Elements: 3D Experimental Animation by Maxim Zhestkov

Elements, an artistic and experimental 3D animation created by Maxim Zhestkov. Maxim Zhestkov is a Russia based visual artist and art director specializing in animation, design, and cinematography. During the past years, he has worked for an impressive range of clients including brands such as Google, Microsoft, Fox, MTV, IDEO, BMW, Ford, FutureBrand, and many others. Besides all the commissioned projects, he loves to work on self-initiated short films. Elements is an experimental animation about nature, physics, art, and love. Using 2 billion 3D elements, Maxim Zhestkov has created a mind-blowing animation to show different states of mind through the motion of collective behavior. He says the film was made to explore the idea that everything around and inside us is made from simple elements. These … Read More

EMERALD – Colorful Liquids in Motion

Directed by Oilhack & Thomas Blanchard – EMERALD is another hypnotizing video of colorful liquids in motion. Thomas Blanchard and his colleague Oilhack did it again! After their previous collaboration, the two creatives have produced another experimental video using paint, oil, and soap. So the soft, circular moves were not created using digital animation techniques. Everything was filmed in 4K using a 100 mm Macro lens from CANON. The result is simply mesmerizing! The music in the video has been created by velvet coffee. The sound supports the hypnotizing movements of the colors quite well. It’s definitely an amazing experience for your ears and eyes! EMERALD takes you on a dreamlike journey to a psychedelic world. Some stills can be found below the video. For more of … Read More