clip&talk Health Bluetooth Headset

Monitor your vitals in real time when you have the clip&talk Health Bluetooth Headset. Clinically validated, this earpiece connects wirelessly to the clip&talk Health app which allows you to track your vitals. It includes metrics such as VO2, heart rate, heart rate variability, calorie counting, breathing rate, and more through a patented optical sensor. Simply place the device in your ear and it does the rest. The comfortable and hypoallergenic earpiece allows you to non-invasively track your health data. In… Continue Reading Read More

August Bluetooth Smart Lock

Easily secure your door when you have the August Bluetooth Smart Lock. Taking things virtual, this smart system offers keyless entry to your front door. Sliding over your existing deadbolt, the Bluetooth Smart Lock connects to the August app. In there, you can lock and unlock your door and even grant access to your friends and family. You no longer have to hide keys in precarious places. In addition, the Bluetooth Smart Lock works with your existing hardware so installation… Continue Reading Read More

Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera

Go back to the original days of Polaroid in a whole new way with this Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera. This brings back the analog instant camera with a contemporary style. In fact, the design takes inspiration from the original OneStep design but is even simpler than before. Additionally, the striking features of this new version are what makes it worth a try. These include the high-quality lens as well as the powerful flash. The camera also comes with a high-performance… Continue Reading Read More

Gimmestone Real Stone MacBook Covers

Take your laptop to the next level with the Gimmestone Real Stone MacBook Covers. Forget about simple stickers and silicone covers. Instead, you get genuine stone. Incredibly, even with this natural material, the Gimmestone Covers measure just 0.8mm thick. With this, the cover helps you retain the original design while offering total protection. In addition, the Gimmestone Covers weigh only 2 ounces and is simple to install. Because they use real stone, you get all the protection benefits of this… Continue Reading Read More

BitzBlade 2.0 Everyday Carry Multi-Tool

Do more on your excursions with the BitzBlade 2.0 Everyday Carry Multi-Tool. Sleek and slim, this tool offers an impressive 26 different functions so you can do everything from surviving to fix things at home. The BitzBlade 2.0 includes 9 interchangeable double-sided S2 steel bits. This means you have 18 different drivers in a variety of sizes to handle it all. In addition, the BitzBlade 2.0 features a window breaker, LED flashlight, box cutter, scraper, knife, bottle opener, pry bar,… Continue Reading Read More

SnapDice Magnetic Dice Rolling Tray

Enjoy playing dice on even the smallest table with the SnapDice Magnetic Dice Rolling Tray. Made with a range of premium exotic hardwoods, this gaming tray lets you test your luck on the go. The carefully weighted metallic dice roll naturally across the wood surface until they stick to the inlaid magnetic strip. The strip prevents your dice from bouncing off under the nearest seat, while maintaining the integrity of the game. SnapDice allows you to play during a flight, or in any… Continue Reading Read More

Still Not Much is Known About the AirPods Wireless Charging Case

While Apple announced an AirPods wireless charging case along with the upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat during yesterday’s iPhone X event, information about the product is very scarce. AppleInsider was able to take a look at the case after yesterday’s event: AppleInsider staff examined both following the release event. The AirPods Wireless Charging case is functionally identical to the one that comes with the AirPods now, but with the green charging light on the exterior of the case instead of under the lid. The existing AirPods case has exposed metal on the back — which appears to be absent on the pre-release versions of the new case. With the special case, users can wirelessly charge the AirPods on the AirPower case that will arrive … Read More

PodCase iPhone AirPods Battery Case

Top up all of your must-have devices with the PodCase iPhone AirPods Battery Case. From the creators of Pebble, this case is designed for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. It comes in all black and it’s as sleek and modern as your new smartphone. The PodCase has a built-in slot section at the top to safely store your wireless AirPods headphones. You’ll never misplace the pair again. The case offers a snug fit in addition to topping… Continue Reading Read More

BeoVision Eclipse 4K HDR OLED TV

Introducing the BeoVision Eclipse 4K HDR OLED TV. It combines innovative visual graphics and the best audio quality in the world to give you a totally immersive experience. The BeoVision Eclipse is complete with a 4K OLED display. Ultra bright and vibrant, the technology uses self-lighting OLED pixels that work individually. This means you get the darkest darks and the brightest brights. In addition, the BeoVision Eclipse features the SoundCentre with a 450-watt 3-channel speaker. It’s like have an amped… Continue Reading Read More

Vifa Reykjavik Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t let travel stand in the way of brilliant audio. Instead, bring along the Vifa Reykjavik Powerful Bluetooth Speaker to accompany your every day with great tunes. But, don’t let the compact design fool you. This speaker is built to blow you away. As the smallest speaker in the Vifa range, the Reykjavik delivers a full 360 degrees of audio thanks to three powerful drivers. In addition, to get even bigger sound, you can pair two of the Reykjavik Speakers… Continue Reading Read More

Port Series Innovative Leather Portfolio

Introducing the Port Series Innovative Leather Portfolio by Satchel & Page. Streamlining your everyday carry, this range of portfolios has everything you need to be your mobile office. The Port comes in five different sizes ranging from tablets up to 15-inch laptops. In fact, with this smart integrated charging design, the user can charge their phone and tablet simultaneously on the go. Inside is a modular storage system where you have a spot for every utensil, device, cable, and paper… Continue Reading Read More

Beats Studio3 Pure ANC Headphones

Focus on your own world when you wear the Beats Studio3 Pure ANC Headphones. This technology totally cuts environmental noise around you for these over-ear cans. The result? You hear just the music and only the music. Amazingly, the Pure ANC technology can actually determine the source of the noise and explicitly turn it down for you. Simultaneously, the Studio3 Headphones also use real-time audio calibration. As environmental noise is tuned out, the audio output is optimized. Resting comfortably around… Continue Reading Read More

HipDonkey Hands-Free Coat Carrier

Safely carry your jacket or hoodie when the sun comes out with the HipDonkey Hands-Free Coat Carrier. In the summer heat, you will probably need to remove a layer at some point. With HipDonkey, you don’t have to devote one arm to holding your jacket. This stylish leather loop holds any garment, from sweatshirts to full overcoats. It clips onto your belt or pants, and stays folded until you need a helping hand. When the temperature rises, you simply feed… Continue Reading Read More

iDevices Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch

Upgrade your interiors instantly with the iDevices Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch. Easily installing, this handy device gives you total control over your lighting. The iDevices Dimmer uses Wi-Fi to connect to the app on your smartphone. In addition, you can connect multiple dimmers using Bluetooth. Within the app, you can manage all of the connected lights. This includes dimming level as well as creating schedules for your lights. Even when you’re not at home, you can monitor your lights to… Continue Reading Read More