Gamer Creates Homemade Nintendo Switch, Calls it the NinTIMdo RP

Photo credit: Tim Lindquist Nintendo Switch fans rejoice! Gamer Tim Lindquist wanted to create a portable gaming system that could also double as a portable computer, and “NinTIMdo RP” is the result. It’s powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 that holds a Broadcom BCM287 processor (ARM architecture) running a light version of Linux (pixel) with emulators on top through retroarch and retropie, which interfaces with the 7″ touchscreen to display the GUI. “On the top there are two USB ports for external serial communication (mouse, keyboard, extra controllers). There is also a 5 LED indicator (blinks randomly on boot, battery level indicator, volume indicator) as well as the ON/OFF button. On the bottom there is a micro USB used to charge the internal 10,000mAh battery which runs the… Read More

Steampunk meets Roman chariot in unique Honda Goldwing custom bike

Aspiring post-apocalyptic warlords and steampunk superheroes in search of a different set of wheels might consider this custom Honda Goldwing with Roman Chariot sidecar. It goes to sale a few weeks from now with an estimated sale price of $5,000 to $7,000… Continue Reading Steampunk meets Roman chariot in unique Honda Goldwing custom bike Category: Motorcycles Tags: Bonhams Custom Honda Related Articles: Historic plans for world’s first underwater tunnel go on sale One of the original Sputniks goes up for auction October collectible motorcycle auction preview The 100 most interesting lots from Retromobile Auction Week Legendary Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle brand & IP for sale “Moby Dick” threatens to break motorcycle auction records Read More

GitHub’s scandalized ex-CEO returns with Chatterbug

Translation earbuds might eliminate some utilitarian reasons to know a language, but if you want to understand jokes, read poetry, or fall in love in a foreign tongue, you’ll have to actually learn it. Unfortunately, products like Rosetta Stone leave people feeling burned after claiming the process should be easy while never helping you practice talking with a real native speaker. You… Read More Read More

Quiet Time Privacy Lounge Chair

Find some peace and quiet with the Quiet Time Privacy Lounge Chair. Looking futuristic yet highly fashionable, this chair has one very distinct feature. Both sides feature rather enormous wings coming out at 90-degree angles. These wings extend from the seat in an upward direction to conceal your entire upper half. The Privacy Lounge is great for busy or noisy offices, especially if you’re trying to sneak in a nap. However, privacy doesn’t mean boring. The chair comes in a… Continue Reading Read More

Can you Feel the Groove

Grooveat is here to disrupt the music streaming and audio industry in one big swoop. Grooveat is the music app and audio set that provides a suitable tracklist for you in real-time, based on your current taste of rhythm, not genre. What really makes the Grooveat something different, is the collection they appear to provide. Beginning with the music streaming app and following onto its own personalized Grooveat audio equipment – something we haven’t seen with the likes of Spotify. The earbuds here are edgy, maybe a little harsher than needs be at first glance, but it makes a lot more sense when looking at their integration with the speaker. The speaker has an interesting material mix – the outer shell being made from glass, housing … Read More

Amazon to shake up activewear market next?

Recent reports that Amazon has teamed up with major athletic wear suppliers is causing worry in the sector. Sources from Bloomsberg indicate that the retail giant is teaming up with athletic producers in Asia to design, source and produce its own private label collection for activewear. Although unconfirmed, the effect on leading names such as Lululemon (pictured) and Under Armour was fairly immediate with an instant dip in the value of their shares. Considering that Amazon has launched some 14 private brands in the space of around 18 months, this would not be a leap in the dark. However the effect on an already over supplied market could be detrimental, leading to further deflation in the activewear market and increasing pressure on pricing levels. There is an underlining message… Read More

Math Bass at Tanya Leighton

Artist: Math Bass Venue: Tanya Leighton, Berlin Exhibition Title: Domino Kingdom Date: September 9 – October 21, 2017 Click here to view slideshow Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Images: Images courtesy of Tanya Leighton, Berlin Press Release: This time, it was a speech bubble. With each new set of her “NEWZ!” paintings, I like to study the one or few new forms that emerge        have always been there.      She found a speech bubble        revealed its absence       by carving the shape of doorway from that of a bone. Math Bass has built       unraveled       the “NEWZ!” series by making a grammar out of negative space. Often, forms emerge not through their presence but rather through what’s withdrawn from view. I… Read More

St David’s Academy School – Graphic Design and Branding by Limegreentangerine

A unique, illustrative visual identity created by agency Limegreentangerine in collaboration with French illustrator Léonard Dupond for St David’s Academy School. St David’s Academy School (SDAS) will be a unique and ambitious establishment that opens its doors on September 2019. Limegreentangerine, a Cardiff, UK based graphic design and branding agency was commissioned to work on a visual experience that reflects the school’s personality and high standard. The logo design is an exploration of three different roots: “One of spiritual and holistic symbology; another of growth, nature and a flourishing expression; and the final of variants on the reimagining of traditional crest conventions, to build institutional gravitas and establishment. This route also leveraged the Welsh dragon, underpinning a distinct sense of place and pride to the … Read More

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Wants and Thanks, Dice World, Pixagram and More

Organize personal goals and ambitions, roll the dice, and make your photos stand out with today’s collection of apps and games. All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers. Universal: Preposition Master ($1.99 → Free, 35.1 MB): Form sentences by putting prepositions in place into Preposition Master. Everyone from children to adults. Preposition Master allows you to improve your language skills in an entertaining way. In each level you’re presented with an incomplete sentence and a collection of prepositions. Tap on the preposition that best fits into the sentence before time expires to complete it. Each mistake will cost you precious seconds, so move quickly but efficiently. The … Read More