Elements: 3D Experimental Animation by Maxim Zhestkov

Elements, an artistic and experimental 3D animation created by Maxim Zhestkov. Maxim Zhestkov is a Russia based visual artist and art director specializing in animation, design, and cinematography. During the past years, he has worked for an impressive range of clients including brands such as Google, Microsoft, Fox, MTV, IDEO, BMW, Ford, FutureBrand, and many others. Besides all the commissioned projects, he loves to work on self-initiated short films. Elements is an experimental animation about nature, physics, art, and love. Using 2 billion 3D elements, Maxim Zhestkov has created a mind-blowing animation to show different states of mind through the motion of collective behavior. He says the film was made to explore the idea that everything around and inside us is made from simple elements. These … Read More

A is for Albert – Animation by Studio Lovelock

A is for Albert, an animation about the ups and downs of parenting. Produced as a fun project by Studio Lovelock, ‘A is For Albert’ is a nice animation illustrating the ups and downs of parenthood in alphabetical order. Studio Lovelock has also set up a special website for the video, which has been featured recently as site of the day on the Awwwards website. The animation has been created in a lovely yet minimalist graphic style. Just like most side projects, the time of creation took much longer than expected. Anyway, the result is a creative compilation of alphabetical motion graphics. Some additional footage can be found below the video. Studio Lovelock is a multi-discipline design firm specializing in brand strategy and identity, web … Read More

The Performer – DepthKit Animation by Michael Gugger

The Performer, a music video that explores the curiosity of the human spirit through a powerful dance performance and point-cloud animations. Michael Gugger has recently created a video using DepthKit, a high-end software that records and visualizes 3D depth data captured on an Xbox Kinect. In perfect harmony with the sound of Brooklyn based electric-acoustic duo Live Footage, the music video explores the curiosity of the human spirit through a powerful dance performance as well as diverse point-cloud animations. The Performer combines numerous artistic disciplines with today’s latest interactive technology. You can find further information as well as some stills and full credits below the video. Michael Gugger: “The video took around 2 weeks to conceptualize and prep. We shot it in 1 … Read More

7 Ways to Delight Users with Animation

“Delight” is a word that we’re hearing and using more often to describe pleasurable moments in our products. Delight is the magic that makes us fall in love with a product. It’s a core element to strive for when designing. When it comes to providing pleasure or delight in our websites and apps, animations contribute a lot. Why delightful animation is important Digital design plays a crucial role in how customers experience a product. Modern design is highly focussed on usability, because usability allows people to easily accomplish their goals. However, designing for the user experience has a lot more to it than making a usable product. Good design is pleasurable and seductive. Good design is delightful. “At this point in experience design’s evolution, satisfaction ought to… Read More

Auto Enthusiast Transforms Old Corvette Into Mach 5 Replica from Speed Racer

Auto enthusiast Jerry Patrick, who owns a tuning shop, has been transforming cars into classic cartoon and movie vehicles for over a decade. He’s been obsessed with the Mach 5 since the 60s, and decided to do something about it. “Back in 1967-ish when the cartoon came out, I was really enthralled as kid to watch it. And I thought, ‘One day I’m going to be driving a Mach 5’. For the Mach 5 logo we had to take a few creative liberties with it, obviously you’re going from a cartoon to a real car, so we made it pop as good as we could. It’s still as cartoon accurate as it can be, so at the end of the day we got it as close as we could… Read More

How to delight your users with subtle animation

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers! Animation is nothing new in digital interfaces. They have had an interesting history of rising, falling and now rising again in popularity. Subtle animations add personality and empathy into an otherwise dull interface. They make experiences fun, delightful and memorable. Animation in web design has been around for a long while. They first became popular thanks to the .gif format, and later, .swf. However, with a lot of designs not factoring in usability, animation soon became associated with poor UX. When Flash was no longer cool and HTML5 became the go-to technology, it was CSS3 that picked up the animation baton; specifically CSS transitions and CSS animations. Simpler implementation and smoother performance than even JavaScript made CSS the ideal… Read More

Stop Motion Animation: OSSA

OSSA, an animated short film by Dario Imbrogno aka IMBRO. Dario Imbrogno is a Milan, Italy based freelance filmmaker, animator, and director who loves to experiment with diverse stop motion techniques. His animated short film “OSSA” is a fine example of his outstanding skills and creativity. Inspired by the phrase of William Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’, Dario has created this animated theater scene of a dancing figure. In contrast to conventional stop motion animations, all the mechanisms that pull the strings are visible. In this way, OSSA perfectly blends the fictional story with the real world environment. Even if one can see all the different mechanisms, the viewer is drawn into the action. Full credits and some stills can be found below the … Read More

