In Case of Zombie Apocalypse or Nuclear War, You’ll Want to Stay in a Lotus Tremor

In case of a zombie apocalypse or nuclear war, you’ll probably want a safe, yet comfortable, place to live on the road. Meet the Lotus Tremor, a rugged off-road camper that features a Supagal G&S off-road chassis and a Control Rider 3.5T independent suspension that enable you to go anywhere. In addition to a twin 150w solar panel setup, paired with 120 amp batteries, the interior boasts LED lighting, a full kitchenette with tropical-rated domestic fridge, washing machine, sleeping area, and yes, even an air conditioner. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one of five video games with hidden backstories. Read More

Astronomers consult the underworld to name Pluto’s first features

In July 2015, the New Horizons probe zipped past Pluto, and images and information gathered during the historic flyby are still being processed and studied. Now, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has officially named 14 features on the dwarf planet’s surface. The various mountains, ridges and valleys have all been given titles that honor influential astronomers and spacecraft, or continue the underworld theme that began with Pluto’s naming in 1930… Continue Reading Astronomers consult the underworld to name Pluto’s first features Category: Space Tags: NASA New Horizons Pluto Related Articles: How Pluto’s atmosphere is spared by a moon shield New Horizons spurs new calls to make Pluto a planet once again Slushy subsurface ocean could resolve a long-standing Plutonian mystery New Horizons reveals new Pluto mysteries Ice flows, hazy… Read More

China’s UrWork invests in Indonesia’s ReWork via $3M deal as WeWork rivalry heats up

UrWork, the unicorn that is competing with WeWork in China, is following its American rival’s lead by extending its reach in Southeast Asia after it took part in a $3 million funding round for Indonesia-based ReWork. The round, which is described as pre-Series A, was led by China-U.S. firm ATM Capital and Indonesia’s Convergence Ventures. UrWork was a participant alongside U.S.… Read More Read More

Data breach at Equifax credit reporting agency threatens 143 million Americans

Equifax, a large credit reporting agency possessing a massive cache of sensitive private information, was recently hacked, putting millions of Americans at risk. The company has confirmed the theft of 209,000 credit card numbers. The post Data breach at Equifax credit reporting agency threatens 143 million Americans appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

Cinera Immersive Personal Theater Headset

Experience the magic of the cinema without leaving your couch with the Cinera Immersive Personal Theater Headset. Combining visual and audio technology, this headset gives you everything you love about the movies. The Cinera Headset offers an impeccable 5K UHD display on a giant screen through the use of two screens. This dual-screen solution gives each eye its own display and light path. Ensuring no loss of quality, you get extremely vibrant and vivid 3D images. In fact, it’s four… Continue Reading Read More

The iPhone 7 – Jack is back!

It’s effectively been a year since Apple killed the headphone jack… and this year something big is on its way. No it isn’t the iPhone 8. It’s the iPhone 7 headphone hack! Yes, I say hack, because serial tinkerer, Scotty Allen literally hacked his iPhone 7 to fit in a functioning headphone jack! Here’s how…Remember how initial teardowns of the iPhone 7 revealed that the area where the headphone jack would usually sit was not occupied by a speaker, but in fact lay empty because Apple executives said that the gap was a “barometric vent” that helped the iPhone’s altimeter work with precision? Well, Scotty decided to make a trade-off by filling that gap with a headphone jack. He first figured out how … Read More

Maison Close Nicolas Busnel Interview

The Lingerie Journal The Lingerie Journal – Lingerie Trends, News & Expert Advice Above: Nicolas Busnel showcasing one of three styles he feels represents his brand. If you spent years laboring, creating and crafting your lingerie brand and someone asked you to pick just one style to represent your work…how would you respond? “Just one!?!” is what Nicolas Busnel, founder of Maison Close, exclaimed when I asked him this question during a visit to his brand’s flagship store in New York City earlier this summer. Above and from left: Nicolas Busnel, CEO and Designer; Andree Ciccarelli, Sales Department NYC; Clarisse Bourguignon, Sales and Marketing Assistant; Samantha Rose Pontillo, Store Manager and Marielle Tortorelli, Head of Marketing. “No. Just one?” I nodded and watched him exhale, run … Read More

Dora Larsen Spring/Summer 2018

Peckham-based lingerie brand Dora Larsen has caught the attention of customers and retailers across the globe since its launch in 2016. Founder Georgia Larsen, ex Topshop lingerie buyer, launched the brand just over a year ago and has since cemented a reputation for the brand: great fit, excellent quality and pioneering designs. For Spring Summer 2018, Dora Larsen offers a selection of new shapes and sizes (to include 30 backs and E/F cups). Feeling “the return of the padded bra, but in a cool way”, the brand has introduced a half pad balconette shape and a removable pad triangle bra. Still embracing the importance of the soft bra, non-pads are updated this season with new laces and never-seen-before colour combinations, but each style maintains the… Read More

Waterworks – Brand and Packaging Design by Stitch Design Co.

Graphic design, branding, and packaging development by studio Stitch Design Co. for Waterworks. Stitch Design Co. is a Charleston based multi-disciplinary studio specializing in thoughtful design solutions to craft and cultivate brands. They have been commissioned to create the first Apothecary collection for Waterworks, a company that has redefined the modern bath. Founded in 1978, they import and create finest products for the bathroom. Stitch Design’s creative team had the pleasure to work closely with the client in order to develop a collection of products that reflect the outstanding commitment. Some images of the sophisticated result can be found below. For more, please visit the Stitch Design Co. website or check out their portfolio on Behance. Waterworks, a company that has redefined the modern bath. Soaps … Read More

PodCase Brings Your iPhone and AirPods Together

A new Kickstarter project is looking to bring the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and AirPods together under one roof. The aptly named PodCase is a battery case for both the handset and wireless earbuds. The 2,500mAH case is charged with a single USB-C cable. Your AirPods are accessible in an area near the top right of the case. Currently, with 29 days left to go in the project, almost $8,000 has been raised on a goal of $300,015. Right now, for an early bird pledge of $79, you can reserve a PodCase for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and AirPods. All of the rewards are estimated to ship in February 2018. You can select from either an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus case. The company is planning to introduce … Read More