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Decorex day 1 on the radar! London Design Festival has arrived in all its glory, and what better way to kick off this fabulous week than with the 40th edition of Decorex International?  The leading interior design show showcasing the most exquisite design furniture and modern interior design references of our days is now […] Read More

Where to Surround Yourself with Beautiful Design During London Design Festival

The London Design Festival kicks off this weekend, bringing hundreds of design events to the city of London with it. The difficulty of narrowing down your schedule goes without saying, especially when each exhibition has so much to offer. That’s where we’re here to help—we’ve created this insider’s guide full of our favorite exhibits, workshops, launches and events to help as you navigate your way through the maze of well-designed things.Material of the YearThis new exhibition was created to celebrate and explore the materials with the biggest impact on global design today. The first selected material? Jesmonite®!Design Frontiers Design Frontiers will highlight the thinking and working practices of 30 leading designers from around the world, ranging in fields from automotive design to fashion design. A … Read More

Gallery: The art and architecture of Burning Man 2017

Beginning as a ceremonial bonfire to mark the summer solstice in 1986, Burning Man has grown into a giant annual community and arts event. The festival has transcended its counterculture roots to become an extraordinary celebration of elaborate, and temporary, art installations… Continue Reading Gallery: The art and architecture of Burning Man 2017 Category: Architecture Tags: Art Related Articles: LG doubles up on displays and selfie cams in the new V10 flagship phone Sync bike definitely won’t get mistaken for another LG G4 has an improved display, wider camera aperture and leather back option The Fairphone 2 is an ethical smartphone with a modular build Hands-on with the LG G4 Review: LG G4 Read More

Stay Nice

Stay Nice is the studio of Rob and Barry van Dijck. The duo crafts dynamic designs for performances and exhibitions throughout the Netherlands. I am especially drawn to their work for Playgrounds, an annual showcase that celebrates contemporary animation, game development, sound and graphic design. The festival’s identity system features lively typography that expresses the exciting and whimsical nature of the event. Flysheets promoting recent guest speakers contain fragmented type that elegantly blends in with the presenter’s artwork. The end results are promotional materials that have proven to be just as striking as the pieces displayed at the exhibition. ——————– Also worth viewing: Martin Steiner Mainstudio Krzysztof Iwanski Follow us on RSS, Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo,  ——————– Share on Facebook Thanks to this week’s sponsor – Skillshare – Click here… Read More

Pirelli rubber tackles the water in Tecnorib rigid inflatable

Pirelli is one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the world, but the company occasionally thinks outside the (rubber) circle and does something different. It teamed up with Blossom Skis earlier this year, and will be continuing its long-running partnership with Tecnorib on the rigid inflatable Pirelli 1900 boat to be released at the Cannes Yachting Festival. .. Continue Reading Pirelli rubber tackles the water in Tecnorib rigid inflatable Category: Marine Tags: Boats Marine Pirelli Yachts Related Articles: High-powered SS18 yacht soars through the water Latest Evo yacht unfolds to give passengers space to unwind Seaway debuts flagship Greenline 48 hybrid yacht SeaSki high-speed boat design leaves little in its wake Toy-filled sports utility yacht (the SUY?) floats more fun on the high seas Expanding… Read More

Nejc Prah

Nehc Prah is a Slovenian graphic designer based in New York City. An up-and-coming designer with an intriguing style, he’s earned accolades from the Type Directors Club and was named an ADC Young Gun for 2016. In addition to designing at Bloomberg Businessweek, Prah works on freelance projects and is a member of the artist collaborative, Ansambel. I am especially drawn to his work for the Fotopub Photography Festival, an event in Novo Mesto, Slovenia that aims to educate, inspire, and connect photographers. For the festival’s identity system, Prah used a cracked egg to symbolize the birth of the new ideas and relationships that are formed at the event. This theme became a continuous thread throughout the festival’s promotional materials that illustrate the numerous ways an… Read More


When describing themselves, Stockholm-based design studio, Snask, proudly states, “We worship unconventional ideas, charming smiles and real emotions. We see the old conservative world as extremely tedious and as our biggest enemy.” This passion for shaking things up and thinking outside of the box is obvious throughout their design, stop motion, and live action work. Taking on bold projects, like rebranding North Korea and crafting campaigns for female empowerment, the studio has proven that they aren’t afraid of taking on controversial topics in a fun and boisterous way. I am especially captivated by their inventive use of different materials throughout their designs. From wood, to paper, to cake, they’ve built typography and props with just about everything. For the 2014 Malmö Festival, they created an impressive… Read More

Lamborghini Centenario Xbox One, Audi R8 Xbox One and Mustang Xbox One Consoles Unveiled

Forza Horizon 3 is known for its ultra realistic graphics, and soon, a series of custom-designed consoles created specially for its release. First up, we have one based on the Lamborghini Centenario, a limited-edition supercar based on the Aventador, powered by a 6.5L V12 producing 759-horsepower. This limited edition console – 40 units worldwide – comes with a matching controller, as well as a sleek yellow and black design. Continue reading to see the other two versions, and for more information. Read More

Toy-filled sports utility yacht (the SUY?) floats more fun on the high seas

Some of the folks fortunate enough to own yachts are content to navigate ocean water, bathe in rays while sipping on flutes of Dom, and maybe dip a toe in the crystal-blue water. Others, however, yearn to do more during their time at sea. For them, there’s the Oceanemo “Sport Utility Yacht.” A more active conceptualization of the yacht, the SUY is specially designed around carrying all breeds of toy – from simple PWCs to helicopters, hovercraft, submarines and supercars. It’s engineered from the ground up to have fun … and loads of it. .. Continue Reading Toy-filled sports utility yacht (the SUY?) floats more fun on the high seas Category: Marine Tags: Watersport Marine Yachts Watercraft Related Articles: Torpedo-like jet drive propels over… Read More

Highlights from Trailerpark I/O, Copenhagen’s Tech, Music and Art Festival

Last Thursday marked the opening of the 10th annual Trailer Park Festival showcasing the the best of emerging music, art and technology against the backdrop of Copenhagen’s indoor skatepark. Last year, the Trailer Park team took the leap to reshape the festival’s program not only around the incredible music line-up and art installations but incorporating technology into the event by way of Trailer Park I/O. I/O flourished in its second year—drawing dozens of creative presenters to show their work over the course of the day. Head of Trailer Park I/O Kaave Pour opened the event discussing the 5 themes I/O would be tackling: The Spying Society, Virtual Worlds, Conversational Interfaces, Computational Creativity and Responsive Materials. Run by Peter Valkanoff included in 15Folds collectionThe … Read More

Ludovic Balland

Ludovic Balland is a Swiss designer based in Basel. His studio, Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet, specializes in editorial layout, typeface design, and photography. The studio has created intricate typographic compositions and clever visual identities for many cultural institutions including Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art and the Festival Antigel in Geneva. This past March, Switzerland’s Federal Office of Culture (BAK) awarded Balland the Jan Tschichold Award for outstanding achievements in book design. ——————– Also worth viewing: Georgia Hill Rejane Dal Bello Guillaume Kurkdjian Follow us on RSS, Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo,  ——————– Share on Facebook Thanks to this week’s Sponsor // Fonts Collection Read More