WaterCar Unveils World’s First Amphibious Fire Rescue Vehicle, Can Hit 45MPH on Water

WaterCar has unveiled the world’s first amphiboius Fire Rescue Vehicle, and it’s a doozy. This Jeep look-alike is capable of achieving 65 mph on land and reach 45 mph in water, all the while putting out fires with its on-board pump that delivers 1,050 gallons of water per minute. That’s not all, its water pumps can support multiple hoses at once for extreme fires. Click here to view the first image in today’s viral picture gallery. Continue reading for the five most popular viral videos today, including one of epic Google Maps Street View upgrades. Read More

Democratic dogs sneeze for their supper

An international team of researchers has uncovered an interesting technique packs of wild African dogs use to make collective decisions. Observing these creatures in the wild, the team found that they use their sneezes to vote on whether or not the pack should move off and start hunting its next target. .. Continue Reading Democratic dogs sneeze for their supper Category: Biology Tags: Africa University of New South Wales Related Articles: Fossil discovered by kid suggests turtle shells were for burrowing, not hiding MeerKAT First Light image exposes more than 1,300 new galaxies Drones and AI combine to combat poaching in southern Africa DartDrone puts US farmers in its crosshairs Water hazard – even big cars can be swept away in shallow floodwaters Connected Conservation: Using drones, sensors and… Read More

BandLab​ ​Technologies​ acquires Chew.tv, a video streaming service for DJs

Chew.tv, a video streaming service for DJs to show off their mixing skills, has been acquired by BandLab Technologies, the Singapore-based ‘social’ music-making platform. Terms of the deal are undisclosed, though it was widely known that Chew.tv, which has been described as ‘Twitch for DJs,’ had been struggling financially over the last six months. Read More Read More

Director Colin Trevorrow leaves ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ over creative differences

In the latest episode of Star Wars directorial drama, Colin Trevorrow has left his role as Episode IX’s director due to creative control issues. Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to announce a replacement. The post Director Colin Trevorrow leaves 'Star Wars: Episode IX' over creative differences appeared first on Digital Trends. Read More

HipDonkey Hands-Free Coat Carrier

Safely carry your jacket or hoodie when the sun comes out with the HipDonkey Hands-Free Coat Carrier. In the summer heat, you will probably need to remove a layer at some point. With HipDonkey, you don’t have to devote one arm to holding your jacket. This stylish leather loop holds any garment, from sweatshirts to full overcoats. It clips onto your belt or pants, and stays folded until you need a helping hand. When the temperature rises, you simply feed… Continue Reading Read More

Aura and Jonathan Adler’s Smart Picture Frame Collaboration

Gone are the days of flipping through physical photo albums with your family, reminiscing on vacations, weddings and other shared experiences while leaning over a massive book. Now in the digital age, many of us have thousands of photos stored on our phones, many of which we take and never appreciate again since printing them is no longer second nature. During our trip to NY Now, we had the opportunity to speak with Abdur Chowdhury and his team about Aura smart picture frames. With the unveiling of the company’s collaboration with Jonathan Adler, it felt like an appropriate time to discuss the meaning of photographs in modern times and how technology can adapt to help us process the large quantity of photos we take on a daily … Read More

The World’s Best Pen Turns Immortal

2016’s World’s Best Pen comes back to get immortalized in the forever metal. Delighting pen enthusiasts (penthusiasts?) for two years in a row, the Kosmos Pen is back in a new, titanium avatar while retaining the same classic design.Christened the Kosmos Titan, the writing instrument is precision milled from a solid Grade-5 Titanium billet. With a newly devised magnetic system on the inside (featuring neodymium magnets), the pen’s opening/closing action works like an absolute charm, with its simple yet sophisticated ‘click’. The pen comes in a matte version like its aluminum counterpart, but also makes itself available in a mirror finish variant, which promises to never lose its luster or collect scratches, thanks to Titanium’s physical properties. The Mirror… Read More

richard meier’s rothschild tower adds to tel aviv’s bauhaus heritage

the 154 meter-tall building (505 feet) features a double layer façade comprised of clear glass with a white louver screen, a treatment designed to convey a sense of lightness and transparency. The post richard meier’s rothschild tower adds to tel aviv’s bauhaus heritage appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine. Read More

Cano Group, Inc. Acquires Eurotard Dancewear, EuroSkins

The Lingerie Journal The Lingerie Journal – Lingerie Trends, News & Expert Advice Tolbert Yilmaz, President and Owner of Tolbert Yilmaz Manufacturing, Inc., parent company of Eurotard Dancewear and EuroSkins Intimates, announced that it has been sold to General Manager and long time friend, Rodrigo Cano. Cano joined Eurotard Dancewear three years after the company’s inception and has worked side by side with Yilmaz for over 30 years developing the brands to be leaders in the dancewear and intimates sectors. Eurotard Dancewear and EuroSkins Intimates will now be operating under the Cano Group, Inc. Eurotard Dancewear and EuroSkins Intimates was established from Yilmaz’s love of dance and passion for design. His commitment to provide the best products is unmatched in the industry, and his support of retailers is truly … Read More

Boutique Spotlight: Edie Parker on Madison

Slyly tucked away in a small brick and mortar on Madison avenue in the upper east side of Manhattan, the first standing Edie Parker flagship store is here. It bursts with a kaleidoscope of color and texture from the moment you step into the 1,000 sq ft. space and is filled from top to bottom with everything from classic goodies like Brett Heyman’s famous acrylic poured clutches to one of a kind home decor pieces (octagonal boxes, breakfast trays, and card cases), phone covers and monogrammed favorites that are nearly impossible to resist. “The inspiration behind the store’s design was ‘Gio Ponti meets Gloria Vanderbilt’ said Heyman, “as I wanted the store to feel residential – sort of like visiting someone’s groovy apartment before a night out… Read More

Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff at Cabinet

Artist: Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff Venue: Cabinet, London Exhibition Title: Machine 2 Date: July 14 – September 10, 2017 Click here to view slideshow Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Images: Images courtesy of Cabinet, London Press Release: Machine 2 1. The viewing platform juts into the gallery, prolonging the entrance into the space. Stage-like, the platform transitions the gallery into a reversible site of viewing and being viewed. 2. The machine is a system for images and a mutable metaphor. Like the circulating band itself, none of the groups of photographs has a beginning, middle or end. The photographs loop as a series of backdrops, flters of distance and intimacy. 3. Circulating on the outside face of the band are photographs shot at Kilkenny Irish Pub… Read More

Architecture Brand Development by Buenaventura Estudio

Graphic Design and brand development by Buenaventura estudio for architect Pedro Salmerón. Pedro Salmerón is an architect specializing in historical heritage. Buenaventura, a Granada, Spain based graphic design studio was commissioned to develop a new brand experience for his architecture practice. Pedro Salmerón asked for a corporate identity that’s able to accommodate the several aspects of his work. By reducing the design to its essentials, Buenaventura’s creative team came up with a brand experience that fully visualizes the architect’s leading and relevant position. They have created a uniform yet flexible visual system which is elegant and graphically relevant at the same time. The corporate identity is based on several layers and a very clean visual language, which pulls the new design away from traditional … Read More