Tiny Kasita House Measures Just 352-Square-Feet, is Fully Internet Connected

The Kasita Tiny House measures 12 feet by 32 feet, and has an interior living space that spans just 352-square-feet, but still manages to pack in a real bathroom, kitchen, living area, as well as a queen-sized bed, complete with plenty of Internet of Things (IoT) ready gadgets. In addition to high-end furnishings from Delta, Summit, and GE, you get smart home ready products from Nest, Lutron, along with Doorbird, which can be controlled with the included Echo Dot. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one showing why Magneto could never be in the MCU. Read More

Rolls-Royce claims world’s most powerful aerospace gearbox record

A successful test has seen Rolls-Royce claim the world record for the world’s most powerful aerospace gearbox with its Power Gearbox. The unit is capable of handling the power from around 400 regular family cars running at full throttle and will form a key part of Rolls-Royce’s next-generation UltraFan engine, allowing it to operate efficiently through the full range of thrusts. .. Continue Reading Rolls-Royce claims world’s most powerful aerospace gearbox record Category: Automotive Tags: Aircraft Engine gearbox Rolls Royce Related Articles: More efficient Rolls-Royce turbine inches closer with successful gearbox test Kia gears up for more efficient front-drive future with new eight-speeder When a paraglider meets Volvo’s slick-shifting gearbox, the results are pretty impressive Rolls Royce Trent XWB-97 engine makes… Read More

PlayGoal Smart Activity Tracker for Kids

Encourage your kids to get active and keep control of screen time with the PlayGoal Smart Activity Tracker for Kids. This clever device locks Android and Kindle devices until your child has hit certain fitness goals. As a result, your little ones have the incentive to run around more. You have total control over the goal and rewards you set, with loads of activities to choose from. For instance, you could ask for 1,000 steps, 50 jumping jacks, or just a… Continue Reading Read More

A Family of Suitcases that Stick Together!

I’ve been a long standing fan of the modular approach to traveling. Take the Leather Duffle from last year for example. The very idea of having three separate bags but handling them as one bag is convenient, not just because it makes carrying items less of a hassle… but it also means all your belongings are in one place, and not scattered about. The Valluse takes that very idea and expands it. A combination of the words Value and Valise (French for suitcase), the Valluse is a triad of suitcases for the traveler, designed in three sizes, but with the ability to be combined into one.The three suitcases that comprise the Valluse are sized perfectly for taking on a plane. The large case is spacious … Read More

Liveability and Water in Sydney – A Clean River is a Fun River

When I presented at the International Urban Design Conference last year, it seems a lecture by an unknown urban water guy wasn’t exactly considered a “must see” session amongst the throng of planners and designer types. Still, it appears that there has been enough interest in the slide pack that I have been asked for … Continue reading Liveability and Water in Sydney – A Clean River is a Fun ;River Read More

Shopping for: Hostess Gifts

Say it ain’t so, but the Summer of 2017 seems to be rapidly coming to a close. Before we know it we’ll be saying goodbye to our bikinis and tan lines and breaking out our outerwear in preparation for the Autumn months ahead. Now, there’s no doubt that at one point or another you stayed with someone, went to a party or on a trip that was hosted by another person and the number one thing to do (if you haven’t already) is send a thank you in some form for their lovely hospitality. Whether it be a card or (depending on the longevity of your stay) a serious present, we’re all about a great hostess gift, and these ice buckets (preferably gifted … Read More

1st Man 1st Woman shortlisted at the Midlands Fashion Awards

1st Man 1st Woman are proud to announce they have been shortlisted as finalists in the prestigious Midlands Fashion Awards. Celebrating its 10th year, the awards will be held on Friday 20th October at the Birmingham Symphony Hall. October also marks the first birthday for 1st Man 1st Woman, and the brand will showcase the womenswear and menswear collections at the awards ceremony. The post 1st Man 1st Woman shortlisted at the Midlands Fashion Awards appeared first on Underlines Magazine. Read More

“Prick up your Ears” at Karma International

Artists: Cinzia Ruggeri, Drake Carr, DeSe Escobar, Janiva Ellis, Kayla Guthrie, Quintessa Matranga, Reba Maybury, Raul de Nieves, Marcelline Mandeng & Aurel Haize Odogbo, Rottingdean Bazaar, Ser Serpas, Stewart Uoo, Will Sheldon, Linda Stark, Women’s History Museum, Club Glam Venue: Karma International, Los Angeles Exhibition Title: Prick up your Ears Curated by: Taylor Trabulus Date: August 6 – September 9, 2017 Click here to view slideshow Full gallery of video, images, press release and link available after the jump. Video: Marcelline Mandeng & Aurel Haize Odogbo, Plastic Symbiosis, 2016, single-channel video, color, sound, 22 minutes, 29 seconds Cinzia Ruggeri, Per un Vestire Organico, 1983, single-channel video, color, sound, 12 minutes Images: Images and videos courtesy of Karma International, Los Angeles Press Release: Prick up your Ears finds origins in the posthumous rehashing… Read More

Classic Retro Effects Collection from RetroSupply Co.

More stylish retro effects for the use in Adobe Photoshop provided by RetroSupply Co. This new collection from RetroSupply Co. comes with a varied range of brushes, textures, and overlays. And this is exactly what you get: 66 textures made from real material; 60 brushes including subtle grain, subtle ink, halftones, folds and scratches; 34 “ephemeral” styles including vintage paper and retro schematics. A PDF file is also included to help you getting started with useful instructions. Please note, this collection requires Adobe Photoshop. You can get their latest versions from the Adobe Creative Cloud website, just check it out here. Feel free to follow the link below to get further information on all included products and features. You can get the collection for low budget on Creative Market. … Read More