The Wisdom of Pessimism – Short Animation

The Wisdom of Pessimism, a short animation directed by Claudio Salas for The School of Life. Claudio Salas, a London based motion designer and directer has collaborated with lots of talented artists to produce this beautiful animation called “The Wisdom of Pessimism” for The School of Life. The result is an amazing mix of different animation techniques compressed to only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Spoken by the great philosopher Alain de Botton, the film teaches you how to become a better pessimist. More information below. The Wisdom of Pessimism. Not only in today’s success-oriented society, pessimism is often equated with a frightened or even grumpy personality. But the truth is, pessimism prepares you for the worst, reduces expectations, and protects you from disappointment. Watch the … Read More

Planet Unknown – Animation by Shawn Wang

Planet Unknown, a lovely animated short film by Chinese student and director Shawn Wang. Inspired by diverse movies such as Interstellar, Wall-E, Toy Story, and Chappie as well as NASA’s breathtaking documentaries about Mars Rover Curiosity, Shawn Wang started to work on this project in July 2015. At the very beginning there were no fixed storyline until November. Shawn says the whole process of creating was a major challenge and a great opportunity to improve his skills. Please read more details about this lovely animation below the first image. Planet Unknown, a sweet futuristic animation by Shawn Wang. The story: At the end of the 21st century, humanity is running out of global resources and space rovers were sent out to find potential inhabitable planets. This … Read More

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Adventures of Poco Eco, Cubway, Wired XDisplay and More

Explore a world in search of sound, guide a cube through obstacles, and turn your iDevice into a secondary display with today’s collection of apps and games. All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers. iPhone: Gesture Touchpad for Win8 ($1.99 → Free, 7.8 MB): Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless touchpad and keyboard with Gesture Touchpad. It’s ideal for those who have a PC or Mac connected to a TV. You must first download the free companion software for your computer from Splashtop’s website. Then launch Gesture Touchpad on your iPhone or iPod touch and your computer will be discovered automatically. Once everything … Read More

Learn Xcode And Swift To Develop iOS Apps

I know you want to learn Xcode and you are not the only one. Yet, you might think that creating an app for use on an iPhone or iPad is too complicated and simply out of your reach. However, app design and creation has never been simpler than it is today. Using tools such as Sketch and Xcode simplify the process and make app creation simpler to both designers and developers. Xcode, for example, provides you all the tools you need to create an amazing app and even includes many built-in templates and assets so you can quickly design interfaces quickly without having to code it manually. Sketch also has great plugins allowing designers and developers alike to create an app in a matter of minutes. … Read More

CSS Demos, Experiments And Useful Snippets To Learn From

The code demos and experiments that you see now on Codepen and you say that are outrageous and nobody will use them are the ones that will be used in the near future in a lot of web projects. These may be interesting showcases of the outer limits of what you can achieve with CSS and you may think that these can be made only by top web designers, but the truth is that they are all made of code, code that you can learn and that you can replicate, modify and create new things that can look even better. In this article I featured some of these impressive CSS demos and experiments and the code snippets behind them so that other designers can learn and adopt … Read More

Costa Sunglasses – Fix Florida by Giant Ant

Fix Florida, a beautiful animation produced by agency Giant Ant on behalf of Costa Sunglasses. The team of agency Giant Ant recntly had the pleasure to work again with Costa Sunglasses in order to tell the story of Florida’s plight. Fix Florida is a lovely illustrated and animated video. It was produced to raise awareness of Florida’s massive environmental problems. With an impressive storytelling as well as lots of well animated illustrations, Fix Florida takes us on a short time travel. The video is incredibly rich in details! All credits and some stills can be found below the video. For those of you who want to see more of agency Giant Ant’s stunning work, feel free and visit their website: www.giantant.ca Client: … Read More

Eye Candy User Interface Design Inspiration

When designing a web-based app or mobile app, you must not only think about the content of the app but also about the functionality. In many cases, you must focus even more on the functionality of an app and use a great UI design in order to create an app that is not only useful, but also engaging. People choose to use apps because they help them accomplish some type of task or provide some type of entertainment value. While they won’t simply use an app because the interface is pretty or the flow of interface is superb, having a UI that is both gorgeous and easy to use is always a huge bonus especially when you consider user satisfaction. Web and mobile apps that … Read More