Interview: Matt Gibberd and Albert Hill, The Modern House UK

A small group of innovative real estate agencies are taking a cue from the editorial world, combining beautiful photography and architectural research to tell the story of each home for sale. One of the earliest to adapt this approach is The Modern House in the UK. The Modern House was founded by Albert Hill and Matt Gibberd in 2005, drawing on their editorial backgrounds to develop a crafted approach to real estate storytelling. Their growing company now boasts an immaculately curated roster of well-designed homes for sale across the UK. We asked Hill how the Modern House was founded: “I was a journalist trying to find a way out of journalism and my wife was obsessed with property. We happened to spend a weekend with a &#… Read More

Sprint-Vivint partnership lets consumers get smart home devices in stores

The Sprint-Vivint partnership means that consumers can buy an array of Vivint items in Sprint’s brick-and-mortar stores. Vivint smart home devices such as garage door openers, thermostats, and security cameras will soon be available. The post Sprint-Vivint partnership lets consumers get smart home devices in stores appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

AICO Smart Egg Smart Remote Controller

Access all of your devices right from the couch with the AICO Smart Egg Smart Remote Controller. The Smart Egg is truly universal and features its own unity database. Using the latest iBeacon technology, the Smart Egg is compatible with any infrared device. Pairing with an app, you can create entire scenes to always keep your home perfect. The Smart Egg has a database of 120,000 IR codes and growing. With a built-in temperature sensor, the Smart Egg is smart… Continue Reading Read More

PS We Love: Serenk Home Decor

It’s no secret how much we love a great home or interior design brand and this PS We Love is no different. Introducing, Serenk. Based out of Instanbul, this Turkish home decor company has some of the most stunning embroidered textiles to be used in the home that we’ve seen in quite some time. Made from high-thread-count cotton, linen and jacquard, these works of art are created from a combination of picot, hemstitching and embroidery and find themselves being sold at the highest level in luxury department stores like Beyman’s in Turkey as well as bespoke pieces for architects, 5-star hotels and designers. Along with intricate fabrications, they work with other brands to produce kitchen and bathroom accessories that flawlessly align with … Read More

The best sous vide machines you can buy

Want to make four-star meals from the comforts of your own kitchen? Here are the best sous vide machines available right now, whether you prefer simple immersion circulators or something more complex. The post The best sous vide machines you can buy appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More