Infographic Maps in Different Formats

Check out this well-designed collection of fully editable infographic maps. Maps of continents, countries, and federal states are often needed in infographics. Studio The Seamuss has created a well-designed collection of maps that can be used in a variety of projects. Each of the 19 graphics is included as PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS, AI and JPEG files. Whether Powerpoint, Keynote, Photoshop or Illustrator, every graphic is easy to edit in the software of your choice. Only free fonts have been used. The collection will be updated frequently. When buying the set once, you will get any future update for free. For further information on this great offer, just have a look at the images below or click on the following link. You can get the … Read More

Webdesign: WP Team Support

New web design inspiration: wpteamsupport.com24/7 WordPress Support & Maintenance. Have an Updated, Customized, Secured, Optimized & cloud backup WordPress Website with WP Team Support. Read More

UTIL to Showcase Their Collection of Portuguese Furniture and Accessories

Lisbon-based design studio UTIL is set to present their collection of furniture and accessories at this month’s London Design Fair. The brand was invited to showcase their wares at the Inspiring Portugal pavilion and along with their current collection, they’re launching a new version of their Oyster Stool. While the products are designed throughout Europe, they’re manufactured exclusively in Portugal. Each of the objects is based on the idea of welcoming with the hope that they offer comfort in your daily routine. Oyster is a stool, now also available in a bar version, designed by Geckeler Michels out of solid ash. The tripod design creates a visually interesting base while the seat features an off-cut letting it rest close to another piece… Read More

Forget Mansions, This Malibu Airstream Dream Offers Breathtaking Ocean Views

Why spend thousands on a stay in an expensive mansion, when there’s this Malibu Airstream Dream? Sitting on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this camper has been completely gutted down to its aluminum shell and transformed as an open studio living space. Featuring a queen-sized bed, kitchenette sitting area with pull-out sofa, and a large glazed panel that replaces the oceanfront wall. Continue reading for two more videos, pictures and information. Read More

Oris Big Crown ProPilot offers hassle-free world time

Swiss watchmaker Oris is going for simplicity with the latest variation of its Big Crown ProPilot Worldtimer that hides its dual time zone function behind a buttonless design. A 20th anniversary update of the company’s 1997 Worldtimer, its bezel-operated complication allows the mechanical wristwatch to adjust the local time backwards and forwards in hour increments without the need to stop the mechanism or independently adjust the minutes or date… Continue Reading Oris Big Crown ProPilot offers hassle-free world time Category: Wearables Tags: Watch Wristwatch Related Articles: HM6 Alien Nation watch dumps the case for crystal HYT H1 Ghost watch combines mechanics and hydraulics Clever clip keeps time on luxury watches A steampunk wristwatch fit for an 18th century philospher $396K cobalt chrome wristwatch takes extravagance… Read More

Polly’s teen polling app piggybacks on Snapchat

Snapchat doesn’t technically have a developer platform, but that hasn’t stopped other startups from taking advantage of its new feature for attaching links to your Snaps and Stories. Sarahah was the first, allowing people to ask fellow Snappers for open-ended anonymous feedback. But the problem is that those requests could be met with cyberbullying. Polly is a new teen sensation… Read More Read More

Yamaha’s R-N803 stereo receiver will please both vinyl lovers and digital fans

The Yamaha R-N803 is a wireless stereo receiver that will fulfill your audio needs whether you’re a hardcore audiophile, vinyl collector, or just a general home theater and music enthusiast. The post Yamaha’s R-N803 stereo receiver will please both vinyl lovers and digital fans appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

Tetrafidget Magnetic Pyramid Fidget Toy

Calm your racing brain and keep your fingers happy with the Tetrafidget Magnetic Pyramid Fidget Toy. For folks with too much energy, novelty is very important. That’s why the Tetrafidget has eight different ways to play. The tetrahedron design has three buttons, a rocker switch, and thumb wheels for fiddly thumbs. You can also run your finger over the rollerball, and trace the worry stone imprint. In addition, the toy has pleasing rounded corners, and magnets inside. This means you… Continue Reading Read More

Currently Crowdfunding: Notable Kickstarter Projects of the Week

A roundup of Kickstarter projects currently crowdfunding for your viewing and spending pleasure. Go ahead, free your disposable income:WSC16 “Pensole” Edition Pensole Footwear Academy has just launched a multi-tiered Kickstarter campaign in order to establish free footwear design courses for 100% of their students. Yes, free. If you’re into footwear design or just really support free education, consider pledging enough to receive a made-to-order pair of WSC16 sneakers, designed by 2016 World Sneaker Champion, Maxwell Lund.GROW, DIY mushroom lamps by Danielle Trofe and Ecovative, encourage you to connect with nature by growing your own lampshade out of mushroom mycelium. We tried the process out ourselves a few months ago and can’t get enough.Form&Seek has finally launched their own design collection, and … Read More

Dermatology Clinic in your Pocket!

I envision a day when instruments like these will be a part of every home. With the way we humans have systematically degraded the quality of our environment, it’s no secret that the sun’s UV rays are now making their way through our depleting Ozone layer. Those effects show on our skin now, with people getting all sorts of skin complications from staying out in the sun too long… and it’s not just the sun, your skin is the first line of defense against pretty much anything from cosmetics, to fashion, to even your diet. The skin is usually quick to react to products that aren’t suited for you, often showing symptoms of an allergy.The Barrier Light isn’t a preventive measure … Read More