Aquarium robot cleans glass, shoots pics of your fish

If you own a dog or cat, there are already internet-controlled camera-toting devices that you let you check in on them while you’re away from home. However, what if you have fish? Well, that’s where MOAI comes in. It’s a self-propelled glass-cleaning device that has a built-in HD camera, allowing you to sneak peeks at fish in different parts of your tank when you’re not there to do so in person… Continue Reading Aquarium robot cleans glass, shoots pics of your fish Category: Pets Tags: Aquariums Fish Kickstarter Related Articles: Darwin Tank: The jellyfish aquarium as objet d’art The Jellyfish Cylinder Nano provides jellyfish relaxation for the novice Review: Jellyfish Cylinder Nano home aquarium EcoQube C fish tank uses a plant to… Read More

Currently Crowdfunding: Kickstarter Gold Edition

A roundup of our favorite Kickstarter projects currently crowdfunding for your viewing (and spending!) pleasure. This week’s edition focuses on our favorite Kickstarter Gold campaigns. Improving and expanding on ideas from their own past campaigns, designers selected to create Kickstarter Gold projects are seasoned professionals ready to bring you exciting new takes on old fan favorites. Go ahead, set your disposable income free: These 3Doodler Star Trek Edition 3D pens are already 1233% funded with 10 days left. We see why.”Put down your phone and reconnect with the physical experience of analogue photography with the VIDERE 35mm pinhole camera kit.” GlitchTextiles for Dior (2014) Woven by Pure Country Weavers GlitchTextiles is back after quite the Kickstarter hiatus—they’ve had some incredible opportunities, including designing and … Read More

This Modular Backpack Hides Treats for Photographers

While recently lauding/lamenting Cotopaxi’s rare stylish travel backpack, I was struck by how few options there are for slick packs that accommodate bulky cameras and travel necessities without losing EDC appeal. Options for sturdy carry alls tend towards sack-like hiking packs, dorky extra-padded equipment bags, or going Full Messenger with overbuilt strap-crazy packs. Giant packs are awesome for single use purposes, but when traveling or working it can be a bummer to dig a single important item out of the bottom of a deep bag. Boundary’s solution? Just hide your camera bag in the side of a normal backpack. The Boundary Prima system is currently blowing the heck up on Kickstarter, but it does a lot more than most “innovative” pack prototypes. This … Read More

Transformer A by VENQUE: The Ultimate Bag for Everything

VENQUE is back and this time, with the ultimate bag to hold everything and to go everywhere with you. Introducing, the Transformer A. Best known for their durable, everyday bags with a stylish twist, the Transformer A is their take on the perfect bag. With over 20 unique features and a modular, transformable system, the bag makes it easy to use everyday, and also for special travel. The modular pieces mean you can attach or detach the exterior from the main body, making it easy to downsize when you don’t want to lug too much around. The smaller bag is expandable, and can be easily added or removed when needed. There’s even a USB port, making it easy to charge your electronic devices. Of course, the… Read More

Making Cheese at Home Just Got (Ch)Easier

KEFIRKO is back on Kickstarter to seek funding for the KEFIRKO Cheese Maker, a simplified glass jar and strainer appliance aiming to make homemade probiotic cheese a normal thing. It looks easy to use, has minimal parts and there’s the option to stray from probiotic cheese to experiment with other varieties—I think I can get behind this one.All you do is fill up the strainer and let it sit in the fridge for as long as you want (less time = softer cheese, more time = harder cheese). Apparently, you can even drink the gross pee-colored liquid at the bottom for more health benefits?In any case, here are some delicious cheese dishes you will be able to make by yourself:At first, I thought … Read More

How Understanding Human Behavior Can Open Up New Design Opportunities

There are few people in the design world more familiar with field research, and the extensive travel that goes with it, than Jan Chipchase. On May 6th, Jan launched what has turned out to be a very successful Kickstarter campaign to publish his most recent book, The Field Study Handbook. There’s still time to pre-order a copy of what looks to be a fascinating read, even if field research in the Hindu Kush is not on your immediate list of things to do.Jan is a researcher, writer and photographer whose work focuses on the intersection of design, tech, human behavior and culture. Over the years, he’s led research teams investigating both mainstream and emerging markets for Nokia and frog design. In 2014, he founded Studio D, … Read More

