UTIL to Showcase Their Collection of Portuguese Furniture and Accessories

Lisbon-based design studio UTIL is set to present their collection of furniture and accessories at this month’s London Design Fair. The brand was invited to showcase their wares at the Inspiring Portugal pavilion and along with their current collection, they’re launching a new version of their Oyster Stool. While the products are designed throughout Europe, they’re manufactured exclusively in Portugal. Each of the objects is based on the idea of welcoming with the hope that they offer comfort in your daily routine. Oyster is a stool, now also available in a bar version, designed by Geckeler Michels out of solid ash. The tripod design creates a visually interesting base while the seat features an off-cut letting it rest close to another piece… Read More

Vesta Fine Hardware: Small Luxury for the Kitchen

The following post is brought to you by Vesta. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. Charles Eames is equally as famous for his designs as for his pithy quotable sayings. One of his most well-known is “The details are not the details. They make the design.” And you can’t really get more detail oriented than those tiny knobs and handles that open drawers and cupboards. However, these are the finishing touches that can truly make your whole design scheme pop. Vesta Fine Hardware takes the principles of European craftsmanship and applies it to this tiniest home detail. Vesta Divina Collection Each piece is handcrafted with meticulously sourced materials. The seven different natural stones … Read More

Design Milk’s Guide to the London Design Festival 2017

The London Design Festival is here and we know how much there is to see and do—it can be overwhelming! And, often times, you’ve only got a few days to squeeze in as much as possible. That’s why we created a handy London Design Festival guide with a visual map showcasing our top picks, hand-selected by our Editor on the ground at LDF, Katie Treggiden. DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE GUIDE HERE If you’re in London, you can pick up a physical printed guide at just about all the main shows and events around town, specifically designjunction, Design Museum, Lauren, Milliken, OXO Tower, around the Brompton Design District and other districts as well. Definitely grab one before you hit the pavement OR download one and… Read More

Where I Work: Bill Hilgendorf and Jason Horvath of Uhuru Design

Multidisciplinary studio Uhuru Design, co-founded by Bill Hilgendorf and Jason Horvath in 2004, specializes in custom furniture design with a focus on sustainability. The duo comes from different worlds but found common ground while earning their Bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts in 2002. Along the way, they’ve expanded to include full-service interior design for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, all while designing unique furniture, some of which has landed in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian and the Brooklyn Museum. While they have a showroom in TriBeCa, the brand calls Brooklyn’s Red Hook home, a place that continues to offer inspiration. In this month’s Where I Work, the pair gives us insight into their individual work styles and creative processes. Take a look… Read More

Dynamic Prints and Textiles from Mijo Studio

Copenhagen-based textile designers Miranda Tengs Brun and Josefine Gilbert formed Mijo Studio after graduation from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Their shared love of textiles, patterns, and prints united the pair together and since then, they’ve merged their individual aesthetics into dynamic, Scandinavian-inspired goods. They’re set to launch their work, which is known for hand-painted brush strokes and graphic shapes, at this year’s London Design Fair. AIO boasts a bold, hand-printed pattern and forms that invite the user to engage and play around with the setup for a comfortable sit. Read More

Listen to Episode 39 of Clever: Nate Berkus

In this episode of Clever, interior designer and TV personality Nate Berkus reveals his favorite early 80’s fashion ensemble, his childhood obsession with hair product and how his youthful restlessness got him sent to boarding school and even landed him in jail for a night. He shares the big lessons he learned from his years working with Oprah and elaborates on his earnest mission to help people tell their own stories through their spaces. Oh and apparently he’s a “bad picker” of people, but he’s gotten help with that. Listen: Nate Berkus for The Shade Store Photo by Christopher Dibble Photo by Julie Holder Photography Stay tuned for a new episode of Clever in two weeks! Don’t miss an episode: Subscribe to Clever on Apple Podcasts… Read More

