Elements: 3D Experimental Animation by Maxim Zhestkov

Elements, an artistic and experimental 3D animation created by Maxim Zhestkov. Maxim Zhestkov is a Russia based visual artist and art director specializing in animation, design, and cinematography. During the past years, he has worked for an impressive range of clients including brands such as Google, Microsoft, Fox, MTV, IDEO, BMW, Ford, FutureBrand, and many others. Besides all the commissioned projects, he loves to work on self-initiated short films. Elements is an experimental animation about nature, physics, art, and love. Using 2 billion 3D elements, Maxim Zhestkov has created a mind-blowing animation to show different states of mind through the motion of collective behavior. He says the film was made to explore the idea that everything around and inside us is made from simple elements. These … Read More

Getting started with UI motion design

Our work at This Also mostly falls into two categories: product design and product vision. For our product design projects, we work on existing products or platforms and design for near-term launches. We share detailed designs and scrappy prototypes early and often with our client to get the best product to the end consumer. Product vision work, on the other hand, explores what a product, or a platform, could look like in two to five years. The details are less important than presenting a compelling vision of the future. The final audience for this type of work is often an executive with limited time but the ability to make strategic decisions that will allow product teams to pursue innovative work. When tackling these types of complex … Read More

Divisor: Sci-Fi 3D Animation by Selfburning

Divisor, a masterfully animated short film that shows a futuristic vision of mind shifting with its unexpected consequences. The creative duo of studio Selfburning has produced this fascinating sci-fi 3D animation called ‘Divisor’. The masterfully animated short film shows a dark vision of mind control and mind shifting as well as the unexpected consequences. The dark scenario is deeply inspired by Cyberpunk and virtual reality. Stunning animations in line with perfect sound and a very dark storytelling make Divisor a masterpiece of CGI animated short films. For those of you who want to know more about studio Selfburning, please visit their website or follow their work on Behance and Vimeo. Music composition and sound design was made by PIXELORD. Enjoy the video! Some additional stills … Read More

GALAXY GATES – Fluid Colors in Motion

GALAXY GATES, an experimental dreamlike video of colors in motion produced by Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard. Here comes another outstanding collaboration by Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard. Until now, GALAXY GATES is the pride of their mesmerizing collection of experimental videos. While on a trip to Japan, they have worked on a new specific process to produce those outstanding psychedelic effects. Less than 2% of the footage has been used to create this immersive video. The fluid colors in motion seem to dance to the hypnotizing music by Velvet Coffee. Each effect was made using liquids and colors (no 3D tools). Some additional stills can be found below the video. Enjoy it! GALAXY GATES, an experimental dreamlike video produced by Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard. Some stills of the … Read More

EMERALD – Colorful Liquids in Motion

Directed by Oilhack & Thomas Blanchard – EMERALD is another hypnotizing video of colorful liquids in motion. Thomas Blanchard and his colleague Oilhack did it again! After their previous collaboration, the two creatives have produced another experimental video using paint, oil, and soap. So the soft, circular moves were not created using digital animation techniques. Everything was filmed in 4K using a 100 mm Macro lens from CANON. The result is simply mesmerizing! The music in the video has been created by velvet coffee. The sound supports the hypnotizing movements of the colors quite well. It’s definitely an amazing experience for your ears and eyes! EMERALD takes you on a dreamlike journey to a psychedelic world. Some stills can be found below the video. For more of … Read More

Fassine: ‘Gold’ Music Video by James Gilleard and Steve Kirby

Illustrator James Gilleard has collaborated with animator and director Steve Kirby to create an animated music video for Fassine’s new track ‘GOLD’. Last year, James Gilleard was asked by the band Fassine to work on an illustrated music video for their new track called ‘GOLD’. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with animator Steve Kirby. After only 3 weeks, they came up with something highly melancholic and cinematic. The illustrative style draws inspiration from the mid-century modernism, while the animations harmonically underline the sound of the track. Below you can find the video and some stills. For further information, just visit James Gilleard‘s and Steve Kirby‘s websites. Stills from the Fassine ‘Gold’ music video by James Gilleard and Steve Kirby. … Read More

Planemah – Animated Short Film by Jakob Schmidt

Planemah, a well illustrated and frame by frame animated short film by Jakob Schmidt. The Berlin, Germany based animator and filmmaker Jakob Schmidt has produced ‘Planemah’, a trippy short film about a crazy king who chases the secrets of universe and existence. In its very own way, the film is an allegory about desire, ruthlessness and the complete loss of control. After first character designs and perspective studies on paper, Planemah has been illustrated and animated frame by frame using a Wacom Cintiq 22HD. This traditional animation technique is known as very powerful but yet extremely work-intensive. It often needs hundreds of illustrations for only one minute of motion footage. The film has been screened around the globe at international festivals such as Anima Mundi … Read More

