Say hello to the world’s first eye-phones!

No no. Not iPhone (a classic Apple product that this world dearly loves)… This is an eye-phone, a beautiful hybrid between eyeglasses, and headphones.The Zungle Panther look like an unsuspecting pair of wayfarers, but what you’ll never figure out is that built right into the temples (the side thingies that rest on your ears) of the sunglasses are Bluetooth powered bone-conduction earphones. So while it literally looks like you’re wearing an ordinary yet stylish pair of shades, you’re actually cutting the sun out, looking stylish, while also listening to music!I’ve been a long-standing advocate of bone conducting earphones. They’re great conceptually because they don’t damage your eardrums since they don’t go into your eardrums. The … Read More


It’s no secret that we’re a pretty big fan of titanium. We love its classier-than-steel finish, and we can’t stop talking about its weight to strength ratio (highest among metals). So when we saw the Specter sunglasses, we were undeniably stoked.Specter set out to do what most crowdfunding projects aim at doing — providing quality, sans the brand and all its middlemen, at a reasonable price. We’ve seen this movement really kick off with Kickstarter being flooded with some incredible watch designs (we’ve covered a fair share), and as a result, 2016 has seen a pretty big drop in Swiss watch company sales… which just goes to show that you can take a designer out of a brand and still … Read More

Metals by Karen Walker Eyewear

With a focus on negative space, Karen Walker Eyewear has launched the new Metals collection for 2016. Creating a sense of illusion, the metal frames are reduced to the outlines, eliminating the bulk that most frames have. The voids make the frames appear as if they’re floating on the face while adding a bold, slightly futuristic look to your face. Each pair features Zeiss lenses, a Monel metal finish, and air-cushioned nose pads. Simone Marguerite Emmanuel Jacques Read More

Shwood Launches New Nature-Inspired, Resin Cast Collection

Shwood recently dropped their latest line of sunglasses, the Badlands Collection, that will make you dream of trips you’ve traveled. Each pair brings the beauty of nature right to your face with their resin-based frames that aim to evoke the same feeling one might experience when in an awe-inspiring location. The sunglasses are made using high-pressure resin casting along with the brand’s signature handmade pressing technique, and the pièce de résistance is how they incorporate whole feathers and flora into each pair – they’re set in a clear resin on the wood and acetate frames making each a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. The resulting patterns remind you of the recognizable colors and eroded earth that the Badlands are… Read More

Socotra Launches Debut Collection of Eyewear

Founded by Jessenia Herrera and Quincy Bee, Socotra is an independent eyewear label that just recently launched its first collection of unisex eyewear. Their goal this season is to produce edgy, modern specs by utilizing contrasting materials and colors, transparent and polarized mirrored lenses, and topping that with stainless steel accents. The debut collection runs between $95-$120 for a pair. Read More

Now see here!

Eclipse Eyewear makes a far-out fashion statement of the maximalist kind! You won’t find any nose pieces or rigid frames… instead, lightweight multilayered plastic frames and paracord keep them snug on the wearer’s face.Designer: XYZ Integrated Architecture Read More

Warby Parker x Ghostly International Unveil Henning Glasses

Eyewear brand Warby Parker and electronic music label Ghostly International seem an unusual partnership at first glance, one committed to the eyes while the other to the ears. Yet on closer inspection it’s obvious each company shares an overlapping appreciation for the minimalist modern aesthetic, making their latest collaboration – the Henning – an appreciable fit. The new Henning is the second collaborative project between Ghostly and Warby Parker, the first being the espionage-chic, Curtis, back in 2013. Their follow up is a little more academic in profile. Made with matte acetate and Japanese titanium and available in both optical or sunwear editions, the glasses ship with a custom lens cloth designed by Ghostly artist Matthew Shlian. With clear optical lenses, the keyhole bridge and rounded… Read More