Inspired by Bus Seats, the Loop/L60 Chair Mimics a Bus Ride

Federico Varone Studio is a small interdisciplinary studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, founded by Federico Varone. Inspired by the seats of urban buses in the streets of Buenos Aires, he designed the Loop/L60 Chair, a cantilevered chair that almost looks like a line drawing brought to life. Because of the gap between the seat and the legs, the Loop/L60 mimics the vehicular motion of a bus riding on the asphalt in the city when sat upon. Read More

Tom Raffield Launches His New Collection 17/18 of Furniture and Lighting

Earlier this year, we got to know Cornwall-based designer Tom Raffield in our first monthly profile of UK and European designers. The successful designer handcrafts contemporary furniture and lighting out of wood utilizing a steam bending technique he created while still in school. His methods allow him to design unique, sculptural forms not easily achieved when working with wood as the main material. Now, the designer is set to launch his latest, New Collection 17/18, at this year’s London Design Fair. The collection includes, several new lighting designs, a coat stand, and a wall sculpture. Take a look. The New Collection 17/18, as well as his older work, is available in his online shop here. Read More

I TO NIJE SVE! Creative Agency Moves into New Offices in Zagreb, Croatia

I TO NIJE SVE! is a creative agency in Zagreb, Croatia, that recently moved into their new offices that they designed themselves. Their motto – smart advertising with smart people in a smart office – is what led to the overall design and the results are just that. Spanning 430 square feet, the new offices were built to create a culture of collaboration and communication between the employees leading to an open space where everyone sits together. The building’s tall ceilings allowed them to build boxes, almost like shipping containers, for closed meetings and brainstorming sessions. They used steel, OSB (oriented strand board), and glass to construct the units and outfitted them with just chairs, tables, and writing boards. After searching for a new space for about… Read More

Stelton Expands Collar Collection to Include a Bar Set

Last year, Stelton launched a coffee set from Italian design duo Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, of Debiasi Sandri, and just recently they’ve expanded the Collar collection to include a bar set. The new pieces are a modern take on a classic cocktail shaker and jigger, streamlined with the same matte black finish and brass veneer as the rest of the collection. The cocktail shaker holds 500 ml and features an integrated sieve to keep the fruit and ice separate from the liquid when shaking. Its lid and measuring cup both have a brass veneer, as does the jigger. The jigger can be flipped over to hold a different measurement. Read More

Blackbird Lamp Looks Like an Abstract Bird Perched on Two Feet

Berlin-based designer Hayo Gebauer designed a modern desk lamp that resembles the look of a bird perched on its feet. The Blackbird Lamp, made from a single sheet of steel, balances its cantilevered light on a two-footed base for a sleek, streamlined look. The LED lamp features a motion sensor that’s activated by waving your hand underneath the shade to turn it on. To dim the light, hold your hand under the light for a couple of seconds. Read More

Mitab Launches Campfire Furniture Family from Note Design Studio

Stockholm-based Note Design Studio released a new collection of furniture for Mitab that’s designed for modern work spaces that often need to change things up. Campfire, inspired by the informal way people sit around an actual campfire, comprises six simple pieces – two benches, a large circular bench, low table, occasional table, and a screen – that encourage people to sit together and share. The lightweight pieces are designed to be moved around for various workplace scenarios that arise. With collaboration on many company’s agendas these days, it makes sense to have versatile pieces of furniture that offer different possibilities when needed. Read More

A Curtain Call from Society6

Ah, curtains. So many good puns I need to share but I won’t (instead I’ll leave you with this indelible page from my childhood). That said, I’m currently on the hunt for some new drapes. Coming from a person who’s only ever had blinds or shutters in her bedroom, I’m ready for a change. These curtains from Society6 are made from 100% lightweight polyester, and while they don’t function like black-out curtains, they’re thick enough to keep the sunlight from waking you up on the weekends. They measure out to be 50×84” and are available in single or double panels (which means you can mix and match if you have an eye for that kind of thing – I don’t). I’ve even seen… Read More