Still Not Much is Known About the AirPods Wireless Charging Case

While Apple announced an AirPods wireless charging case along with the upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat during yesterday’s iPhone X event, information about the product is very scarce. AppleInsider was able to take a look at the case after yesterday’s event: AppleInsider staff examined both following the release event. The AirPods Wireless Charging case is functionally identical to the one that comes with the AirPods now, but with the green charging light on the exterior of the case instead of under the lid. The existing AirPods case has exposed metal on the back — which appears to be absent on the pre-release versions of the new case. With the special case, users can wirelessly charge the AirPods on the AirPower case that will arrive … Read More

Glass-half-full kinda cutlery

If illusions help curb excess consumption and reduce wastage, so be it! Studio Playfool’s conceptual cutlery is designed to trick users into feeling like they’re eating a large portion of food when it’s just half of what they’re actually consuming. Dietitians have been long employing similar techniques to make people cut down on unhealthy food, but Studio Playfool’s Half/Full was designed to make a much more direct visual statement.They say with time the population will only increase and going by how we as a species have already exhausted the Earth’s allocated resource budget for this year (we did so on the 2nd of August), unnecessary consumption needs to, and will probably out of dire desperation, stop. The Half/Full … Read More

Levitating Plant Pods with a Surprise

Designed for placement in public spaces, the Biome system introduces an entirely new way for urban dwellers to interact with the environment. The sculptural units use magnetic levitation to float plant pods above the surface for passersby to enjoy. When a pod displays a red light, it’s indicating a need for water. Using the Biome app, any user can locate the system they’re viewing and trigger the pod to float over to the water source for hydration. The light will turn green signaling that it’s recently been watered. Every interaction that a user has with Biome is rewarded in the form of points that can be used to purchase goods or service from affiliated companies. The more you pay attention to the environment, the … Read More

The Twelve South Curve Gives a Needed Lift to Any MacBook

Twelve South is leaning into the curve with its newest accessory. The company’s Curve stand can provide a well-needed lift to any MacBook. Made from matte black aluminum, the Curve elevates any MacBook screen by 6.5 inches while for improved ergonomics. With better cooling in mind, 70 percent of the base is left exposed. As a nice touch, you can even open your MacBook with one hand while it is placed on the Curve. Interestingly, the Curve is a modern update to the iCurve from Griffin Technology. That was designed by Andrew Green, the creative director and co-founder of Twelve South. You can purchase the Twelve South Curve now directly from the company for $49.99. Read Best Mac Accessories for Power Users Read More

Biophilia in Urban Design – Patterns and Principles for Smart Australian Cities

Over thirty years ago ecologist EO Wilson proposed the Biophilia hypothesis – a powerful idea which asserts that humans have an instinctive bond with nature and that it is an essential part of our well-being. The idea was tested over the years and in 2008 the concept of Biophilic Design was formalised and popularised by social ecologist, the late … Continue reading Biophilia in Urban Design – Patterns and Principles for Smart Australian ;Cities Read More

Hit the Beach in Style with Society6 Beach Towels

It’s not quite beach weather yet where I’m from (our area is experiencing a bout of June gloom currently, no sunny skies in sight) but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare for when those glorious sunshine rays come through. Instead of one of my usual options (read: ugly but “it’ll do” towels from the discount section of my local department stores), I definitely want one of these beach towel options instead from Society6: Pug Yoga beach towel by Huebucket Greenery Mix beach towel by Cafelab Agave geometrics beach towel by Gale Switzer Green and Blue Symmetry beach towel by Michael Schauer Eternity Pools beach towel by Laura Pina Odyssey beach towel by Mirimo Abstract Painting No. 10 beach towel by Metron the pink stencil beach towel by Magdalla… Read More

Growing Food in Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure has many purposes. Among them is food production, but do we use green infrastructure for this as much as we could? Given proper management, there is plenty of scope to make better use of rooftops, walls and water sensitive urban design assets as sites for growing edible plants. These opportunities range in scale … Continue reading Growing Food in Green ;Infrastructure Read More

Can Money Really Grow On Trees?

Increased leaf canopy cover is linked to a significant increase in property values, according to Green infrastructure: a vital step to brilliant Australian cities. The report, released by infrastructure firm AECOM, compiled urban data analytics across three different suburbs in Sydney, and found that for every 10 per cent increase in the canopy coverage within the … Continue reading Can Money Really Grow On ;Trees? Read More

Real-life Iron Man jet suit requires superhuman strength

British inventor Richard Browning has demonstrated a new personal jetpack-style flight suit with jet turbines on the lower back and arms. The Daedalus suit screams Iron Man to anyone who’s watched the movies, but this thing looks brutally difficult to fly… Continue Reading Real-life Iron Man jet suit requires superhuman strength Category: Aircraft Tags: Jetpack Personal Flight Related Articles: JB-9 jetpack makes spectacular debut flying around Statue of Liberty Franky Zapata’s awesome Flyboard Air redefines the concept of a hoverboard 8 forward-thinking vehicles to propel us into 2016 Marc Newson’s “Body Jet” re-imagines the jetpack Water-propelled Jetlev-Flyer personal jetpack set for release The first “civilian” Jetpack pilot gets off the ground Read More

Green cities are not just for the elite

Green cities have become a key goal of urban development. They are environmentally friendly, provide clean water, protect green space, and offer an enhanced public experience. However, they’re not perfect. In fact, some of the different needs of citizens may have been neglected amid all the attention lavished on green cities. A green city in … Continue reading Green cities are not just for the ;elite Read More

Smart Water Saving for Dummies

Introducing, eDrop – a barely-there smart monitoring device which helps you keep track of your daily water usage! The super small device fits on to almost any faucet unnoticeably and pairs wirelessly with a smartphone app to monitor usage.Connecting to the mobile app (via bluetooth LE) as well as a website platform, it delivers instantaneous data and insights on your daily, weekly and monthly water consumption. eDrop can show you live water flow amount, help develop healthy water habits, and provide you with personalized tips to improve water consumption. You can even join the global community to compare your water usage with other users and support movement of water saving around the world!Designer: VORM Read More