In Case of Zombie Apocalypse, You’ll Want to Roll in a Winnebago Revel, a Solar Home on Wheels

In case of a zombie apocalypse and / or nuclear war, you’ll probably want a vehicle you can actually live in. Meet the Winnebago Revel. Based on a rugged 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, this expedition vehicle is powered by a 3-liter turbo-diesel and has 325 lbs-ft of torque to tackle any terrain. Inside, you’ll find a full galley with aluminum cabinets, a modular dinette table, an all-in-one wet bath, a power-lift bed makes room, and a 140-cubic foot gear garage to house all your equipment. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one of real Iron Man suits that Lowe’s is using. Read More

Alexa goes hands-off for Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet

After updating the lower end of its Fire tablet line earlier this year, Amazon has now refreshed the flagship model, the Fire HD 10. The new tablet sports a higher-resolution screen than its predecessor, more powerful internals, a new hands-free Alexa mode, and a lower price tag… Continue Reading Alexa goes hands-off for Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet Category: Electronics Tags: Amazon HD Internet of Things Mobile Tablet Related Articles: Amazon lets BMW owners control their cars from their couches Amazon’s customizable Dash Button for the Internet of Things Neato Botvac Connected gets Alexa voice control Ikea’s smart lights get voice control from Siri, Alexa and Google Lenovo picks Alexa’s brain for its new Smart Assistant Siri, Bixby, Google Assistant: Why are smartphone makers banking… Read More

Calling all international startups: sign up for a country pavilion at Disrupt Berlin

Before you know it, thousands of startup fans will travel to Disrupt Berlin. The event attracts the best and brightest entrepreneurs, investors and influencers. We’re looking for international early-stage startups to apply for a country pavilion in Startup Alley — the heartbeat of every Disrupt event. Read More Read More

clip&talk Health Bluetooth Headset

Monitor your vitals in real time when you have the clip&talk Health Bluetooth Headset. Clinically validated, this earpiece connects wirelessly to the clip&talk Health app which allows you to track your vitals. It includes metrics such as VO2, heart rate, heart rate variability, calorie counting, breathing rate, and more through a patented optical sensor. Simply place the device in your ear and it does the rest. The comfortable and hypoallergenic earpiece allows you to non-invasively track your health data. In… Continue Reading Read More

Bye Bye, Nerd Spray!

Seriously – that what kids are calling an inhaler these days! It’s not just a TV trope. The real life word associations with inhalers aren’t very flattering! Their intensely “medical” look doesn’t help with the associated stigma, either. I mean, even dental braces figured out a way to be invisible or at LEAST a little colorful to tone down the lameness – surely there’s a solution for upping the cool factor for a simple inhaler?Well, there is.. and it’s called LUFT! This sleek collection of containers masks the sterile, medicine look of the pump. Instead, its clad in titanium and delrim acetal resin material for hypoallergenic quality, enhanced durability and the ability to be custom colored to suit the user’… Read More

Runway Report: Antonio Berardi SS18

The creative genius that is Antonio Berardi looked back in time as he prepared for his SS18 collection. Like many Europeans, his family moved over from Sicily and grafted with what they had to make a living, and live well. His collection represented his history and his and his family’s pride in always presenting your best self to the world. Relatives would send clothing from America, and they’d sew together what they had to create something new. Fast forward to a Monday in London and Berardi’s models were adorned in mix-media fine tailoring and silhouettes – a type of ode to arts and crafts. Suiting in pink, olive green, gray checks and black set the tone for smart workwear with a crafty twist, … Read More

Playful Promises unveil new campaign with plus size blogger Gabi Fresh

London-based lingerie and swimwear brand Playful Promises are excited to announce the launch of an exclusive lingerie collection with renowned US fashion blogger and plus size swimwear designer Gabi Fresh. An inspiring ambassador for the curvier woman, Gabi celebrates her shape with confidence and style inviting her followers to ignore fashion rules, and has partnered with top global brands including Lane Bryant, Simply Be, ASOS, Target and Dove.  Gabi has enjoyed international success with her collaborations and recently won the esteemed ‘Trailblazer’ Award given by the prestigious Trumpet Foundation. This synergy of beliefs and positive endorsement of larger sized women is why this collaboration with Playful Promises is a perfect match. Founder Emma Parker comments: “We launched our Curve Collection in 2016 with a number of… Read More

Toba Khedoori at Pérez Art Museum Miami

Artist: Toba Khedoori Venue: Pérez Art Museum Miami, Miami Date: April 21 – September 24, 2017 Click here to view slideshow Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Images: Press Release: Toba Khedoori explores the artist’s nuanced and powerful body of work. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1964, Khedoori has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1990. Her early works are notable for their precise draftsmanship and for their use of negative space—often at a very large scale. Khedoori frequently depicts architectural forms from distanced perspectives, rendering commonplace objects and spaces familiar yet decontextualized. In recent years, she has transitioned from paper to canvas, producing smaller­-scale works that hover between representation and abstraction. Like her earlier compositions, these works are enigmatic and acutely detailed; in… Read More

Artist Alex Gardner at The Hole NYC

‘RomCom’, new paintings by Alex Gardner at The Hole in New York City. Currently on display at contemporary art gallery The Hole, ‘RomCom’ is Alex Gardner‘s first solo show in New York City. Until October 15, 2017, the exhibition features fourteen new paintings by the Long Beach, California based artist. Nestled in pastel environments, his distinctive ink-black characters are uniformly dressed in white cotton. Using subtle gradients, Alex Gardner’s paintings deal with different feelings and interpersonal relationships throughout simple body language. Gender, race, ethnic or cultural backgrounds, even words are not important anymore. Without a single facial expression, his artworks indicate in gesture and create a wordless “romantic comedy”. A few artworks can be found below. To get further information about the exhibition, please … Read More