Dermatology Clinic in your Pocket!

I envision a day when instruments like these will be a part of every home. With the way we humans have systematically degraded the quality of our environment, it’s no secret that the sun’s UV rays are now making their way through our depleting Ozone layer. Those effects show on our skin now, with people getting all sorts of skin complications from staying out in the sun too long… and it’s not just the sun, your skin is the first line of defense against pretty much anything from cosmetics, to fashion, to even your diet. The skin is usually quick to react to products that aren’t suited for you, often showing symptoms of an allergy.The Barrier Light isn’t a preventive measure … Read More

Your City Never Looked this Pretty!

On the one hand you’ve got Google Maps, a symbol of accurate satellite imagery and functionality, and then you’ve got doodle maps, that make you marvel your city in an absolutely different light. That’s what Mini Cloud Studios wants to do. Turn city planning into works of art with their series of Modern Map Art Prints.The studio takes comprehensive, intricate maps of cities/districts/neighborhoods completely detailed with buildings, roadways, rivers/rivulets, and other civic details like bridges, etc., and superimposes colors from a range of color palettes. The color palettes come in an exquisite set of swatches¬†spanning across three categories, namely Retro-Vintage with its subdued yet timeless color swatches, Modern Bright with its vibrant color selections almost reminiscent of pop-… Read More

When Retina and Retro Combine!

It’s lovely when new products pay homage to their predecessors. Take for instance the Elago W3 watch dock that makes the Apple watch look like a miniature Macintosh. There’s something both old and new about it, therefore appealing to our excitement for the future and its capabilities, as well as our love for the past, aka nostalgia. The Retroduck phone stand works on the same principle too, creating an unusually beautiful vintage CRT (cathode ray tube) inspired television out of your phone!The Retroduck stand does something rather noteworthy. Phones are light, portable, and have a reputation of being multi-tasking devices. Televisions on the other hand are the exact opposite. When you dock your phone into the Retroduck, your perception of your phone instantly … Read More

Strictly for the style-conscious

Most folding knives go for the rugged/jagged aesthetic… and for obvious reasons. However, the Gerber Pocket Square Knife isn’t like most knives. Probably one of the most design-conscious tactical knives I’ve seen in my lifetime, Gerber’s knife embraces minimalism and conscious detailing in a way that soothes the soul!The Gerber Pocket Square Knife was designed to blend stylishly with your regular EDC, allowing it to become a knife you carry for its style quotient first, and its superior build and functionality second. Designed with a machined aluminum handle that feels great to the touch (like almost all smartphones made today), this sleek blade is equipped with a 3‚Ä≥ drop point 7Cr17MoV Stainless Steel blade. The handle also features a liner … Read More

Floss like a boss!

Ever been to a job interview only to realize later that you had some rye or a spinach leaf, or something unsightly from your lunch stuck to your teeth? Or imagine going on a date and leaving the restaurant with food trapped between your teeth. No way any of those scenarios are going to end in a good way, right?Cross-Floss wants to make periodic, on-the-spot flossing easier. Rather than carrying random strings of floss around with you and heading to the bathroom every time you want to clean your mouth, the Cross Floss comes with flossing string wrapped around it, then all you do is place the device in your mouth and begin chewing on it and the floss works its way into … Read More

Twice the tracking!

You know what’s more accurate than one fitness device?? Two of them! Biostrap’s approach to fitness tracking is two-fold, with their wrist-worn band and their shoe-clip, working in unison to track your activities and gauge correctly the amount of energy expended.The two devices track your entire body’s movements, while the Biostrap is programmed to record and track any sort of repetitive exercise. While the shoe clip helps creating an accurate chart of the kind of exercises being done (Biostrap has a library of over a hundred types of exercises from weights, to cardio, to even cycling and swimming, and can even identify which exercise the body is doing), the wristband itself comes with a clinical-grade PPG that doesn’t … Read More

Solar Eclipse in your Living Room!

The next total solar eclipse will be visible to central and north-eastern America in April 2024. Or it could appear in your living room every day with the Orrery Lamp. Designed to be an elegant representation of the choreography between the sun, moon, and our home planet, the earth, the Orrery Lamp is literally out of this world!The lamp showcases the sun like never before in a beautiful warm glowing orb of hand-blown glass. Around it, suspended on a machined brass poles are wooden orbs, the size of the earth and the moon (with respect to the sun). The lamp itself comes with a dimmer switch, allowing you to set your mood, while the earth and moon can be placed anywhere around the orbit of … Read More

Save your Microwave!

