Inside John Russell Pope’s House of the Temple

John Russell Pope was a master architect of the early 20th century whom many of you are probably familiar with. Here in Washington we are lucky to have many of his masterpieces and get to pass them and occasionally enjoy them in our daily lives. One of these that all of us are familiar with but few have been inside is the House of the Temple, headquarters of the Scottish Rite (Masons), located on 16th street in Dupont Circle.Our local chapter of the ICAA conducted a tour a few months ago and has another coming up next week (information on that tour here). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the prior tour nor the upcoming one but my friend, Architect Erich Stanley, was good enough to … Read More

#TheExchange, Part 2 A Style Story With Garrett Neff It’s not…

#TheExchange, Part 2 A Style Story With Garrett Neff It’s not every day that you have a top male model hanging out in your apartment, but like…NBD right? In this last installment of my DETAILS x Armani Exchange collab, I linked up with Garrett Neff to share my styling perspective and learn more about his busy life. The handsome Delaware native has walked runways around the world, landed impressive campaigns with the likes of Calvin Klein and DKNY, and has been featured on the covers of major fashion magazines, including Details. It’s no wonder Forbes ranked him as the world’s 5th top male model. But oh, there’s more. Aside from his movie star good looks, he has a pretty ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, too. He co-owns the Philly-… Read More

Details Matter

If you follow me on Instagram (@architectdesignblog) this weekend you probably saw a number of pictures I posted of a grand apartment building here in Washington DC in the historic Kalorama neighborhood.Buildings such as these are listed in the Washington real estate bible, Best Addresses, by the local authority on such matters, James Goode. I live in a ‘best address’ building myself, although not as grand as this, and it really was one of my apartment’s selling features. It’s always the first statement of any real estate description of any apartment in these buildings in Washington. I would recommend the book to others who don’t live in DC as a great compilation of grand apartment buildings from 1900 till the 1970s, full of floorplans and historic photos…. Read More

#TheExchange, Part 1 A Style Story With Brendan Fallis Well it…

#TheExchange, Part 1 A Style Story With Brendan Fallis Well it looks like the blogfather’s finally seen all my praying hands emojis because earlier this month the kind folks over at DETAILS & Armani Exchange asked me to partner with them on a brand new project. The concept: team up a New York City influencer with an equally really cool, totally awesome blogger (oh wait…that’s me!) to tell a style story through a mutual exchange. My influencer would fill me in on his lifestyle, and I’d use this info to reverse my role as a personal style blogger and style someone else for a change. First up in this two-part series is my exchange with Brendan Fallis, a well known DJ, savvy entrepreneur, self-proclaimed fitness … Read More