FESSURA Launches Limited Edition Sneakers by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid lends his design aesthetic to FESSURA in a limited edition sneaker collection for SS16. Rashid first created a collection for the Italian brand back in 2006 and now 10 years later, the partnership continues with a whole new selection of graphic-inspired kicks. The unique detail that sets FESSURA apart from other sneakers is that their shoes are modular. The base part of the shoe remains the same while Rashid designed a series of uppers in his signature style that can be changed out when you want to mix it up. Read More

Pyrite Collection: Kelly Wearstler X Ben Medansky

Earlier this summer we visited ceramicist Ben Medansky at his Los Angeles studio and were enamored with his remarkable work. The clay master recently partnered with global designer Kelly Wearstler on an exclusive collection with Bergdorf Goodman, named Pyrite, that brings an elegantly refined addition to Medansky’s unique, minimalist wares. Read More

Sony Wena Wrist Smartwatch Hides the Tech Inside Wristband

Did you know Sony has its very own crowdfunding site? Neither did we, until we got wind of the Sony Wena Wrist, a kinda-sorta smartwatch crowdfunding project aiming to bridge the gap between traditionalist timepieces and smart wearables. From all appearances the Wena Wrist – available in two styles and a collaborative effort with Japanese watchmaker Citizen Watch Co. – looks like a handsome chronograph or three-hand wristwatch with the hallmark details of a traditional executive’s timepiece. The semblance to a typical watch belies the the smart, albeit limited, technology engineered into the surgical steel wristband: NFC wallet/payment, email and message notification via vibration and LED light, and an activity/movement monitoring system connected to a compatible app via Bluetooth 4.0. All of the… Read More

Elevated Everyday Furnishings Designed to Sparkle

Francfranc recently launched a charming collection from designer Nika Zupanc (did you catch her recent Friday Five?) called Spellworks. The 20-piece collection evokes a positive, uplifting feel meant to give you “bursts of happiness” when you return home to your private abode. There’s furniture, lighting, tableware, and accessories, all in timeless colors and shapes to bring a sense of la dolce vita, or the sweet life, to shine and sing and bring magic to your surroundings. Shine tableware Shine tableware Shine tableware Allure rug Adore sofa Adore chair Reflector lamp Reflector lamp Read More

TIO: Where Sustainability Meets Oral Care

May of the products that we use daily have been reinvented to leave less of footprint. It was only a matter of time until that the toothbrush gets a sustainability update. Meet TIO. TIO is a toothbrush that combines clean design, efficient oral care, and reduces environmental impact. Made of bio-plastic, 60% less packaging materials are needed to create the toothbrush. The brush head is removable, so rather than changing out your toothbrush every few months, you only need to replace the brush head. As a result, waste is reduced up to 70% compared to traditional toothbrushes. TIO is made in Germany and is currently on kickstarter. Read More

Handmade Modern Quilts from Louise Gray

While quilting may seem a like a bit of an archaic pastime, textile company Louise Gray is reimagining the art of quilting with their minimalist quilts. Based in Minneapolis, Louise Gray quilts are fresh and modern, featuring strong geometric lines and colorblocking in neutral colors. The quilts are 100% cotton and made in the USA. Read More

30+ impactful black and white websites

Color is one of the most significant elements of any design. It creates emotion, guides us through an interface, and reinforces a brand. It’s rare that you find a truly black and white design, more often monochrome designs are dark gray, or off-white. But the effect is the same. Color is literally how we see the world — different light particles being absorbed, or emitted, give us a picture of our surroundings. So when color is missing, we start to see the world differently: textures and shapes become more apparent, and the world seems perceptibly slower. Black and white designs play on this alternate view of the world. When used well, a monochrome palette can be warm, reassuring, dramatic, and bold. Mostly white design is minimal… Read More