‘World’s first modular eye mask’ promises some serious shuteye

Finding a comfy eye mask that effectively shuts out all the light can be a real challenge. The solution may be in the form of the Manta Sleeping Mask, whose unique design promises to effectively aid a properly decent slumber. The post ‘World’s first modular eye mask’ promises some serious shuteye appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

The Airport Jacket lets you wear your luggage to beat excess baggage fees

Fed up with paying excess baggage fees every time you fly? Then the Airport Jacket may be just the ticket. The unique design features big 14 pockets and can even transform into a handy bag (for when you board the plane). The post The Airport Jacket lets you wear your luggage to beat excess baggage fees appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

This device could make you King of Kindling

Would you rather risk hitting your hand with something sharp or something blunt? If you answered “blunt” – and you have some big pieces of wood to split into kindling – then you might be interested in the Kindling Cracker King… Continue Reading This device could make you King of Kindling Category: Good Thinking Tags: Kickstarter Wood Related Articles: Mantis lets your drone pluck things from the earth Indoor fire tornado kindles cozy moods instead of torrid destruction New gadget brings foot-flushing to home toilets Zombait brings new “life” to dead bait fish Slotting sticks together to create customized furniture The Ultimate Cutting Board adds bells and whistles to the traditional cutting board Read More

The JUNO Smart Mirror Makes It Easy To Take Perfect Selfies

The JUNO Smart Mirror is definitely a mirror of the ages. With its adjustable light settings, selfie and live mode, this smart mirror is taking selfies and live streaming to a whole new level. Whether you’re a beauty blogger or just someone tired of taking 50 selfies to get the perfect shot, the JUNO Smart Mirror brings advanced technology to make taking the perfect picture a little bit easier. It is a vanity mirror with different light controls, where you can use the mobile app to calibrate hue and warmth to complement your skin tone. It even saves your settings so you can get straight to getting ready during future use. The mirror also acts as a functional piece of home decor. It works as an adjustable… Read More

Small Transparent Speaker Transcends Beauty

PEOPLE Products (a spin-off of PEOPLE PEOPLE) is back on Kickstarter, this time with a downsized version of their cleverly named Transparent Speaker—the even more cleverly named Small Transparent Speaker:Designed to look fabulous in any environment, the—icy—Small Transparent Speaker only comes in white, is wireless and is able to connect to WiFi and Bluetooth. The speaker’s sides are made from hardened glass to expose the minimal interior, and the unibody frame is crafted from white coated aluminum. Small Transparent Speaker is more than just an aesthetically pleasing speaker—the lil’ guy can be upcycled. This may sound funny for an electronic device, but it makes sense. Small Transparent Speaker’s design team thought ahead by admitting that their speaker has the potential to break. In case something … Read More

The Stagg EKG and Stagg EKG+ Electric Kettle

The Stagg stovetop kettle by Fellow isn’t just one of the most beautiful tools for preparing coffee in our opinion, it’s proven to be one of the most useful and dependable objects in our kitchen that we use in our own kitchen daily. The built-in thermometer, counterweighted handle, and precise goose neck spout helps make consistent pour over preparation dependably simple; aesthetically the austere all-black design makes for a striking, yet pleasing presence upon the stovetop. Fellow hasn’t been resting on their laurels, expanding upon the appeal of their minimalist pour over kettle design with two new electric kettle editions that fine tunes and simplifies temperature control: the Stagg EKG and Stagg EKG+. Capsule or pre-ground office drip coffee machines simplify… Read More

Make your bed via smartphone with Smartduvet

My mother would call it the height of laziness, on par with getting food delivered or using a remote control for the telly, but there is now a device that takes any duvet and turns it into a bed that makes itself… Continue Reading Make your bed via smartphone with Smartduvet Category: Around The Home Tags: Bed Related Articles: Who’s been sleeping in my bed? Smarttress takes technology to a new low i-Blades smartcase aims to make smartphones “smarter” Smart bandage detects bedsores before they appear Luna smart mattress cover takes Internet of Things to bed OHEA Smart Bed makes itself Smart diabetes patch gets smarter Read More