I don’t know if I’m just bad at making tea in the microwave, or if it’s a problem for everyone, but the walls of the inside of the microwave oven look like a Jackson Pollock painting in sepia. It isn’t just tea, pretty much any liquid dish you heat/cook in the microwave has a tendency to splash all over the place, and let me tell you those inner walls of the oven are NOT easy to clean, no matter what those life-hack Facebook videos tell you.The Hover Cover is here to change that. Acting as a lid for all your spill/splash worthy items that go into the microwave, the Hover Cover sits on top of them, allowing the microwaves … Read More

The chair that makes you live longer

Hugging for even 20 seconds a day can make you live longer, say the researchers at the University of North Carolina. It absolutely makes sense. Hugging releases chemicals (Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Serotonin) in the brain that make you feel happier, more valued, and help lower the heart rate and relieve stress and depression. It doesn’t even need to be interpersonal. Hugging animals has the same effect, and hugging inanimate objects does wonders for the brain too. Perhaps that’s why children hug their teddy bears, and adults hug pillows in their sleep.Huggie Dougie, by Doug Fertig was designed with this very experience in mind. The chair comprises expandable pillows that inflate to surround you, giving you the feeling of being embraced. All you do is sit … Read More

Play your Spotify along with Vinyl!

I remember reading an article sometime back that had the headline “The MP3 is dead”, and I instantly thought to myself, “What in fresh hell”. I express this frustration because in just 26 years of my life, I’ve seen the Vinyl, the Cassette, the CD, the MP3 (or the digital download), and the online streaming service come and replace its predecessor. What I’m eventually left with is a collection of mediums and a library of songs scattered across several mediums. If I want to hear my grandfather’s old jazz collection, I need to go to Vinyl, whereas if I want to hear something contemporary, I either need to have a digitally downloaded file, or an internet connection to access the music online (with … Read More

Studio lighting in your phone-case

I’m reminded of how Phil Schiller made a rather important observation at yesterday’s keynotes. The iPhone’s camera is pretty great, but there’s still one thing that it isn’t completely in control of… Lighting. Now while the iPhone 8 and X take care of lighting in their new and improved Portrait Mode, here’s something for the predecessors.LuMee’s first iteration of smartphone cases featured two strips of light on the front that would illuminate your selfies with a lovely warm glow, making your front-facing camera shots wonderfully illuminated. Social media queen Kim Kardashian even gave it her seal of approval. Now, LuMee Duo adds another strip of lighting that illuminates the back of the phone too, giving you great lighting that’… Read More

Wild, wondrous, wooden wallets!

I’ve seen flexible wallets made from leather, canvas, denim, plastic, tyvek, and even the odd paper wallet. Today we add wood to that list of materials. Wood isn’t known to be as flexible as leather or regular fabrics, but John Webber’s fascination for the material didn’t stop him from making a bi-fold made out of wood. In order to make it flexible, he fragmented it by laser cutting it into tiny individual pieces that were then fused to a flexible tyvek base. The result is a wallet that is made out of wood, but bends just like any fabric you’ve seen.Available in a choice of Ebony (Pine), Walnut, Cherry, and Maple, the Arbor Wallets look absolutely unique, giving the impression … Read More

YD Talks: Industrial Design & the iPhone X

No product has captured the heart of an industrial designer quite like the iPhone. Arguably one of the most talked about products of our lifetimes, the phone completed 10 years today and the anniversary edition (named the iPhone X) may not just set a standard for the future of technology, but pretty much determines the future of industrial design too.The iPhone X’s physical design is more and more adopting Dieter Rams’ good design principle of Less is More, giving larger emphasis to virtual than physical. The evolution of the phone increasingly shows a stagnation or rather a standardization of its physical design as the Industrial Design team led by Jonathan Ive get left with little to nothing to do on the phone’s design front, while … Read More

Keeping your utensils high and dry!

Kohler is literally a household name. As in, not only is it a well-known brand, it makes great household items! Take for instance the Lift, Kohler’s answer to your wet-utensil related problems. The Lift was designed to take on all sorts of utensils, treating them differently, rather than having them all stashed and dripping away in the same container. The tray consists of an upward raising barrier that allows you to put large utensils like casseroles and saucepans in without having them falling out. The barrier can be collapsed for regular utensils like dishes that can easily be stacked in the grooves of the Lift. Lift also comes with a rather neat collapsible cutlery holder that opens up only when you need it, providing … Read More