Interview: Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill, The Modern House UK

A small group of innovative real estate agencies are taking a cue from the editorial world, combining beautiful photography and architectural research to tell the story of each home for sale. One of the earliest to adapt this approach is The Modern House in the UK. The Modern House was founded by Albert Hill and Matt Gibberd in 2005, drawing on their editorial backgrounds to develop a crafted approach to real estate storytelling. Their growing company now boasts an immaculately curated roster of well-designed homes for sale across the UK. We asked Hill how the Modern House was founded: “I was a journalist trying to find a way out of journalism and my wife was obsessed with property. We happened to spend a weekend with a &#… Read More

Marine Residence: Modern, Southern California Living with an Outdoor Connection

Located in Santa Monica, the contemporary Marine Residence was designed by Legaspi Courts Design with a focus on indoor/outdoor, Southern California living. The goal was to create a clean, organic, and modern feel throughout with natural stones, warm woods, black and brushed nickel elements, and a connection to the outdoors. A neutral palette of soft tones and textures fill the interior. Gray oak floors and cozy geometric wool carpets anchor the spaces with a curated mix of contemporary furnishings. The dining room features a solid white oak table with contrasting oxidized metal and brass chairs. In the family room, a large, gray sectional sofa is paired with two brass metal lounge chairs and an oversized walnut floor lamp that cantilevers out into the middle of the… Read More

Two Apartments Combined into a Luxurious Family Home in Mumbai

Designed by Gaurav Kharkar & Associates, Nigram’s Residence is a project located in Goregaon, a suburb in Mumbai, India, which consisted of two empty, three bedroom apartments being joined together. Combined, the new family home spans 2,500 square feet with a large living room that includes a formal and informal seating areas, a kitchen, dining room, bar, study, and four bedrooms. Besides merging the apartments, the firm also designed the luxurious interior. The clients requested a clean, modern interior but left all the details up to the designers. They chose a grey, white, and brown color palette throughout the house, and added a bright color in each of the rooms to make them pop. A paneled wood and white detail wraps up and onto the ceiling near… Read More

Späckhuggaren: A House for a Drummer on Sweden’s West Coast

Built for a music and nature loving, single father, Späckhuggaren, or House for a Drummer, is located just north of Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden beside open farmland. On the site, a barn and warehouse had burned down long ago but it had a clear influence on Bornstein Lyckefors’ design. The box-like volume feels like a modern barn with its exterior painted a traditional Swedish Falu-Red color. Large barnyard-style doors flank the west-facing windows, adding to its rustic feel. The client desired an open concept interior for better socializing. Concrete floors unite the ground floor with the outside patio while offering a clean, modern slate on the inside. The second floor varies in heights to give some rooms higher ceilings while… Read More

A Resort-Like Home on a Canal Surrounded by an Artificial Lagoon

The Lagoon House is situated at Pacific Harbour’s main canal entrance on Bribie Island in Queensland, Australia, and was designed by Robin Payne to reflect its subtropical locale. The client’s wanted water views from every room and a 5-star resort-type feel and from the looks of it, that’s just what they got The home was built around an artificial lagoon that surrounds three of the four guest suites and adds a barrier between the house and a public park to the west. The second floor cantilevers out offering sun protection to the bottom floor’s living spaces. The guest rooms are outfitted with private terraces that reach the edge of the lagoon’s water with views of the lush tropical surroundings. The open… Read More

A Contemporary Apartment for a Single Man in Moscow

At approximately 463 square feet (48.3 square meters), this apartment in Kotelniki (Moscow) is perfectly suited for one person. That’s just the case as it’s occupied by a young, single man who might at some point live with his girlfriend. For now, it’s just him and the new layout and design, created by Geometrium, include a new sleeping area, an open space to include the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and a place to smoke shisha (hookah). The kitchen and the bathroom remained in the same spot, while the bedroom moved to the middle of the apartment and was enclosed in glass panels. That only required a wall between the hallway, living room, and bathroom, keeping as much of the apartment open as possible… Read More

A Modern Home in the Backyard of Another Home in San Francisco

While its location in the backyard of another house might sound atypical for many, it’s not that unusual in larger cities, like San Francisco where land is at a premium. Thomas Building Group took on the challenge to make the site work and created a modern home with varied levels, lots of windows, and a loft space above the kitchen. The exterior is clad with vertical siding to elongate the height. The home boasts an open floor plan for the main living space, which features wide plank wooden floors and ceilings that sandwich the fresh white walls. Above the all-white kitchen is a loft space that’s easily accessed via a step ladder. The streamlined kitchen includes large windows that frame views of San Francisco… Read More

