Tattoos by Jessica Chen

Let’s have a look at Jessica Chen’s delicate tattoos. Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Chen is a very talented painter, graphic designer, and tattoo artist. With a passion for geometric abstraction, her work is primarily characterized by formalist compositions and notions. 74,5k people (until now) love to follow Jessica Chen on Instagram to stay up to date with her latest work. I like her minimalist tattoos, which are often drawn with only a few colors and simple lines. A small selection can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of Jessica’s creative work, please visit her website or follow her on Instagram. Little Pablo Picasso babe. Delicate drawing. Gesture sketch. Hand poke ginkgo. Large tattoo on the complete back … Read More

Blue Lines – Illustrations by Kevin Lucbert

Surreal artworks from the Blue Lines series by Kevin Lucbert. Born in 1985 in Paris, Kevin Lucbert is a French artist and illustrator who received his diploma in 2008 from the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris. Today he lives and works between Berlin and Paris. He’s a member of the artist collective, The Ensaders. Furthermore, he conducts drawing workshops and participates frequently in various exhibitions. In addition to his personal artworks, he often works for major clients including The New York Times, le Magazine Télérama, Les Échos, Mondadori, Starbucks, and others. Started in 2014, Blue Lines is one of Kevin Lucbert’s ongoing projects. As the name suggests, the artist only uses blue ink to create minimalist drawings of landscapes, cities, and surreal scenes. A handpicked selection … Read More

Katy Ann Gilmore – Abstract Topographical Investigations

Abstract topographical investigations by Los Angeles based visual artist Katy Ann Gilmore. Katy Ann Gilmore has graduated with a BA in Mathematics, Art, and Spanish from Greenville College in Greenville, IL. Later she received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Art from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA. Today she lives and works as a visual artist in Los Angeles, California. She is working in a variety of fields including drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation. Her current work is mainly influenced by her passion for mathematics and topography as well as the visual interaction between three-dimensional shapes and landscapes and simple two-dimensional illustrations. Her body of work ranges from small drawings in her notebook up to large murals and installations. Some of Katy … Read More

Zaria Forman – Drawings of Icebergs

Eyes on artist Zaria Forman and her hyper realistic drawings of icebergs.Brooklyn based artist Zaria Forman is fascinated by remote places and the forces of nature. She studied at the Student Art Centers International in Florence, Italy and received a BS in Studio Arts at Skidmore College in New York.Zaria Forman has a particular fondness for the landscapes of the polar regions, oceans and icebergs. On expeditions like a trip to Greenland in August 2012 or her current expedition to Antarctica, she gathers material and inspiration for her drawings. Aboard the National Geographic Explorer, Zaria Forman is currently exploring South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula.Zaria Forman’s “ice portraits” documenting our Earth’s shifting landscapes due to the effects of climate … Read More

Beach Character Illustrations by Ruslan Suleimanov

Some funny beach character illustrations by designer and illustrator Ruslan Suleimanov. Ruslan Suleimanov is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who lives and works in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The next summer is just around the corner and Ruslan Suleimanov wanted to celebrate it with this funny series of beach character illustrations. He drew stereotypical characters like a fat guy, the typical beach bunny or the loud little child. For more of his work, please visit: Fat and bald man on the beach. Summer character illustrations by Ruslan Suleimanov. Fat woman in a skimpy bikini. A thin man in speedos. Woman with a big dose of ice cream. The bodybuilder is posing on the beach. A bikini girl on the beach. An old man with … Read More