Heat Sink Design Guide

In a world of ever-increasing electronics, our lives are continuously impacted by devices that incorporate some sort of heat-generating circuitry. When it comes to electronics that dissipate power in the form of heat during normal operation, it is often necessary to manage this heat, to ensure the components don’t exceed their maximum allowable temperatures.One of the most common methods to manage power dissipation is through the use of a heat sink. Heat sinks are used on a broad range of electronics, ranging from CPUs to motor drivers.In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of heat sinks and heat sink design, including the calculations involved in defining the proper heat sink for your application. In our example of proper heat sink design, … Read More

PodCase Brings Your iPhone and AirPods Together

A new Kickstarter project is looking to bring the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and AirPods together under one roof. The aptly named PodCase is a battery case for both the handset and wireless earbuds. The 2,500mAH case is charged with a single USB-C cable. Your AirPods are accessible in an area near the top right of the case. Currently, with 29 days left to go in the project, almost $8,000 has been raised on a goal of $300,015. Right now, for an early bird pledge of $79, you can reserve a PodCase for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and AirPods. All of the rewards are estimated to ship in February 2018. You can select from either an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus case. The company is planning to introduce … Read More

Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus hands-on review

Adding a power-saving E Ink screen that’s easy on the eyes to your iPhone, ready for reading books, sounds like a brilliant idea. You’ll be eyeing up the Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus, and we’ve been finding out if the reality is as tempting as the idea. The post Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus hands-on review appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

Cotopaxi’s Uniquely Un-Ugly Travel Backpack

Cotopaxi’s new Allpa 35L travel pack just exploded its crowdfunding goal and several of my expectations for luggage. Let’s talk travel bags for a minute. A lot of people make them, a lot of them are pretty frustrating. Unless you only take your featherlight steamer set across perfectly smooth airport floors and watch them carried straight onto private helicopters, you’ve probably been irritated by your bag’s limitations at some point. Maybe it’s too big to carry comfortably, or too open organize neatly, or too bulky for day use once you arrive, or it lacks easy contact points when pulling it out of overhead stow, or the wheels get caught on thin air. We all have different expectations from our travel packing, because we’re all different traveling snowflakes … Read More

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Take your work anywhere you go with the Microsoft Surface Laptop. This sleek and slim computer is wonderfully lightweight but packs in the power. The Surface Laptop comes with the all-new Windows 10 S operating system which you can also upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. In addition, it has a hybrid laptop and tablet design. With this, you can go from tapping away emails to presenting your work in seconds. Additionally, the Surface Laptop easily connects to the Surface Pen… Continue Reading Read More

In One’s Skin Watch Collection

Get a new perspective on the world starting with your wrist with the In One’s Skin Watch Collection. These watches celebrate the varying skin colors present throughout the world. Each of the five watches captures a different skin tone to help spread a message of love. With this inspiration from humans, the In One’s Skin Collection reminds us that we are all human. In turn, we have the same universal love and respect to share with the world. Both the… Continue Reading Read More

VESTA Smart Direct Car Heat Alarm

Protect the ones you love with the VESTA Smart Direct Car Heat Alarm. This revolutionary device is equipped with smart sensors to keep your family safe. It attaches to your vehicle and connects seamlessly to your smartphone. From there VESTA keeps tabs on your vehicles metrics. It features a GPS sensor so you can always find your car. In addition, when parked, the temperature sensor monitors the heat in real-time. If it gets hotter than the threshold, it instantly checks… Continue Reading Read More

Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

Turn your living room into the ultimate party space with the Sobro Cooler Coffee Table. This modern furniture is complete with a refrigerator drawer to store and chill your beverages. From water to beer, your drinks will always be ready for game time. In addition, the Sobro Coffee Table has LED lighting on the underside to totally set the mood. Using Bluetooth, this incredible table also connects directly to your TV. Along with the touch control interface, you can customize… Continue Reading Read More

Hand Tool School #29: Plywood Tearout? Grab a Hand Saw

You may have heard that you can’t cut plywood with a hand saw. That’s a myth.Using a panel saw—10 p.p.i, teeth filed crosscut—on this 3/4″ Walnut plywood produced not only a perfectly straight and square cut, but no tearing or fraying of the super-thin face veneer either. Pictured here is the back side of the cut, which usually tears the most as the saw exits the wood. I have gotten much worse quality cuts from my old table saw and even my fancy Festool track saw. Here is a shot of a crossgrain cut on the face veneer that shows a negligible difference to the cut quality.I made these cuts with no blue tape on the cut line, no zero clearance support … Read More

The DODOCase Leather CardCase for iPhone Offers Personalized Protection

Well-known for its line of handmade iPad cases designed to mimic the look and feel of books, DODOCase also offers a number of other Apple accessories. And the company has recently unveiled a new and updated version of its most popular product – the DODOCase Leather CardCase. Easy accessA perfect choice for anyone looking for a slim wallet option, the case features a flexible and black slim tray. Unlike other hard plastic options, that means you won’t have to worry about the case ever cracking during normal use or in a fall. All iPhone ports, buttons, and camera lenses are fully exposed and completely usable. The Lightning plug cutout is also wide and should fit any third-party cable. The back of the case is covered … Read More

YI HALO Next Generation Jump Camera

Bring your audience to a whole new world with the YI HALO Next Generation Jump Camera. Developed by Google, this awesome system features 17 integrated cameras. In addition to this spectacular feat, the YI HALO system assembles the camera in a circle to develop stunning 360-degree footage. While capturing moments in time, the YI HALO works with Google’s Jump platform. With this, you can seamlessly stitch together your content for an unbelievable experience. Finally, each of the 17 cameras records… Continue Reading Read More

Mark Minimalist Cardholder

Introducing Mark, a wonderfully simple minimalist cardholder that will transform the way you carry your goods. With enough space for your essentials, Mark ensures your pockets remain slim. Holding up to eight of your cards and twenty bills, Mark stay totally thin even when full. When empty, it’s only 4mm thick and weighs just 0.6 ounces. Featuring premium materials, Mark also achieves a beautifully stylish aesthetic. The interior pocket uses the ultra durable 900D polyester canvas which comes in four… Continue Reading Read More

Patent & Gucci

This skirt has been in my closet and on this blog for years. I think it’s really stood the test of time because of the quality. It’s from Topshop’s ’boutique’ range and it’s made from patent leather. Whenever I’ve bought cheap pieces in pvc or vinyl they never seem to last or wear as well. Patent/pvc/vinyl pieces were really in vougue when I got this skirt and I remember being a little scandalized at the price point because it was from Tophop. I almost bought a cheaper alternative but changed my mind because, well it looked cheaper! It’s not always the case but sometimes I think it’s worth spending a little extra on quality in order to… Read More

Customize Your iOS Listening With Colorized AirPods

The customer asked for additional color options in Apple’s AirPods, and someone listened. It wasn’t Cupertino, though. Instead, the popular aftermarket customization service ColorWare has announced its ability to offer colorized AirPods, with 58 different tint options. It wasn’t easy, ColorWare saidIn a Twitter announcement made Feb. 22, 2017, ColorWare announced the support for customizing AirPods. The company claimed it to be a difficult process, but one it was able to pull off. It was FAR from easy, but we made it happen! AirPods now come in your choice of 58 colors: https://t.co/9ukve4qGKe #WeDidIt pic.twitter.com/suvrPPoazy— ColorWare (@ColorWare) February 22, 2017Specialists in colorizing your gearWhether it’s your Apple gear, such as a Magic Trackpad 2 or even a MacBook Pro, or a video game console, ColorWare specializes … Read More