Tom Raffield Launches His New Collection 17/18 of Furniture and Lighting

Earlier this year, we got to know Cornwall-based designer Tom Raffield in our first monthly profile of UK and European designers. The successful designer handcrafts contemporary furniture and lighting out of wood utilizing a steam bending technique he created while still in school. His methods allow him to design unique, sculptural forms not easily achieved when working with wood as the main material. Now, the designer is set to launch his latest, New Collection 17/18, at this year’s London Design Fair. The collection includes, several new lighting designs, a coat stand, and a wall sculpture. Take a look. The New Collection 17/18, as well as his older work, is available in his online shop here. Read More

Blackbird Lamp Looks Like an Abstract Bird Perched on Two Feet

Berlin-based designer Hayo Gebauer designed a modern desk lamp that resembles the look of a bird perched on its feet. The Blackbird Lamp, made from a single sheet of steel, balances its cantilevered light on a two-footed base for a sleek, streamlined look. The LED lamp features a motion sensor that’s activated by waving your hand underneath the shade to turn it on. To dim the light, hold your hand under the light for a couple of seconds. Read More

Solar Eclipse in your Living Room!

The next total solar eclipse will be visible to central and north-eastern America in April 2024. Or it could appear in your living room every day with the Orrery Lamp. Designed to be an elegant representation of the choreography between the sun, moon, and our home planet, the earth, the Orrery Lamp is literally out of this world!The lamp showcases the sun like never before in a beautiful warm glowing orb of hand-blown glass. Around it, suspended on a machined brass poles are wooden orbs, the size of the earth and the moon (with respect to the sun). The lamp itself comes with a dimmer switch, allowing you to set your mood, while the earth and moon can be placed anywhere around the orbit of … Read More

Sempé w103 Lighting by Inga Sempé for Wästberg

Designer Inga Sempé created the Sempé w103 lighting collection for Swedish brand Wästberg to be as simple as possible.The LED series began as a table lamp and grew to include floor lamps and pendants, all of which feature the same domed shade that’s made with aluminum and steel. The hanging pendant, which is available in seven colors, can hang by itself or in various configurations attached to a rail. The pendant lamps not only use the same shade as the table lamp, but they also share another element – a cleat. Now, the cleat is at the top of the shade and used as a connection point for hanging. With the cleats attached, the pendant lamps resemble part of a balloon where it gets tied… Read More

oleant designs an environmentally friendly luminaire covered with icelandic moss

as stated by oleant lighting’s chief designer peter danczkay: ‘good light is not a luxury but a basic necessity for everyday life’ — to live in a happy environment is also a basic necessity. The post oleant designs an environmentally friendly luminaire covered with icelandic moss appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. Read More

Modular lighting kit could give subjects stars in their eyes

Lighting can make or break a photo or video shoot, but lugging heavy equipment bags to locations can be a real drag. The folks at Spiffy Gear have developed a modular LED lighting system that’s described as being the only lighting modifier you’ll need. The core Spekular kit is made up of four high brightness LED light bars that can be used independently or together to form catchlights in a subject’s eyes – including a funky star… Continue Reading Modular lighting kit could give subjects stars in their eyes Category: Digital Cameras Tags: LED Lighting Modular Photography Video Related Articles: Magnetic and modular LEDs can cover a wall in light Kitted out modular house can unfold in eight minutes Barcelona brothers bank on body-swapping guitar Revolution… Read More

A Lighting Series Inspired by Holy Fire by Studio Avni

Designed by Mumbai-based Studio Avni, the Firebox series of light fixtures is inspired by the Indian ‘Havana Kund’ which means ‘holy fire.’ This fiery element is an integral part of Hindu weddings as it symbolizes light, power, illumination and communion of man with God. Within a home, these Firebox lights add a sense of warm ambience to a space with their hand-polished copper pixels that give off a reddish glow when turned on. There are nine steps to creating each pixel, each of them made by craftsmen and artisans who have mastered the craft of copper work. The Firebox series is also available in bronze, brass, german silver and steel and function as both fixtures and sculptural art. Photos by PHX India and Studio… Read More

Beaubien Lighting Fixtures from Lambert & Fils

Montréal-based studio Lambert & Fils Beaubien lighting fixtures go beyond just serving as a light by bringing a sculptural element to the design. Pairing brass details with matte black powder coated shades, the lights are elegant while remaining modern and timeless. The Beaubien Wall Double Shade features two light sources that are turned 90 degrees away from each other as the armature bends in another direction, while the Beaubien Simple Shade is a single suspended pendant. Read More

Porcelain Bear Unveils Lighting Range Inspired by Acrobats

Porcelain Bear unveiled a series of lights called Acrobat that are suspended by a hanging trapeze, taking inspiration from the aerial performances acrobats are known for. The four piece collection merges the simplicity of Bauhaus design with the sophistication of Brancusi’s 1923 Bird in Space sculpture to result in imaginative fixtures that have you envisioning an actual person doing tricks on a high wire. Double Act allows for two components to be balanced on one shared “trapeze.” Back Flip features a curved, 90 degree bend with two translucent porcelain shades reaching out from each side. Forward Bend is slightly more complex than the Back Flip with its 180 degree curved metal bar, which has two parallel shades extending down. Flat Bar is the most simple with a… Read More

New Work from Ladies & Gentleman Studio

Ladies & Gentleman Studio have had a busy first half of 2017. Not only did they launch a temporary concept showroom with SP01 in SoHo, they launched several new lines with different artists. See what they’ve been up to below. L&G Studio partnered with SP01 to open OVER/UNDER, an installation that expands their offerings beyond the typical lighting, furniture and accessories. The installation was many things in one — a showroom, a stage, and an installation. FLOAT is a curvy new lighting collection they launched in May. They also worked with sculptor and designer Pat Kim to create Spinamajigs, a collection of whimsical balancing sculptures. They teamed with with Vera & Kyte, a Norwegian design studio, to create a new lighting series for Roll &amp… Read More

Vilo: An Uplight with an Adjustable Shade by Ali Safa

Swedish design studen Ali Safa designed a pair of lamps that can adjust to a variety of situations. Vilo is an uplight, available in a table or floor lamp, with a shade that can be maneuvered into various positions to direct light where it’s needed by reflection. The flat, oval shaped shade can reflect light in any direction or it can be set to create ambiance in the room. When it’s close to bedtime, Vilo has an automatic dim function that gradually turns the light off over the course of 30 minutes to help your body and mind prepare for sleep. One side of the shade is matte white, which reflects the natural color of the light, while the red side helps create mood lighting by… Read More

Cerno: Designed and Made in California [VIDEO]

Since we first discovered Cerno, we knew there was something different about them. Located in Southern California, Cerno co-founders Nick Sheridan, Dan Wacholder, and Bret Englander have built an authentic brand of lighting and furnishings that are designed and made in the place they grew up in. What started with a childhood friendship has resolved into a strong brand with a unique aesthetic. Learn more about how their upbringing, environment, and individual strengths have played an important role in Cerno’s inception: Special thanks to Cerno for making this video possible. Read More