New Tinda Finger gizmo frees up your thumb for more important things

If you’re not too picky (or picky at all) about who you swipe right on Tinder, the Tinda Finger connects to your phone and gives your weary thumb a much-needed break. It will continue swiping right as long as it’s plugged into your phone. The post New Tinda Finger gizmo frees up your thumb for more important things appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

5 Smart Alternatives to the Hamburger Menu

Screen space is a precious resource on mobile. To meet the challenge of small screen space while still making navigation accessible, designers often rely on hiding navigation behind the hamburger icon, a prime example of hidden navigation. In this article, we’ll see why hidden navigation creates bad UX and what alternatives are available for designers. Why the Hamburger Menu Is Bad For UX On mobile, visible navigation is used 1.5x more than hamburger If you’re working on digital products, you’ve probably already read dozens of articles describing how the hamburger menu on mobile hurts UX metrics. The main downside is its low discoverability, and this is backed up by actual numbers. In qualitative studies, NNGroup found that hidden navigation is less discoverable than visible or partially visible… Read More

Uber suspends its service in the Philippines following ban over unregistered drivers

Uber has suspended its services in Philippines after the national regulator banned it from operating for one month. The country’s Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) ordered a cease and desist against the U.S. ride-hailing firm on Monday over its apparent flouting of a ban on new drivers. The company initially lodged an appeal and continued with its service,… Read More Read More

How to leverage mobile app push notification for business growth

Have you ever noticed a service message on your mobile device screen that reminds you about your mobile bill payment or a latest sale flash message from one of the online store apps you have installed? What are these pop ups are for? These pop-ups are also called as server push notification that delivers a piece of information from a software application to computing devices. In simple terminology, it’s a way to stay connected with users and offer them convenience and value for their downloaded apps. Without knowing the importance of push notifications it’s not a worth to talk about it. So here are some of the key points that highlight the focus that needs to be given to push notifications in today’s times. One cannot … Read More

Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus hands-on review

Adding a power-saving E Ink screen that’s easy on the eyes to your iPhone, ready for reading books, sounds like a brilliant idea. You’ll be eyeing up the Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus, and we’ve been finding out if the reality is as tempting as the idea. The post Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus hands-on review appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

Houzz raises a huge $400M round at a $4B valuation

If you ask investors in Silicon Valley about Houzz — an app where you browse ridiculously nice homes and check out interesting interior design ideas — they’ll probably quietly mutter that they’re just growing their business. We really don’t hear about Houzz’s business that often. Except now the company says it has raised $400 million led by Iconiq Capital,… Read More Read More