongolian muff and shaggy llama collars and hems bounced throughout the presentation as a frontrunning collection detail. Exaggerated necklines … Read More