Another Look at the CIA’s Heart Attack Gun, Which Used an Undetectable Poison

Yes, the CIA had a real-life “heart attack gun” about 42-years-ago, and we can only imagine the tools they possess now. This secretive weapon was used for assassination missions, and shoots a small poison dart that can penetrate clothing. It leaves nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin, and causes a lethal heart attack. The target may feel as if they were bitten by a mosquito, or maybe nothing at all, as the poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target’s bloodstream. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one showing what would happen if video games were 10% more realistic. Read More

Walmart to trial delivery service that restocks your fridge

Would you be comfortable with a Walmart employee wandering into your home and restocking your fridge? What if you could watch on as they did it? The retail giant is at least looking to test out this possibly unnecessary concept through a new partnership with smart home security company August… Continue Reading Walmart to trial delivery service that restocks your fridge Category: Around The Home Tags: Delivery Online Shopping Walmart Related Articles: Deliveries can now come straight to the door … of your refrigerator Volvo drivers can now have online shopping orders delivered to their cars eBay joins with Australian retailer on “world’s first VR department store” Hiku gets online shopping on the button Self-driving pod delivers groceries to online supermarket customers Amazon Dash can track your… Read More

Nikon D850 Field-Tested: Possibly the Best DSLR Ever

While the Nikon D850 is not the fastest, or the highest-resolution, DSLR ever made, its combination of solid performance and stunning image quality makes it one of the best ever. I’ve been shooting with one since the day it came out, and so far I’m very pleased. The post Nikon D850 Field-Tested: Possibly the Best DSLR Ever appeared first on ExtremeTech. Read More

J.D. Power survey finds satisfaction levels at all-time high at best U.S. airports

J.D. Power’s 2017 survey of best airports found that satisfaction is at an all-time high. The survey found that despite overcrowded airports, customer satisfaction is on the rise, thanks to convention and non-conventional improvements. The post J.D. Power survey finds satisfaction levels at all-time high at best U.S. airports appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

Positive Power Bank Ultimate All-in-One Charger

Wave goodbye to tangled cables and charge your devices in style with the Positive Power Bank All-in-One Charger. This compact battery pack comes with its own 40cm Stow&Go micro USB data cable which is also detachable. You can use this connector to charge your phone or refill the power bank itself. Furthermore, the battery comes with two different tips so you can choose which to use. The Lightning tip is perfect for Apple devices, while the USB-C tip can handle… Continue Reading Read More

Ikea/Space 10 Demonstrate How a Miracle Crop Can be Integrated Into Architecture

Imagine living millennia ago, in a time when you’ve never seen a horse. Everywhere you and your tribe go is by walking. Then one of you discovers horses and figures out how to ride one. Now you’ve discovered the perfect sustainable transportation system. Horses eat grass, which is free. That fuel gives them the energy to carry you a helluva lot further than if you were walking. Eventually they poop, and their poop fertilizes the ground, which then grows more grass. It’s a circular system, and now you and your tribe have vastly extended your range.While horses are no longer a viable transportation source, we need to continue discovering circular systems in order for our ever-increasing population to sustain itself. A horse’s fuel, grass, was … Read More

Uke’n Do It!

I can’t even count how many friends have come home from Hawaii with a ukulele, touting they’re determination to learn how to play! Maybe it’s the small size and sweet sound that make it an unintimidating first instrument, but that’s mere illusion because the learning process can be even more difficult than some. Alas, it almost always ends up on their shelf collecting dust as a souvenir.Designed in response to this, Yuan Man brings a unique experience to would-be players and ukulele enthusiasts. It utilizes integrated lights and visual dots that transform an ordinary instrument into an interactive and educational game. The design makes the process of learning the instrument as entertaining as the performance.Designer: FangCun Design Read More

Urban Megatrends and Green Cities in 2050

Secure your seat for the 10th International Urban Design Conference, held in Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa this November. Mr David Cowan, Urban Renewal & Strategic Planning Leader for Conrad Gargett will be joining us this year to discuss “Urban megatrends and green cities in 2050”. By 2050, cities will be home to 70% of … Continue reading Urban Megatrends and Green Cities in ;2050 Read More

Gil Schafer, A place to call home

The most highly anticipated book this year has got to be architect Gil Schafer’s “A Place to Call Home” from Rizzoli. His first book, 2012’s “The Great American House”, was a huge hit and is one of my top favorite design books in my library. The book is split into 2 parts: the first he discusses what resonates with him when designing a house for a client (or himself) and the second part takes an in depth look at some of his more recent projects. I think one of the reasons Schafer’s work is so popular is that he believes in the maxim God is in the details. In no project is this more important than in a home where someone lives with and physically touches each design … Read More

WATCH NOW: IKEA democratic design day 2017 keynote event live on designboom

in collaboration with IKEA, designboom invites readers to watch the democratic design day 2017 program presentations now, via our live streaming throughout friday, september 22nd, 2017. The post WATCH NOW: IKEA democratic design day 2017 keynote event live on designboom appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. Read More

Dress Over Denim

Sometimes during fashion week, it’s a group effort deciding what to wear to a show. In my YouTube video, my team and I debated for about 30 minutes … The post Dress Over Denim appeared first on Song of Style. Read More

Susan Cianciolo at Modern Art

Artist: Susan Cianciolo Venue: Modern Art, London Exhibition Title: RUN church, RUN Restaurant, Run Store Date: September 1 – 30, 2017 Click here to view slideshow Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Images: Images courtesy of Modern Art, London Press Release: RUN church, RUN Restaurant, Run Store is Susan Cianciolo’s first solo exhibition with Modern Art, and the first solo showing of her work in the UK. Susan Cianciolo’s works are composite things. Their material elements include fragments of sculptures, drawings, costumes, and meaningful units of ephemera from her life and work – the difference between which, for Cianciolo, is and has always been willfully eschewed. Her exhibition at Modern Art includes a selection of filled boxes that Cianciolo terms ‘kits’, a prototypical format… Read More