Birds of Minnesota

Happy New Year! I’m back from a needed vacation, fully rested. Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Birds of Minnesota is a project by designer Tony Buckland, that highlights the birds found in the state. Each bird is illustrated in a minimal way without losing its essence. Really lovely collection. You can purchase the posters here. Read More

3D Animated Music Video for Super Unnatural by Bubbles Erotica

A futuristic 3D animated music video directed by Ali Manesh of 3e Visuals for the track “Super Unnatural” by the band Bubbles Erotica. Ali Manesh of studio 3e Visuals was hired to produce a 3D animated music video for the track “Super Unnatural” by the band Bubbles Erotica. The Chicago based visual artist and animator was responsible for the entire concept of the music video as well as design, animation, compositing, and the stunning smoke simulations. The video is also featured in our WE AND THE COLOR Vimeo Group and Channel. 3D animated music video directed by Ali Manesh of 3e Visuals for the track Super Unnatural by the band Bubbles Erotica. Stunning animations and smoke simulation. The video is based on a futuristic and… Read More

Work in progres is a limited fanzin designed by Studio Reko"In…

Work in progres is a limited fanzin designed by Studio Reko”In the last year we have collected hundreds of photos as inspiration for our daily work. A lot of these have “unknown sources” as we couldn’t find one. In this first edition we would like to share some of our favourites with you. Printed in 28 copies.” Studio Reko is located in Stockholm, Sweden and is consisted of Ludwig Mattsson & Frans Wiklund. Their focus is graphic design, typography, print design and crafts. The Design Blog:   facebook   |   twitter   |   pinterest   |   subscribe Read More

Kyle Read

Kyle Read is an illustrator and designer based in Denver, CO.  His work has received awards and accolades from an impressive list of folks including the ADC, TDC, and the AIGA. In 2013 he was the recipient of the SoTA Catalyst Award for Promise in Type Design. ——————– Also worth viewing… Andy J Miller Andrew Neyer Colorcubic  Follow us on RSS, Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo, ——————– Share on Facebook Thanks to this week’s Sponsor // Kapra Font Family Read More

Xavier Cha

Xavier ChaImages and video from “Body Drama” at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.“New York–based artist Xavier Cha incorporates video and installation in performances that play with multiple perspectives and deferred access, reflecting our fractured contemporary experience. For her new work Body Drama, Cha transforms the gallery into a mysterious setting in which an actor performs while wearing a body-mounted camera. In between performances the resulting footage is projected on the wall, offering viewers two versions of the same experience, both of which center on disorienting psychological and physical space.” – Diana Kamin, the Whitney Read More

2015 Paris Fashion Week – Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter

Goodaftermoon World, So, a big interior design madness is going on around Maison&Objet Asia, and we can promise you that Singapore and all Asia are falling in love with Brabbu. SEE ALSO: 2015 Maison&Objet Singapore – meet Grace Wang and VVG lifestyle But lets give  a break to interior design and architecture world, and lets talk about 2015 Fall/Winter Louis Vuitton Collection. So,shall we? SEE ALSO: 2015 Paris Fashion Week – Balmain meet the 70s Yves Saint Laurent  However, fashion weeks have always a main target (and we have to admit), but today is the day that Brabbu is ging to fight that trend with all our strenght and to cheer up the mainly world. So, we decide to publish an article about the best Louis … Read More

Twelve South’s new HiRise is a beautiful way to protect and charge the Apple Watch

Another popular company has just announced a beautiful accessory for the upcoming Apple Watch.Twelve Souths new HiRise is designed to both charge and protect the watch.Available in either silver or black, the stand works in conjunction with the watchs charging cable. Simply insert the cables magnetic disc into the cutout on the HiRise. The cable can easily be removed when needed.Along with being able to charge your watch with the band opened or closed, the stable metal base allows users to quickly and easily interact with the watch. A leather-covered landing pad on the back of the dock will help protect the band itself.The HiRise for Apple Watch will retail for $49.99 and be available in May. You can find out more … Read More

How to find the perfect web developer

Once you start looking for a freelance developer to collaborate with, you’ll notice they’re everywhere. Online freelance marketplaces are packed to the brim with skilled candidates. On top of those, you’re bound to find at least one or two (hundred) in the nearest town. Now, you’re left with the difficult task of narrowing this pool of talent down to the one that will work most effectively with you. It’s daunting even if you have some technical acumen, but it can seem near impossible if you don’t. On the other hand, it’s easy to think technical considerations are the only ones that matter. Anyone who has hired a genius who is impossible to work with, can tell you just how wrong-headed that can be. In this article… Read More

How To Design And Code An Admin Dashboard? Like These Examples

Designing a dashboard for a mobile app can challenge you a little bit due tot the fact that you have to put only the absolutely essential elements in there. Space isn’t unlimited on a mobile device screen and you must be aware of that. On the web, however, things aren’t like that. There is a lot of space, but this doesn’t mean that you must put stats for absolutely everything. You still have to constrain yourself a little bit, but you get the big advantage of having a big wide screen where to put your dashboard elements. What I like the most about designing dashboards for websites and web apps is that you can make responsive web design your advantage and can display multiple … Read More

Koga F3 and Koga BeachRacer

A closer look at two bikes that captured my attention. Both are produced by Dutch brand Koga that develops and assembles bikes at their headquarters in Heerenveen. My Winter bike is a Koga and I’m very happy with its quality and would gladly recommend their bikes. Koga F3 The first bicycle we are having a look at is the Koga F3. The launch of this model didn’t go unnoticed because the Koga F3 received its second award in January 2014, the iF Product Design Award. Last year, the F3 was the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2013. I can relate the jury of these awards as its design catches the attention. The Koga F3 looks like a tight styled sporty all-rounder. The F3 is all black … Read More