Android launcher apps: The best that you should try

It’s quite impressive that we have Android launcher apps, so we can change the interface. But, why change the old Android launcher? You’ve probably seen this before happening, the old launcher gets boring and slow. At this point, you’ll want to download one of the Android launcher apps that are on the Google Play Store. There are lots of Android launcher apps on the Google Play Store, each one of these having a unique style. I’ve compiled a list of the best Android launcher apps. Check them out below. The best Android launcher apps Action Launcher 3 The Action Launcher is the preferred launcher of many people, numbering among the best launchers for Android by anyone’s measure. It looks right for Android, fitting in … Read More

How A/B Testing Can Help You Strengthen Brand Messaging

Anything thing good can always be better. So goes one of the generally accepted truisms of life. This especially applies in ecommerce. Sure, you have a swath of loyal customers, but your sales rate could still be higher. Maybe adjusting your design or brand identity wlil help you get there, but how can you be sure? A/B testing, also known as split testing, compares two versions of a single webpage to determine which performs better or leads to more conversions. Below are a few places where A/B testing can be used to strengthen your brand messaging and improve your sales. Testing Ease of Navigation One of the first things you’ll want to do is test the navigation on your site. Do your current placements encourage … Read More

Best Prototyping Tools and Resources for Designers in 2017

You could have the best or the worst design idea, but you’ve no way of knowing which until you see it in action. That’s where prototyping is a big help. Prototyping helps bridge the gap between your design concept and the ready-to-go product. Prototyping shows you early on what works and what doesn’t. It gives you the ability to explore options and iterations that can speed up the design process. Also, it provides you with an opportunity to deliver the best possible product. There’s no shortage of prototyping tools, and picking the right one can be a gamble. Limit your choice to one that supports rapid iterations, and does so with ease, and you’ll be fine. 3 of the best: is the … Read More

CDN providers: The best you could pick

How do you pick one of the many CDN providers that are available? It isn’t easy and that’s for sure. Check out this article that provides CDN solutions and tips on choosing one. CDN, meaning content delivery network, is the common name for proxy-servers and data centres distributed on different geographical locations, and used to make service highly accessible and functional for all end users. Much of the content available on the Internet nowadays is distributed with via content delivery networks, including a variety of downloadable objects (software, documents, media), web objects (text, graphics, and scripts), applications (web portals, e-commerce services), on-demand and live streaming media, and, of course, social networks. What is a CDN provider? The CDN term brings under the … Read More

Audio editing software: The best free and premium options

Looking for audio editing software? We have some of that in here, both free and premium options for you to check out. An advanced sound editorial manager is characterized as a PC application for controlling digital sound. As a multimedia maker, we usually utilize the audio editor for recording sound, alter the length and timeline, blend numerous sound tracks, add basic effects for sound improvement and make conversion between various sound file formats. How to Select Audio Editing Software Sound editing software is a moderate and basic approach to record and edit sound. Regardless of whether you are searching for a sound editor to record your podcasts or you have a box of old vinyl records and tapes that you need to digitize and re-establish, audio … Read More

WordPress Themes for Musicians (46 WP Themes)

Searching for WordPress themes for musicians? You’ve come to the right place. There are 46 of these in here and if you’re looking for one, this is the place where you’ll find it. WordPress is, by far, the best option if you want to build a website, but don’t want to struggle with code and building everything from scratch. It has become a patron of creatives, from blog writers to musicians, as well as young entrepreneurs. You get the ultimate canvas, which you can then customize with ease. You get a lot of themes to choose from, for various purposes, from WordPress themes for architects and photographers, to WordPress themes for musicians. Your internet profile is one of your most valuable assets in the online … Read More

Social Media APIs That You Can Use

Ever thought of using social media APIs? You should. They offer a lot of neat possibilities. Popular social networks alike Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, and Twitter are service APIs’ most devoted users. At the end of the day, developers have no better means than social APIs to expand the reach of their application, which is why these tools make absolute sense. This article will give a closer look to the social media APIs used by each aforementioned network, but before we get down to details, let us explain what social media APIs actually mean. How can social media APIs help you? To start with, they help display content on any app. This is how separate content units such as tweets, Facebook posts, or Flickr photos become visible to … Read More