A Huge List Of Material Design Resources For Designers

Perhaps the best feature available from Android – which is also its newest – is Material Design, which essentially brings together all of the aspects of good design standards and innovation. The resources of the Material Design strive to create a user experience that is both consistent and beautiful, mainly because it uses the many principles and standards of even the most common design principles. Google has always believed that it’s important for the company as a whole to follow all of the needs that a user requires and to let everything else follow that. Material Design is described as a form of visual concept that combines the aspects of technology, science, and classic design, along with all of the traditional principles and rules that apply. … Read More

Nest Pendant by Copper ID

Taking inspiration from nature, specifically the honeycomb architecture of a bee’s nest, designer Ed Linacre designed the Nest Pendant for Copper ID to reflect the organic geometry. With its interlocking segments made from bamboo, the pendant easily assembles without the need of glue and is topped off with a natural wood finish. Photos by Zoe Twomey-Birks. Read More

Friday Five with Jan van der Lande of Kikkerland

Chances are you’ve spotted the super fun and sometimes quirky products that Kikkerland has to offer and the man behind the clever design company is Jan van der Lande, who started it all on his New York City houseboat in 1992. Back then, it seemed perfectly natural to launch a company on a boat and make deliveries by bike, having been raised in Holland. All these years later, van der Lande still lives on a houseboat and bikes his way to the Kikkerland headquarters in downtown Manhattan. Originally, Dutch designs were imported to be sold but now the brand works with designers, like Sebastian Errazuriz, David Dear, Milton Glaser, David Weeks, and more, to produce hundreds of original designs. Where else can you buy something nice for… Read More

7 more questions asked by noob designers

Back in 2012, I wrote an article entitled 7 Questions Asked by Noob Designers, Answered. A lot has changed in the past three years in the design world, so I thought it was time to revisit those questions, and see if there are others that new designers might be asking, that need answering. Below you’ll find seven more questions that new designers may ask, along with answers. Everything from applications and workflow to finding collaborators and working with clients are covered. 1) What applications should I be using? This question isn’t all that different to “how long is a piece of string?” There are a ton of great applications out there, with more being released all the time. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is still considered the gold standard by… Read More

Lucy the Mood Boosting Solar Powered Robot

Seasonal affective disorder – commonly referred to as SAD – is a debilitating state of depression related to the seasonal disappearance of sunlight during the autumn and fall and winter months. Sufferers can feel lethargic and depressed, alongside battle sleeping issues. Solenica CEO Diva Tommei succumbed to this very condition herself while attending Cambridge University, inspiring her to design Lucy, a solar powered robot designed to offer a literal ray of hope for SAD sufferers. Completely solar powered, Lucy’s 100% weatherproof sphere houses a highly reflective mirror designed to automatically track the movement of the sun throughout the day using an array of photosensors, adjusting the reflected beam of sunshine to a set point for up to 7,000 lumens of mood-enhancing light. And because the mirror… Read More

The state of responsive images in 2015

The Web is a visual medium. The vast majority of that visual landscape is thanks to image files. Whilst plenty can be achieved with CSS, and inline SVG, most sites still need image files. On average, images accounted for more than half of page size last year, and year on year image sizes increase; there was a 21% growth in image size in 2014 alone. At the same time, the number, and diversity, of devices accessing the web continues to grow. Resolutions now vary anywhere between 72ppi (decreasingly common) and over 600ppi. Creating an image for the screen that will be of sufficient quality for any device is simple: save it at 1000ppi and call it a day. The resulting image will be crisp on even the highest… Read More

Groupwork Revamps Fittings for Your Bathroom

Melbourne-based design collective Groupwork works together to seek design solutions for the small things we all use everyday. They just launched their 3rd project, called Simplify, which brings flexibility to bathroom fittings and accessories that normally don’t have any. The new system aims to simplify, hence its name, our everyday bathroom rituals. Their elegant, solid brass towel rack is easy to install and remove to place elsewhere. The best part about it is that it’s designed to hold accessories that slide right on to address your other needs, like a block to hold your soap or a vessel to hold your rings while you shower. They’ve also designed a matching toilet paper holder to round out the collection. Read More