Robots that show our futuristic sci-fi world is now

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Gone are the days when robots were only a part of movies and sci-fi novels. The days humans used to imagine a world where robots were a part of life are here. Therefore, we can say that this human dream has come true, owing to the state-of-the-art technology and the creative ability of designers and engineers, some very impressive robots have been designed. You cannot compare them with the ones that you must have seen in movies like Terminator, but still they are of great help to the humankind. Following is a list of some modern robots that are all set to shape our future: Schaft A Japanese robot of 4 feet 11 inches took every one’s heart… Read More

6 Adorable baby crib concepts for you to want and love

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); A baby crib has to be super comfortable in order to help your toddler sleep peacefully. While traditional baby cribs focused on comfort and didn’t experiment too much when it comes to design, the newer models aim to create the perfect balance between functionality and creative design. Accordingly, here are 6 such awesome baby crib concepts you would definitely go gaga over. Clear Baby Cot The striking feature of this baby crib is the clear acrylic cut out on the sides that enable you to have a perfect view of your toddler while he/she is sleeping or playing inside. It also allows your baby to have a good view of what’s happening around him/her. Another highlight is the possibility… Read More

5 stunningly impressive pocket-sized gadgets

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Nowadays companies manufacture smart electronic products presuming their products should be small enough to be carried in a pocket. Modern day gadgets are characterized not only by their effectiveness but also by their reduced and compact size. They’re so tiny that they’ll fit in your pocket, because staying organized every time wherever you are, is the prime need of the time and these gadgets do exactly the same for you. Have a look at these five amazing pocket-sized gadgets that will make you a Mr. Perfectionist on the go. Fish Finder: Thinking about having an outing at the river side? Now you don’t have to wait spending hours of time looking for the right spot. The Fish Finder locator… Read More

This is Not a Cherokee from the 70s, Just the 2015 Jeep Chief Concept

At first glance, this appears to be an old Cherokee from the 70s, complete with Wagoneer grille, but it’s actually the all-new Jeep Chief Concept, unveiled to partake in the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Under the hood, it’s powered by a 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine, mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Continue reading for more pictures and information. Read More

Electric vehicles could cut home air conditioner use

Those who question the environmental benefits of electric vehicles over their gas-guzzling brethren often point out that the electricity powering EVs usually comes from fossil fuel-burning power plants. But a study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) and Hunan University in China has revealed some hidden benefits of EVs, regardless of where the electricity originates… Continue Reading Electric vehicles could cut home air conditioner use Section: Environment Tags: Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, Environment, Hunan University, Michigan State University, Traffic Related Articles: New alloy converts heat directly into electricity THINK electric vehicles head for South America Report points to large-scale potential of solar thermal power World’s most efficient thermoelectric material developed Researchers create material to more efficiently harness waste heat ‘Thermally activated cooling … Read More

Wear This: Changing Seasons

The seasons might be changing, but that doesn’t mean it’s all clear blue skies and beach trips… yet. You still have to deal with water potentially falling from the sky–even if it’s not frozen–but being prepared doesn’t necessarily mean looking bad. With a brand new Anorak jacket from Everlane, some Levi’s commuter trousers and some new chukkas from Cole Haan as your outer layer, you’ll look good and be prepared. That combo should take care of all the falling water, but … Read More

Nix Pro Color Sensor

A must-have for designers and color professionals, the NIX Pro Color Sensor is a real-life color eyedropper tool that takes the guesswork out of color. Simply touch the NIX Pro to any surface and instantly view an accurate color reading on your smartphone. Once scanned, you can use the NIX app to save and group colors for later, share swatches via social media or email, and perform A/B comparisons between swatches for quality control. Already in worldwide use by professionals… Continue Reading Read More

Mountain Research Anarcho Pax Walker Backpack

This backpack is not your regular rucksack. This one is made to last and endure even the longest outdoor trips yet without sacrificing a titbit of style. Crafted by the outdoorsman-inspired Japanese label Mountain Research, the Anarcho Pax Walker backpack is all made to help you get through the wildness with comfort. As such it’s held simple with a huge main compartment in the inside with printed Anarcho graphic inner bag with clasp fastening opening, zipped pockets on the sides and on the top flap. What makes it so durable are the felted padded leather arm straps with attached carabiners and the reinforced metal back support with a padded section and a strap system for smart weight distribution. BUY$750 Read More

Arrister Aims to Bring Custom-Sized Furniture to the Masses

Truly bespoke furniture is expensive, as it should be. If an experienced master craftsperson is going to put in the days of labor, not to mention the back-and-forth with you to settle upon a custom solution you’re happy with, the cost creeping into four and five figures is understandable.However, the folks out of Nashville-based Arrister are betting that there’s a market above the big-box stores and below true bespoke: Someone who needs, for instance, a simple rectilinear table of custom dimensions—precisely sized in length and width to fit into a nook particular to their house, for instance, or of a particular height to properly suit tall or short people.Thus they’ve launched a Kickstarter for their Parsonal project, which aims to provide … Read More

Slim Your Bike!

FlipCrown is a stylish, affordable bike accessory that allows you to flip the handlebars 90°, making it convenient to store, park, mount and get through crowds. Small, easy to install and adaptable almost universally to any bike, its a little addition to your ride that makes a big impact on functionality. It’s perfect for perfectionists who want their bikes when they need them and out of the way when they don’t! Designer: DeltaReference – Yanko Design Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the world! Shop CKIE – We are more than just concepts. See what’s hot at the CKIE store by Yanko Design! (Slim Your Bike! was originally posted on Yanko Design) Related posts:Slim And Loving It! The Slim Edge One Slim Wallet Read More

10 Stylish iPhone 6 Cases with Great Functionality

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   Looking for a case for your new iPhone 6? Below are 10 covers that offer superior protection and robust functionality. Image via Flickr by Janitors 1. Boostcase Detachable Power Case While the impressive new iPhone from Apple has a more efficient and longer lasting battery than ever before, users can still get a little extra juice by using this case. Featuring a slim design that compliments that shape of your iPhone, you’ll hardly notice the 2,700mAh battery enclosed on the back. A simple switch lets you instantly pump power into your iPhone’s battery pack, extending its already impressive lifespan. There is a slight bulk from the protective elements of the case, but for the sake of prolonging your phone’s life… Read More