Top Social Media Management Software And Tools

If you were looking for a social media management software a decade ago, you wouldn’t have had many choices. However, things have changed in the past years. With the continuous growth of social media usage, where people are flooding them with experiences, recommendations and personal opinions, it is getting hard for a business to stay out of that marketing channel. They are simply losing customers every day that they aren’t present and using this marketing channel. Over half of the online adults (52% specifically) use two, or more than two social networks. Of all online adults 65 and older, roughly 56 percent use Facebook. More than half of the online young adults (53%), people ranging from 18 to 29, use Instagram. And, almost half of all Instagram users … Read More

Android VPN Apps To Download (27 Great Examples)

Android VPN apps are the thing that everybody is looking for these days. Everybody as in everybody who uses an Android phone, of course. Why would you want a VPN app on your phone? For starters, if you want to secure your devices when you are using a public WiFi network. So, how does it work? Well, it acts as a shield for your devices. Think of it like a layer of protection that keeps your information safe from someone that’s reading the WiFi data. Another good use for them is that they can get you past certain firewalls and regional restrictions. Remember those notifications telling you that the content you want to see is unavailable in your country? A good VPN app isn’t that … Read More

Best password manager app: Alternatives to 1Password

A password manager is virtually a must-have for everybody. The factors that make solid passwords solid — uniqueness, length, an array of characters — make them hard to recall, so several individuals reuse a couple of simple to recollect passwords wherever they go on the web. However, it is risky to reuse passwords: If only one site becomes a victim of a breach in security, an aggressor could get to your whole computerized life: cloud storage, email, financial balances, dating sites, online networking, and a lot more. Furthermore, if you reuse a weak password, the issue is that much more terrible. In light of the fact that somebody could figure out your password regardless of the possibility that there isn’t a security breach. A major … Read More

WordPress boilerplates to use for your themes and plugins

Back in the days, WordPress boilerplates were created to let developers create plugins and make maximal use of their website building potential. What was just an idea at the time grew up to be a huge, open-source community project that helps developers make WordPress even more powerful than it is. The complexity of how apps and websites are built nowadays can’t possibly compare to how they were created just a decade ago. Technology hit the long mile since the 90’s when websites were created manually, layouts were entirely table-based, and JavaScript was ugly enough to make cute animations impossible. Things are different today, as we have technology, languages, and frameworks working in synergy to build beautiful web units, the biggest achievement being their universal application … Read More

VPS Or Cloud Servers? Which is a better choice for online retail business?

When it comes to starting an online business out of your retail (brick and mortar) store, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. And one of the most important things to consider is which hosting to use to power your website. If you are planning to get your business online, you need to have a robust website. Hosting plays that critical link between the internet and your website. So, if you are seriously looking to evaluate the two popular hosting types – VPS and Cloud hosting, you are at the right place. Both the hosting options differ in the available resources like performance, speed, storage space, reliability, the technical knowledge required, etc. Both the servers have their own pros and cons. So, let’s … Read More

Typography posters: Tips, Best Practices, And 108 Examples

Typography posters are offering an exceptional way for us to promote brands and products. What is always having an excellent impact of all of us are inspiring words and meaningful quotes. When your quotation is good enough, the design might be very minimalistic, whilst the typography poster design can still provide a big impression. The design of the typography is usually and overlooked art. If you want to create eye-catching and more effective marketing posters, you will have to have some basic knowledge of some typographic design ideas. These directions are a great opening point, and while you grow to be more encountered in typography, you surely will create your personal eye for designing. How to make typography posters The printed material must be clear Image … Read More

12 Useful AngularJS Boilerplates

You can love it or hate it, but AngularJS will still be the most discussed framework each developer would like to try. The powerful, quirky, and efficient feature suites coupled with handy development integrations (Grunt, Yeoman, and Bower) seem to be the perfect combination for rocket-fast prototyping, and that’s what the fuss is all about. Angular boilerplates allow for rapid building of AngularJS applications, as they were inspired by and built upon the goodness and speed of Gulp. Therefore, they will provide you with all essential production builds and tasks, and offers some quality advice on how to build a successful AngularJS app. Angular Seed Angular Seed in the mere skeleton project for building an AngularJS web app, and one that will rapidly bootstrap your projects, … Read More