Everything Is In Your Hands by Gioacchino Petronicce

Everything is in your hands, a short film by French filmmaker Gioacchino Petronicce. Gioacchino Petronicce is an outstanding filmmaker and director who’s mainly working on a variety of visual compositions and sound creations. His short film called “Everything is in your hands” shows how remarkable and amazing our two hands are. His aim was not to cover the entire subject of our hands, that might be too much. With his film, he rather wanted to show how hands inspire him. Feel free to watch the short film below the first image. For additional information on his creative work, please visit his website or follow him on Facebook. Some stills and credits can be found below the video. Everything is in your hands, film by Gioacchino … Read More

Kingdom of Colours

Kingdom of Colours – dreamlike colorful liquids in motion by Thomas Blanchard and artist Oilhack. After his latest experimental video simply called “Colors”, French director Thomas Blanchard (http://www.thomas-blanchard.com) has collaborated with artist Oilhack (http://oilhack.org) to produce “Kingdom of Colours”. The new video is a successful continuation of Thomas Blanchard’s creative experiments with colorful liquids in motion. Using a mix of paint, oil, and liquid soap, the two directors have created this kind of surreal and psychedelic film. The circular moves are accompanied by a soothing sound made by Velvet Coffee. Some stills and full credits can be found below the video. Two of Thomas Blanchard’s earlier projects can be found here. Kingdom of Colours is also featured … Read More

3D Projection Mapping by Filip Roca for iMapp 2016

3D video projection mapping by motion and new media artist Filip Roca for iMapp 2016 in Bucharest. Filip Roca has teamed up with Dusan Knezevic, Relja Cupic, and Andrija Kovac to produce this amazing 3D projection mapping visualization for the iMapp festival 2016. Held in Bucharest, Romania, iMapp is one of the world’s biggest 3D multimedia festivals. Using more than 104 projectors, the festival presents a selected range of high quality video projections on the world’s second largest administrative building. Please read more about Filip Roca’s mind-blowing 3D projection mapping animation below the first image. Dyslexia iMapp festival 2016. Filip Roca’s animation refers to the disease of a communication disorder known as Dyslexia. There are two types, one related to language processing and another to visual… Read More

The Wisdom of Pessimism – Short Animation

The Wisdom of Pessimism, a short animation directed by Claudio Salas for The School of Life. Claudio Salas, a London based motion designer and directer has collaborated with lots of talented artists to produce this beautiful animation called “The Wisdom of Pessimism” for The School of Life. The result is an amazing mix of different animation techniques compressed to only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Spoken by the great philosopher Alain de Botton, the film teaches you how to become a better pessimist. More information below. The Wisdom of Pessimism. Not only in today’s success-oriented society, pessimism is often equated with a frightened or even grumpy personality. But the truth is, pessimism prepares you for the worst, reduces expectations, and protects you from disappointment. Watch the … Read More

Pierre-Guilhem Roudet: Demo-Reel 2016

Pierre-Guilhem Roudet’s demo-reel 2016 is a colorful and vibrant compilation of his latest projects. You may remember our feature of Pierre-Guilhem Roudet’s and Gabriel Aldama’s graphic space journey “Cosmo”, which was featured on WE AND THE COLOR a few months ago. Today I want to show you PG’s recently released demo-reel, a vibrant and colorful compilation of his latest motion design projects from 2016. The reel comprises a handpicked selection of mind-blowing animations, which were realized with professional tools such as Cinema 4D and After Effects. More information and the video can be found below. Pierre-Guilhem Roudet – demo-reel 2016. Pierre-Guilhem Roudet is a multidisciplinary designer mainly working in the fields of animation as well as sound … Read More

A Guide To Happy

‘A Guide To Happy’, a little animation by studio Panoply with the aim to explain what you can do to find happiness. Panoply is a British animation studio that produces engaging experiences for advertising and broadcast. “A Guide To Happy” has been lovingly produced as a little take on the old question: What really makes us happy? Using irreverent imagery and vivid colors, this beautiful animation explains what you can do and what you should not do to feel good. With great examples and funny animations, the video is the most friendly guide to find happiness. Please read more below the first image. A Guide To Happy by Panoply It’s great to see how they use different color schemes to visualize to good and … Read More

Motion Sensor for the Philips Hue System

Now you can turn on lights automatically with the Philips Hue Motion Sensor. The device has a 100-degree (vertical and horizontal) detection angle and a range of up to about 16 feet, which enables a pretty speedy response time. The purpose is not about turning on lights when you enter the hall. It is also about triggering them when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to go to the bathroom without fumbling for a light switch… Continue Reading Read More