BMW i Vision Dynamics Does 0-62 in Under 4-Seconds, Aims to be Tesla Model 3 Rival

The BMW i Vision Dynamics is an electric concept with a 373-mile range, and it aims to take on the Tesla Model 3. Official power numbers aren’t known at the time, but the company claims a 0-62 in under 4-seconds, and a 120 MPH top speed. The vehicle is wrapped in flowing sheet metal with sharp, defined edges, complete with an illuminated twin-kidney grille. Small rear-facing cameras replace traditional wing mirrors, and aerodynamic wheels maximize range. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including an iPhone X parody. Read More

iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

To celebrate 10 years of the iPhone, this week Apple announced the special anniversary edition, the iPhone X. Considering it comes with an eye-wateringly high price tag, let’s see how it stacks up, specs-wise, with its main competitor, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+… Continue Reading iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Category: Mobile Technology Tags: Android Apple comparison iOS iPhone Mobile Phones Samsung Samsung Galaxy Related Articles: Five early observations about the Samsung Galaxy S8+ How to fix red tint – or personalize white balance – on the Galaxy S8’s screen Galaxy S8+ review: Samsung catches fire (this time, in a good way) What we’ll likely see at Samsung’s Galaxy S8 launch event Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ vs… Read More

Samsung launches $300M autonomous driving fund, puts $90M into TTTech

Not to be outpaced in the connected car market by other tech giants, today the world’s largest smartphone maker, Samsung, announced two major pieces of news to further its place in the next generation of automotive technology. It has launched the Samsung Automotive Innovation Fund, a $300 million fund to back startups and other interesting bets in the automotive market. Alongside this… Read More Read More

SnapDice Magnetic Dice Rolling Tray

Enjoy playing dice on even the smallest table with the SnapDice Magnetic Dice Rolling Tray. Made with a range of premium exotic hardwoods, this gaming tray lets you test your luck on the go. The carefully weighted metallic dice roll naturally across the wood surface until they stick to the inlaid magnetic strip. The strip prevents your dice from bouncing off under the nearest seat, while maintaining the integrity of the game. SnapDice allows you to play during a flight, or in any… Continue Reading Read More

The Launch of Kickstarter Japan and the Projects You Can Expect to See

Yesterday, Kickstarter opened up its platform to Japan, further expanding its reach to welcome creators in the incredibly innovative country. Not only are they opening their platform, they are also making the backend experience easier for Japanese creators through offering customer service, the website and mobile app in Japanese. For the launch of the expanded platform, Kickstarter filled its roster with some rather exciting campaigns. Our favorites include those that rethink transportation methods and update traditional Japanese craft:A snowboard accessory that transforms your board into a bike. Merging X Game sports seems to be a trend amongst transportation designers, and we’re along for the ride.CrossHelmet is a smart motorcycle helmet with sound control and 360 degree visibility. We can’t help but picture the motorcycle gang of … Read More

Durable, Hi-Def Speakers From Roamproof You Can Roam the Wild With

Roamproof is launching two new, portable Bluetooth speaker designs that are not only durable enough to roam in the wild with you, they supposedly can take a bullet. While we have no proof of the latter, it certainly makes the designs more intriguing so we’re taking a closer look. There’s the Gigaboom and Macro.II, both of which are said to be so non-destructible that they can be dropped from 100 feet and take up to 4,000 lbs. without being crushed – plus, they’re water, mud, sand, and dust proof – making them a logical choice for outdoor activities. They also come in aluminum carrying cases for added protection for storage or until you arrive at your location. The Gigaboom, which comes in raw or… Read More

Play your Spotify along with Vinyl!

I remember reading an article sometime back that had the headline “The MP3 is dead”, and I instantly thought to myself, “What in fresh hell”. I express this frustration because in just 26 years of my life, I’ve seen the Vinyl, the Cassette, the CD, the MP3 (or the digital download), and the online streaming service come and replace its predecessor. What I’m eventually left with is a collection of mediums and a library of songs scattered across several mediums. If I want to hear my grandfather’s old jazz collection, I need to go to Vinyl, whereas if I want to hear something contemporary, I either need to have a digitally downloaded file, or an internet connection to access the music online (with … Read More

foraster’s colorful rehabilitation swaps the standard cement aspects of a school in bilbao

another peculiarity of foraster arquitectos’ rehabilitation is its roof, which can be walked and serves as a platform to see football matches from above. The post foraster’s colorful rehabilitation swaps the standard cement aspects of a school in bilbao appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. Read More

Runway Report: Prabal Gurung SS18

Much like season’s past, Prabal Gurung used his SS18 show stage to send a political message. The show opened with the Activist’s Prayer, “Grant me the strength to change the things I cannot accept,” and with that, the tone was set not only for the remainder of the show but for the season to come. Using an amalgamation of prints, fabrics, and textures, sheer chiffon reminded us to be our true selves, chunky knits gave us the notion of staying strong and the clashes of plaid pretty much honed in the message that we should still try and have fun, life is too short. Not only is SS18 set to be a strong season for reasons previously addressed, it also predicts a smart and sophisticated aesthetic. … Read More

Coco de Mer – The Secretum

Inspired by Renaissance erotic imagery once considered sinful and now celebrated as beautiful, the Coco de Mer AW17 collection explores darkness through a positive light. The new range is dark, opulent and luxurious, taking its lead from I Modi, a famous erotic book of the Italian Renaissance in which a series of sexual positions were explicitly depicted in engravings. The original edition was destroyed by the Catholic Church, however drawings of the engravings were reproduced and several remaining pieces are featured in a collection of erotic antiquities at the British Museum archives. Taking inspiration from the drawings, the most erotic parts of the body are concealed in beautiful adornments, and sophisticated pieces are juxtaposed with cheeky and playful elements. The colour palette consists of rich, jewel tones… Read More

Skulptur Projekte Münster: Thomas Schütte

Artist: Thomas Schütte Venue: Former zoo grounds on Himmelreichallee, Münster and Marl Date: June 10 – October 1, 2017 Click here to view more for Münster and here for Marl Note: This entry is part of our selections from this year’s Skulptur Projekte Münster, accompanied by an online archive covering as much of the Skulptur as we could gather. Contemporary Art Daily is produced by Contemporary Art Group, a not-for-profit organization. We rely on our audience to help fund the publication of exhibitions that show up in this RSS feed. Please consider supporting us by making a donation today. Read More