An Attic Apartment in Slovenia with a Faceted, Geometric Ceiling

An attic apartment in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia, was renovated by architecture firm SUPERFORM. The largest transformation was the “canyon” intervention which was built as a new structure for the ceiling to carry the natural light through the space and to encourage views towards the south. As it moves through the apartment, it expands towards the terrace in order to showcase panoramic views of the city and Towards the Sun, the name of the project. The attic’s center serves as the open living room that connects the other spaces, therefore eliminating the need for hallways, which reduce usable square footage. The white surfaces bounce light around the space and minimal furnishings keep it feeling spacious. At one end of the central space, you’ll… Read More

The New Twin Peaks by Luigi Rosselli Architects

The New Twin Peaks house was designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects amongst a sea of Port Jackson Fig trees that house lots of birds and bat colonies. Once a 1970s home in Sydney with a single roof ridge, the architects created a modern home with double peaks, hence the name of the project, to make way for an extension at the rear of the house. The design boasts dramatic roof canopies, sharp edges, and large windows with vertical batten screens on the front of the house for added privacy. The anodized aluminum screens also cut down on the hot sun that pours in. Instead of the sharp lines of typical gabled roofs, the home’s roof has a curved profile outlining the double gables. The living room… Read More

A 1960s Villa in Melbourne Gets a Much Needed Update

A 1960s villa located in an eastern suburb of Melbourne was in major need of an update as it has remained untouched since it was built. SWG STUDIO was tasked with designing an open, modern interior on a fixed budget where most of the money went to removing walls. To save on costs, the original wooden floors hidden underneath the carpet were repurposed and stained dark in a glossy finish. The existing windows were also refurbished as another way keep the budget in check. The new open living plan created a large, light-filled space to house the kitchen, dining room, and living room, which even has room for a desk. The refinished floors are paired with white walls and furnishings, medium tone wooden cabinets, and eclectic… Read More

Cover Designs Streamlines Prefab Architecture by Algorithm

In neighborhoods across the country small structures are increasingly popping up in backyards. Known as backyard cottages, pre-fab in-laws, ADUs (accessory dwelling units), or granny pods – their actual purposes vary from a place to relax, to accommodate guests, or to serve as live/work spaces separate from the main house. Cover is a Los Angeles-based prefab company catering to residents looking to construct small prefab structures of higher standards, integrating a 3-step process to streamline the traditionally laborious timeline of design, permit, and building connecting to building using a proprietary algorithm. Cover identifies itself as much a technology company as an architectural solution, distinguishing itself from traditional architectural firms and general contractors by integrating algorithmic software across the entire design process, converting the… Read More

A Modern Apartment in Kraków Organized by Black Frames

WIREFRAME is a modest apartment, spanning just 46 square meters (495 square feet), designed by MUS ARCHITECTS in Kraków, Poland, near the Wawel Castle. While the footprint is on the small side, the tall ceilings allowed them to re-imagine the design plan to include a mezzanine. What sets the interior apart from the rest, is the black frames built to help the functionality of the apartment. The mezzanine allowed for a bedroom to be built up and out of the way allowing the living room to be more open and spacious. An open kitchen, dining room, storage cabinets, and a bathroom are situated mostly under the mezzanine level The interior utilizes white ash wood, black frames, and white surfaces to create a modern, yet minimalist palette. The… Read More

A Seattle Home That Blends Classic and Modern on a Tight Budget

Rerucha Studio designed the Magnolia House in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and managed to create the perfect blend of classic yet modern on a tight budget. The light-filled, two-story residence spans 3,318 square feet within a simple, rectangular structure which joins a garage via an interior hallway. In addition to the two floors, there’s a deck and yoga studio on the roof with views of the surrounding area. They designed the house on a grid, with the structure, materials, windows, and casework all aligned perfectly. On the front of the house, large grid windows increase the curb appeal while filling the interior with natural light. Around back, floor-to-ceiling windows keep the kitchen light and bright. Photos by Lara Swimmer. Read More

A Modern House in Taichung That Combines Work and Home Life

T.M Design Studio was in charge of renovating this house in Taichung, Taiwan, to meet the needs of the owner by designing the space to work as his office and home. Named Dual Concepts, the house seamlessly blends both requirements and allows the designer owner to spend more time with his family. The home was built over 60 years ago, and while they wanted to create a modern interior for the family, they also wanted to respect the history of the building. The building was found in poor condition, having been neglected over time, but the corner location was ideal as it would increase the natural light needed for a studio. The window frames shelving made from powder coated metal. The concrete staircase is a major focal… Read More