The Clocksmiths

The Clocksmiths is an Italian design studio consisting of designers Giuditta Brusadelli and Augusto Arduini. They specialize in communication and branding design and have compiled an impressive collection of work. My personal favorite is the work they did for themselves. Read More

Julia Kostreva – 2015 Stationery and Packaging

Packaging and stationery around Julia Kostreva’s studio and shop. Julia Kostreva is a California based art director and graphic designer with a passion for art and cultural stuff. In 2013, she founded her own creative studio and shop. After two years it was time for a redesign of the existing brand identity. Julia Kostreva developed a unique design for the entire packaging and stationery set around the creative studio and shop. The work includes hand embossed stickers as well as hand screen printed business cards for artist collaborations in the shop. In addition, she has created beautiful letterpress notebooks and screen printed calendar art prints with gold foil and letterpress refinement. You can purchase the notebooks and calendars in her shop. More information on:… Read More

Font bundles of the week!65 Handcrafted Fonts + 200 Handcrafted…

Font bundles of the week!65 Handcrafted Fonts + 200 Handcrafted Ornaments – only $29! 57 Beautiful Handcrafted Fonts from Tom Chalky’s 2014 collection plus an added exclusive bonus of 8 more fonts, with a total of 65 Beautiful Handcrafted Fonts! Every font in this bundle was handcrafted by Chalky, and comes in both OpenType and TrueType formats. What’s more, you’ll get 200+ handcrafted elements as a bonus! Bundle of 9 Beautiful, Professional Script Fonts from FontYou – only $27!Script fonts can turn an ordinary project into an extraordinary one. With this magnificent deal from the online collaborative font foundry FontYou, you’ll get your delicate fingers on 9 different script fonts – a total of 16 styles! Styles vary from punchy to classy, and each font comes with a variety of styles and features. Mariné Extended Font Family… Read More

A Friend of Mine Update

Lots of new and exciting work since we last checked in at the folks at A Friend of Mine. ——————– Also worth viewing… Andy J Miller Andrew Neyer Colorcubic  Follow us on RSS, Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo, ——————– Share on Facebook Thanks to this week’s Sponsor // Kapra Font Family Read More

Nicolas Moulin

Nicolas MoulinWork from Steppterminal.“Steppterminal was conceived as an ensemble of hybrids between architectural fragment and autonomous sculpture. The series presents a set of ghost structures, without status or future, evoking a perpetual present—that of ruins, or unfinished construction, isolated in its own sovereign failure. Nicolas Moulin’s new piece will be composed of a total of 6 elements, the first two of which appear here. The piece draws from technical principles used in the modular constructions of brutalist architecture from the 1960s and draws particular inspiration from parts of existing buildings, reduced to 1:6 scale, here the IBM Center in La Gaude, designed by Marcel Breuer (Steppterminal 1) and Boston City Hall by Kallmann McKinnell & Knowles (Steppterminal 2).Exalting the radical and austere expression of raw concrete… Read More

Asia Hotel Design Awards 2015 – International Hospitality projects award

The inaugural Asia Hotel Design Awards launch has proven an enormous success with all tickets now sold out and the guestlist closed. The event will honour the winners of 12 categories from a shortlist of 48 incredible projects across the Asia Pacific region. The winners will be announced today, March 12th, at 2pm GMT. Today BRABBU let you with the nominees for three categories of Interior Design: “Lobby, Lounge and Pubic Areas”, “Restaurant” and “Suite”. Let get to know the nominees, then… SEE ALSO: LIVING ROOM IDEAS 2015: TOP 5 MODERN BOOKCASE FOR A READER LOVER Lobby, Lounge & Public Areas • Fairmont Singapore, by EDG Design • Point Yamu by COMO, Phuket, Thailand by Paola Navone • The Puyu, Wuhan, China by Layan Design Group • The … Read More

Hack and slash your way through loot-filled dungeons in Magic Rampage, coming later this month

Want to learn more about Magic Rampage, an epic hack-n-slash dungeon crawler platformer game? We’ve got the trailer and more over at GamingSOON.Sign up now to receive a notification when this game is released, and in the meantime, cast your vote. Is it gameON or gameOFF?Hack and slash your way through loot-filled dungeons in Magic Rampage, coming later this month is a story by AppAdvice.comAppAdvice – iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News Read More

Bliki: DiversityMediocrityIllusion

I’ve often been involved in discussions about deliberately increasing the diversity of a group of people. The most common case in software is increasing the proportion of women. Two examples are in hiring and conference speaker rosters where we discuss trying to get the proportion of women to some level that’s higher than usual. A common argument against pushing for greater diversity is that it will lower standards, raising the spectre of a diverse but mediocre group. To understand why this is an illusionary concern, I like to consider a little thought experiment. Imagine a giant bucket that contains a hundred thousand marbles. You know that 10% of these marbles have a special sparkle that you can see when you carefully examine them. You also know that 80… Read More

Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 copies of the Oyster responsive WordPress theme

Oyster is a stunning photo gallery theme, designed for WordPress 4.1+, and this is your chance to win 1 of 3 copies. Built by GT3themes premium WordPress themes, the fullscreen design is fully responsive and retina ready, allowing you to show off your portfolio on a full range of devices. Featuring two separate skins, dark and light, the minimal theme is the ideal way to promote your, or your client’s, photography or artwork. The gallery section of the site features dozens of different options, including a minimal ribbon effect, a Ken Burns style gallery, and an Apple style coverflow gallery. View trackers keep a tally of the number of visits each image has, and the favourites tracker enables users to upvote your best images. Images can be further… Read More

A Beautiful Collection Of Fan Made Movie Posters

Movie posters are great, and most people love them. Most of us have hung a movie poster on our wall at some point in our lives, right? Movie posters were a lot more important to the marketing of a film many years ago. There are many posters that are synonymous with the movies they are advertising, but nowadays it’s not so much the case. Printed in different sizes, shapes, designs, and released at different points of a movie’s timeline, a poster can capture the atmosphere and image of a film when done well. Sometimes they will be dark and insightful, trying to scare an audience. Others are bright and colorful, while some are informative. Sometimes they will only provide a few details to tease the reader into … Read More

Be (In) Here Now

installation shot of Harlan’s Cave (2012). courtesy of JTT, New York. Charles Harlan’s Cave is, according to gallerist Jasmin Tsou, who was quietly painting the walls when I visited the piece, concerned with ‘the progression of certain types of architecture.’ By situating this installation in juxtaposition with an oblique text that describes various civilizations and various archeological artefacts or geographical features — ranging from Puente Viesgo, Spain, in 38,000 b.c., to 1997 A.D. in Smyrna, Georgia — Harlan has done precisely that: his own work concludes the timeline, as the most recent stage within the broad context of ‘caves’ in human history. If the concept is initially inscrutable in its range, it is simultaneously fairly simple, revealing a deceptively laconic kind of focus and … Read More

Cerith Wyn Evans at Galerie Buchholz

Artist: Cerith Wyn Evans Venue: Galerie Buchholz, Berlin Exhibition Title: c=l=e=a=v=e Date: January 30 – March 7, 2015 Click here to view slideshow Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Images: Images courtesy of Galerie Buchholz, Berlin Press Release: “A horizon at repose, at rest… liminal point lifted and excised from space/time representation… …our traditional sense of orientation – and, with it, modern concepts of time and space – are based on a stable line: the horizon line.” Link: Cerith Wyn Evans at Galerie Buchholz Contemporary Art Daily is produced by Contemporary Art Group, a not-for-profit organization. We rely on our audience to help fund the publication of exhibitions that show up in this RSS feed. Please consider supporting us by… Read More